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Richi Jennings

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Wait... +LogMeIn is buying +LastPass???
Please excuse me while I export my database and close my account.
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I had the same thought!!!! I had to stop using logmein a few years back.
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Richi Jennings

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Amazon Web Services at #AWS re:Invent 2015—“We’re #1”
AWS honcho Andy Jassy struts his stuff on stage in Lost Wages
+Computerworld: AWS also has a bunch of new products and features to announce. Plus a new consulting-services JV.

A big theme is legacy: moving customers away from it, that is. As such, AWS is making many barely-disguised jabs at behemothic beasts such as IBM and Oracle.

In #ITBW, bloggers hit the craps table, comp. beverage in hand.
Amazon Web Services is holding its 4th annual shindig -- AWS re:Invent 2015. Here in Sin City, the cloud unit is gleefully telling all who'll listen that it's the biggest, the bestest, and the awesomest...
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Richi Jennings

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New: #Microsoft #Surface Book and Pro 4 (plus two phones nobody will buy) // Redmond tweaks Surface Pro, adds 'unusual' Surface Book, and offers limp #Lumia last hurrah
+Computerworld: Microsoft's new aim here is "to create and reinvent categories," we're told. Well, aside from creating an "ugly laptop" category, it's hard to see where they're going with this one. And let's face it, these twin phones aren't going to turn anything around, so farewell, Lumia.

In #ITBW, bloggers peer through the swirling mists.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduces the world to new Windows hardware. An improved tablet (Surface Pro 4), a convertible laptop (Surface Book), and a pair of smartphones (Lumia 950 and 950XL)...
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If they ever plan to make Lumia relevant, they need to revamp their phone ui. Jamming a full Windows 10 interface (with a compatible dock, keyboard, display, etc) defeats the purpose of having a MOBILE phone.
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Richi Jennings

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iPhone malware YiSpecter -- in the App Store almost a YEAR
Apple ignored the problem for seven months, according to AV firm
+Computerworld: More proof, were proof needed, that iOS is not invulnerable to malware.

Some outlets report the problem is limited to China. However, that doesn't seem credible, seeing as at least one of the vectors isn't unique to China.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers eyeroll.
iPhones are vulnerable to malware distributed via the Apple App Store. YiSpecter is the latest malicious app that Apple's crack security team let slip through the net -- despite being warned about the problem in February...
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+MLG Scoper 420 faze it XDdDdDddd that virus CAN infect non-jailbroken iphones too
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Richi Jennings

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#Microsoft and #Google are only burying the hatchet because they each have enough #patents to cancel out the other's. +Stephen Glasskeys​ curates in +Computerworld#itbw...
Microsoft and Google kiss and make-up, drop silly patent feud
~Nadella: Yo, no patent wars, I'm running a kinder Microsoft
Throwing chairs never solved much of anything. So when Satya Nadella began as Microsoft's CEO, he decided to take the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference...
In today's #ITBW  for +Computerworld, bloggers wish Nadella ran Microsoft years ago.
#microsoft   #google   #patents  
Throwing chairs never solved much of anything. So when Satya Nadella took over as Microsoft's CEO, he decided to take the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference...
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Monopoly in secret...
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Richi Jennings

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At #GoogleNexus event, “Ryu” #PixelC #Android tablet—“Such incredible power”
Ryu vs. Surface vs. iPad Pro... FIGHT!
+Computerworld: The 10-inch device sports super-high-end hardware, according to industry deep-throats. (But the usual rumor caution applies, given the single-source nature of the leak.)

But why's it not a Chrome-OS device? Sometimes, the most important battle is the battle within.

In #ITBW, bloggers are as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain.
The Google Nexus event will also show the Pixel C: an Android tablet, with detachable keyboard, in the mold of Surface and iPad Pro...
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In the words of the most famous Ryu: "I'd like some pound cake!"
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Richi Jennings

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#Apple on #iPhone6s #batterygate—“You’re testing it wrong.”
Tim is so rattled, the badly-worded PR spin actually includes a typo

+Computerworld: Apple's response boils down to the now-classic, Jobsian line: "You're [something] it wrong." And as for the weirdly worded PR statement... What is this, Zero Wing? Noun/verb agreement FAIL (for great justice).

TSMC's A9 SoC might be 33% better than the Samsung-sourced chip, according to several benchmarks by real users. That doesn't sound like 2–3%. Is it credible that Apple and the users should be an order of magnitude apart?

In #ITBW, all your blog are belong to us.
Some iPhone 6s units have much better battery life than others. That's the claim made by amateur benchmarkers. So everyone's calling it ''batterygate.'' Ho hum...
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i have family who are apple almost killed them when the 5's had bad battery and my nexus didnt..loved it hahahahahhaha
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Richi Jennings

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Um, did Jony Ive suddenly get fat, or is this shot of him at the +Condé Nast  #CNILux  conference rather... "unfortunate"?
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I guess he's not using the health features on his apple watch.  Won't they dock his pay for that?
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Richi Jennings

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Panic in the cloud, as Europe kills Safe Harbor (@maxschrems cheers)
+Computerworld: It's causing panic in the Legal departments of companies that store European citizens' data (e.g., #Facebook). And it potentially opens the floodgates for a metric ton of privacy lawsuits across the member states of the European Union (EU).

In summary: the #EuropeanCourtofJustice (ECJ) ruled that the self-certified protections promised by Safe Harbor weren't worthy of Europe's ideal of privacy "as a human right." So they've kicked the whole caboodle back to the various information commissioners of the 28 member states.

What a mess.

In #ITBW, bloggers break out the popcorn.
Europe has invalidated the Safe Harbor agreement. At a stroke, Facebook and more than 4,000 other companies can no longer legally move personal data from Europe to the USA...
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Once again the EU is the US citizen's best friend. This ruling will cause IT companies to lose buku $$$$, which means politicians will finally start pressuring the NSA to stop this indiscriminate NKVD style blanket surveillance. 

Not because it's the right thing to do, of course. They'll be bought lobbied to do so by rich tax-dodging US tech companies and industry Super PACs.
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Richi Jennings

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gorgeous ! :)  xx 
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Richi Jennings

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The Chairman smiles at Tim Cook. Apple's announced it's rolling out Apple Music to the Middle Kingdom, with every expectation it will be just as successful as it is in the US...
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Isn't that the truth +Richi Jennings​. I'm surprised they didn't claim to invent streaming music...
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Richi Jennings

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Well said, Emmy and +Stevie Miller... 
[speaking as the guy who does the shopping and cooking in our household]
Men can be and are wonderful fathers, incredible chefs, immaculate housekeepers, savvy shoppers, and the loving and nurturing figures in a family. Let's see fewer dumb movies where the entire plot is that Dad can't be left alone with the kids and more examples of real and loving men in real families.
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BOTH parents are very important in a child's life.  Dads can take care of kids just as well as moms can, they just have different styles.  :)
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