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Fed up with Farcebok and its privacy shenanigans

Go here: and if you don't like what you see, go here: and follow the instructions carefully.

Yes, Farcebok has been secretly collecting information from your phone's Contacts list for months, but they've only just got around to telling you. Please reshare freely.
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Thanks Richi . and i thought am smart enough to have blank profile :( facebook account deactivated . Iphone App Deleted what do i need to do more ?
Huh. I love Facebook's phonebook feature, but I thought it aggregated only that info that my friends had put into their profiles. I didn't know it was cribbing from my personal address book as well.
Yes, +Steven Vaughan-Nichols, and that scary warning is why many people didn't click Allow. However, many of them are reporting that their phonebook is showing up in Facebook regardless. Far too many to make me hope it's just finger-trouble.
But users have always had the ability to not let people see their phone numbers. By going to Privacy Settings under your account and customizing your settings, you can make your number visible to only you. If you use m.facebook to post, you have to have your number there, at least you used too...
That's not the point. Facebook may have a complete copy of your Contacts, without your knowledge or informed consent.
I love all this info you have been gathering for us to share about facecrook :)
None of the contacts from my iphone were in there. The only contacts were those who didn't opt to make their phone number private on their FB contact page.
Google + have a unique chance to gain even more dissatisfied FB users... If only they dropped this nonsense "real name" policy...
EDIT: the following only applies to the iOS platform.

Actually, to be honest with you, all of you actually agreed for your iPhone contacts to be synced to Facebook. When you first turn on Sync in Facebook, you are actually given the following prompt:

It clearly states that ALL contacts will be sent to Facebook and ALL of them will be subject to the Facebook Privacy Policy.

This is not an invasion to your privacy. This feature must be turned on by the user. (If you turn the feature on, and then delete the Facebook app and reinstall it, it will be off when you return to it. I have reinstalled the app recently and it was OFF without my knowledge.) YOU turned it on. YOU sent all your contacts to Facebook. YOU put those contacts in. YOU heard about the Facebook picture syncing on your iPhone and turned it on because you wanted your contacts' pics to be their FB pics.

In fact, I just reinstalled the Facebook app again because I don't trust myself, and it's turned off.

Facebook invading privacy? More like users not realizing what they are doing by not reading user agreements!
"Note: Before you click Remove, you need to make sure syncing is switched off. To do this, open the Facebook application on your iPhone, click the Friends icon in the main menu, then click Sync in the upper-right."
At least Facebook doesn't know that I own an Android or will not admit it.
FB ticks me off. But G+ may not be far behind with the "real name" garbage.... look man, ya already have my gmail account, that is all ya need G... chill on your 1984 big brother tendencies and continue being the ENABLER you are.

