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"No" to social media strategies. "Yes" to great content.

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Great content should be part of your 'strategy'. :) - It always pays to think ahead, however, definitely an arguable topic from a number of point-of-views.
I wouldn't stoop as low as that.
Please make sure you tell everyone this.
Richi are you trying to put all those "social media strategists" out of work?

If you are... thanks.

Those people are really annoying.
Let's get this straight. It needs to be about tanks. Really big tanks. Flamethrower tanks. Piloted by bears. Alaskan Kodiak bears. And powered by hot sauce. Not just any hot sauce though. Sriracha hot sauce. The brand from Huy Fung Foods, with the rooster on the label. Yes, that's it. If you want people to like your post, it need to be about gigantic sriracha hot sauce powered flamethrower tanks, piloted by Alaska Kodiak bears. Okay, not really, but you need to have what Seth Godin calls a "Purple Cow".

I've long been telling people (and I'm not a marketer, and I'm not saying this from a marketing angle), that if you want to be successful on the Internet and not go around breaking things like a bull in a china shop, you'd do very well to look at where Seth Godin was ten years ago, and copy that.

Ten years ago, Seth Godin was telling folks they needed to be remarkable. To have add a "purple cow" to marketing's "Five P's".

Be remarkable. Have remarkable content. People will remark about it. Suddenly word of mouth is driving traffic. So yeah, giant sriracha hot sauce powered flamethrower tanks piloted by Alaska Kodiak bears. ...and cage matches... Full-blown Texas-style no-holds-barred cage matches.

I love The Oatmeal.
+Gabriel Pagan not sure if you saw the one on how to get more facebook likes yesterday from them also! :)
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