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ICYMI: Experts debate how big the NSA's Utah storage actually is...
NSA's Huge Utah Datacenter: How Much Of Your Data Will It Store? Experts Disagree...
 ~ The NSA’s mammoth new facility in Bluffdale, Utah, is nearing completion. We think we know it’ll be used to store, decrypt, and analyze intercept data from programs such as PRISM and Stellar Wind. But how much storage is that, exactly? 
On the one hand, some sources say it’s about a million-million average hard drives. 
On The Other Hand, people who know what they're talking about calculate it's a million times less than that. So that's an enormous range of opinion. Who's right? 

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99.999% of all data transmitted is completely useless if your concern is national security. a big waste of data space IMO
They must be using tapes. And I think by default it should be stored compressed.
Does anyone actually know what the Utah facility does?

Most of these calculations and analysis rest on the assumption that the place is designed to store 'all our data', but take a step back here, pause and consider.

Why would the NSA store all our data, it's already stored on the servers of all the companies we use in the first place, so why bother storing it when they can access it anyway?

Is it not more likely that it's merely 'working' storage? Holding a buffer of data for filtering and targeting, which is then discarded as it ages.
+steve taylor
agreed. making a bit for bit copy of data that already exists and can easily be accessed with a warrant is dumb. plus who is to say that all that storage is for only one purpose? maybe they are building their own cloud server strictly for government use. a purpose built cloud server is probably way more secure than one entrusted to private indoustry. it is obvious tha the US has a problem with data leaks. for all we know it is for a top secret military development that will require this amount of storage.

mind you that harry truman didn't even know about the manhattan project until the day he took the office of president.
 i would bbe willing to bet that the other world superpowers are building similar facilities.
The storage total is 1 NSAbyte, however big that is.  But that would be total :).  

No idea on the storage per tier level:  Instant, 5 min response, hour response, day response(tape), week(paper)  for example. 

But would be a lot of dupes of cats and LOL's that tokenisation will not be an issue and save so much space.

EIther way it keeps Oracle in islands and yachts :\.
Btw what do we win if we get the right answear and don't say Orange jump suit :P.
We all need to stop using this term "expert". It is so misleading. How can you be an expert on a NSA data warehouse and not have anything to do with the NSA. And if you did work for the NSA or DoD, you couldn't talk about it anyway. 
+Wayne Lewis You can be an expert in large server farms and their power requirements without working for the NSA, the same general principles of power and cooling requirements apply no matter for who or where they are run.
+steve taylor Still, they are just guessing.  I find it funny whenever I see something that says, "The experts disagree...".  
+Richi Jennings Since it's publicly funded, and it's apparently a very large data center capable of holding a jigawatt of data (I consulted some experts in the field and they all agreed this time), can we use it as our own personnal fluffy cloud storage area?  We paid for it. 
+Wayne Lewis Sony to be a pain, but doesn't [some quantity]-watt refer to power consumption? Anyway, I think this'll be HUGE. 
+Wayne Lewis Sorry again: 'Sony' should have been 'Sorry' and I meant to say ENERGY consumption, not power - my sentence just didn't make sense.
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