All of Google products rock. Please don't succumb to chumming with the elites who are all about "banning anonymity on the internet"....
I have a question, if i don't use the fb app but browse it through my phone browser will my contacts still be forged? im thinking it's not possible that way.
As I had recently rec'd solicitation calls to my unpublished number, I checked out the links when I saw this. I am pretty careful about how I share this number. While probably coincidental or maybe through an oversight of my own, my number was shown as were many friends, some of whom I suspect also did not intentionally share their unpublished numbers. So, I uninstalled FB on my Android and it disappeared from the list. To test how this might have happened, I reinstalled FB on my Android. The sync options were Sync All, Sync Existing and Don't Sync (which actually appeared to still sync FB only). I selected Don't Sync. Now, when I went to Info on my phone FB profile a pop up asked if I wanted to add my mobile phone #. I had originally installed FB a long time ago, so I can't be sure, but I would be surprised if I knowingly shared this unpublished number. Now, I don't want to feed any unnecessary concerns about privacy, but all of the subtle ways info is being collected and shared these days, especially between online and mobile applications, it would be great if ALL of the providers would make these 'services' more transparent and conspicuous. BTW I've uninstalled the FB phone app until I feel confident that I understand what and how it is sharing. Maybe I am missing something, but the Dashboard feature for my Google apps has made me feel more confident about my privacy settings.
That's awesome how they list private work numbers on there without my permission.
thanks for the info i had no idea this was happening ,im going to disable my account.
Here's the thing. The more I hear from users, the more concerned I am. Yes, Facebook's mobile app gives a big scary warning about this, but I keep hearing from people who swear blind that they declined to allow the app to sync contacts. Can they all be delusional?
Thank god my mobile app is on an iPod Touch and not a cell phone!
Are you sure you're not syncing (say) your Gmail contacts with your iPT?
I'm sure,I didn't link my Gmail with Facebook,that's a hotmail job. But I went to that page and I think it's pretty scary how it showed all my friends phone numbers.
Well so much for full disclosure
When I go to the Phonebook Contacts page, I don't see any information that was taken from my phone. Instead, the only phone numbers listed seem to be those of friends who have included their phone numbers with their profiles on Facebook.
+Jonathan Flusser On the android app it says nothing about syncing to facebook. It says it will pull your facebook contacts, and merge them with contacts on your phone, as well as create new contacts. This is blatant misuse of information I did not agree to give them. Screw facebook. Messenger doesn't work properly anymore, they seem to enjoy stealing information and doing whatever they want with it, and now they're even breaking privacy laws. Cute.
I agree, I just tested it by wiping the app's data and starting again. On Android, it doesn't give the scary warning that +Steven Vaughan-Nichols pointed to -- that only seems to happen in the iOS version of the app (this is the latest version: 1.6.3).
Yep, I also just zapped and reinstalled it on Android 2.2. I didn't see any big, scary warning.
this shit is crazy I specifically chose "Don't Sync" when I installed the FB app on my droid and mobile contacts that were only on my phone and not FB friends appeared in the rid of them...GJ FB I hope you die off like myspace
William... When did Richi cuss. He didn't, not once. 
It may surprise some that I wholehearedly agree with +William H. (Bill) Walsh. I usually prefer to be more articulate than that; I also adopted the rule of completely obscuring profanity with asterisks when quoting others (e.g., in IT Blogwatch). For some reason, I didn't in this case.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone; I've edited the title accordingly.
Well I can tell you that I took no offense at the use of @#$ nor do I consider it to be using profanity. To me profanity is typing the whole word out. I also did not feel it detracts from the story but actually takes a stand against what FB is doing. I personally think the old title was more fitting for the story.....that is my 2 cents.
As I said earlier, I'm perfectly OK with +William H. (Bill) Walsh's stance. Let's get back on topic, please...
+Alex Mawdsley, did I say Facebook is selling phone numbers? I may have alluded to the fact that the company makes money by exploiting personal data generally, including what's known as the "social graph" -- i.e., the relationships between people.

There's an explicit graph -- the Facebook friend relationships -- but there's also an implicit graph -- who has whom in their phone's Contacts. Facebook is known to use Contacts to offer you suggestions about whom you should add to your friends.

I certainly see nothing in Facebook's privacy policy to prevent the company monetizing either graph, but I'm not sure I said it's actually doing this. It almost certainly uses your friends list to target advertising. Two questions for you...
1. How do you feel about FB using your friends list to help show you more relevant ads, and hence making more money?
2. How would you feel if you discovered that FB also used your Contacts list in this way?
+Richi Jennings Not sure where I got that actually. I reread the post... and it isn't even suggested. Apologies, must have read it somewhere else and thought it was you. Answer to question one, I don't necessarily have an issue with it. The people in my friends list is public information, so they can do what they please with it. I just wish the money they were making went towards improvements (read, fire every single coder and hire professionals), and fix the stupid chat issues along with every other issue. I could go on a long rant about that though. My answer to question two, I would be pissed, because unlike my friends list, my phone contacts list (which is now cloned in facebook) is private information. Just like I wouldn't want my friends on facebook having every single number on my phone, I wouldn't want a single advertiser. Why? Because it's mine. Not their information to give away.
WARNING! Facebook now automatically scans your brain through your monitor. To block, go to kitchen, get aluminum foil, and wrap it around your head. Stay calm and breathe through your left nostril ONLY. This is a SERIOUS problem and has been confirmed by a friend's cousin's girlfriend's neighbor's son's baby's mama and her pet chihuahua.
shared and many thanks...fauxbook :(
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