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Richi Jennings
Editor, analyst, writer, fool.
Editor, analyst, writer, fool.

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“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around.”
― Terry Pratchett (RIP)
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The reason all human faces are unique -- my first post in my new column on epigenetics is so in your face, uh, about your face lol

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As promised: My review of the Supereye LED bike lights

Excellent value package for £9.

First, the main torch unit, which comes with a handlebar mount for your bike. This thing is BRIGHT. It feels incredibly sturdy and well made for the price. Oozes confidence. It's the sort of thing that might go for £50 with an expensive brand slapped on it.

The lens can focus the beam to a spot about 5 cm diameter at a meter away, so try not to stare into that, eh? For bike use, you'll probably want to zoom it all the way out, which of course gives a much broader area of light, but still more than bright enough to ride by. In fact, if you touch the on button, it'll dim the light a bit. Another touch makes it flash on and off several times a second.

The red, rear light is of course less bright, but should still be visible from some distance. press the button again to cycle through several flashing patterns, if you're that way inclined: fast, slow, chase, etc. There's also a button marked LASER [cue Dr. Evil mental image], which draws two red lines on the road, either side of the bike. A second press makes the lines flash.

Note that the main torch optionally takes a rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion cell. As these are a bit longer than the supplied AAA alkalines, there's an additional spacer tube supplied (it was already attached on the unit I received, so remember to unscrew this if you're using the AAAs).

Recommended: [£]
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Adobe to kill #Flash (in 3½ years): It's 2015 all over again 🤣 —this week’s #SecurityBlogwatch via @TechBeaconCOM

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Android O will have the usual improvements, but the best news is hidden: More vendors than ever will be able to upgrade their existing smartphones to it. 

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When good IoT devices go bad
As smart sensors and other IoT devices proliferate throughout enterprises and industries, the quality of data collected is crucial. However, reports +Preston Gralla, they are often at the mercy of their environment, human error, and hackers.

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HTC Taking U.S. Preorders for Unlocked 128GB HTC U11 Smartphone By @TechManTalking

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Take a long hard look at what's going on with Snopes before donating to the Save Snopes cause. 

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Is your organization's encryption good enough to withstand an attack from a quantum computer? The +National Security Agency is working on ways to make sure that your encryption is able to withstand such an attack. Even though quantum computers with sufficient power aren't currently available, the NSA believes they will be, and needs to prepare now. We talked to the man in charge of the NSA's encryption research, who explains and offers some ideas about this.
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