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  • Carbon footprint and LCA consultancy for EVEA Conseil, McAfee. 
  • Email deliverability consultancy for C/34 Corp., YouFig, ZipDX. 
  • Site editing for NetApp/Forbes, NetApp/CIO, Federated Media and HP.
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  • Consultancy for various hedge funds and other investment institutions (identities of clients protected under NDAs).
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  • ProVen VCT. 
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Richi Jennings

Shared publicly  - 
Surprise! Apple iPhone 6s is ''bigger'' (plus more ghastly rumors)
Taller! Fatter! Wider! (But possibly not quite as big as Martin Cooper's baby.)
+Computerworld: But not by much. The thought is Apple's making the case stronger, to prevent another rash of bendgate headlines, and making room for Force Touch hardware.

But Apple isn't making room for a bigger battery. On the contrary, it seems the new cells will actually hold less charge than the previous models. Ugh.

In #ITBW , bloggers experience denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
Oh noes: The Apple iPhone 6s will be bigger than today's iPhone. Confirming previous mutterings, photographs from China show a device that's taller, fatter and wider than before...
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It's all about screen to phone ratio.
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Richi Jennings

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#walken2016 #lol
 /via the Sticky Fingers Baking Company and Katie Harrington-McBride...
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I put my pants on just like the rest of you -- one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records.
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Richi Jennings

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#Apple #iPhone #jailbreak? STOP! #KeyRaider is your worst #iOS nightmare come true
@saurik, Cydia creator, fiddles while Rome burns?
+Computerworld: Of course, we need to separate legit jailbreaking—to enhance the user experience—from the naughty kind—to pirate App Store apps. This malware seems to be connected to the naughty kind.

However, It's a cautionary tale for all jailbreakers. Think twice before you root, people.

In #ITBW, bloggers tut-tut and wag fingers.
Don't jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. That's the stark warning given by some commentators after a huge hack came to light. Hundreds of thousands of Apple accounts got hijacked, thanks to the KeyRaider iOS malware from a Cydia repo in China...
Rex “Rexodus” Verschuren's profile photo
It's not "Think twice before you root, people.". It should be "Think twice before you install anything with your favorite color, people." How can you use your device properly without root access?
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Richi Jennings

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Apple TV 4 -- new product is expensive. Film at 11
Cupertino copies Nintendo Wiimote and Amazon Fire remote
+Computerworld: But Cupertino's new set-top box had better be something special to command that sort of price premium.

A big part of that "special something" is said to be in the remote. However, the rumors point to magical copying of features from the Amazon Fire and Nintendo Wii.

In #ITBW, bloggers celebrate a slow news day.
#Apple   #iPhone6s launch event
Wow: The Apple TV 4 will cost $200 (or possibly $150, depending on who you believe). It's now expected to be launched next week at the 9/9 event, with a release date sometime next month...
Bobby Noblitt (Oakiemouse)'s profile photoSkid “ultimatemaster12312” Marker's profile photoRichi Jennings's profile photoGarritt VS's profile photo
+Richi Jennings " But Cupertino's new set-top box had better be something special to command that sort of price premium ."
As if that will make any difference to the Apple legions.
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Richi Jennings

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One #billion people hated #Facebook on #Monday
Presumably, the other 85% of the world got a life
+Computerworld  #ITBW   #FB   #MarkZuckerberg  
~~~ ~~~
For the first time, Facebook recorded more than a billion active users in a day: Monday saw about 15% of the world's population log in to watch cat videos, argue about politics, stalk ex-lovers, and publicly complain about bad service...
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Chris G
+Pablo Angel Casiano You hit the nail on the head right there. This is one of several reasons i deleted my account. Seems to me that in this digital era, people are no longer people, but data and statistics. I mean, hell, almost every mobile device now has gps tracking capabilities, that i dont like either. It may sound paranoid (which im not really) but whats the world coming to? a future of "Big Brother Is Watching You!" from the film "Nineteen Eighty-Four"?? Perhaps not to that degree, but it kinda makes a man wonder doesnt it?!
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Richi Jennings

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#Google #ContainerEngine: Ready to rock 'n' roll
Embracing and extending open-source shenanigans?
+Computerworld #ITBW #Kubernetes
Google Container Engine is out of beta. The search-engine-cum-advertising-broker is also all about that containerization. But is Google's use of open-source projects such as Docker and Kubernetes *entirely* unselfish?
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Noooo!  Not with me in it?  I do not know how it will be interpreted :-(

It does look cool though...
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Richi Jennings

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Bring back the original logo!
 Sept 4, 1998: #Google #incorporated by Stanford students +Larry Page and +Sergey Brin.

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Money changes everything! 
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Richi Jennings

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No, #Qualcomm's new #Snapdragon820 won't ''double your battery life'' // Echo-chamber churnalism obscures Qualcomm marketing "messaging"
+Computerworld: Well, given that the previous SoC was the 810, that's perhaps not saying much. A key reason why Qualcomm is having trouble competing at the high end at the moment is because of the power and heat issues with the 810. So the 820 can't come soon enough.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll see devices built on the 820 any time soon. Also unfortunate is the ridiculous morphing of Qualcomm's very clearly-stated efficiency claim into something far more hyperbolic and eye-catching.

In #ITBW, it seems certain bloggers have problems with comprehension and/or fact-checking.
Qualcomm is proud of its new Snapdragon 820 SoC. So proud, in fact, that it's making a bold claim: That the system-on-a-chip is up to twice as power efficient as its previous high-end offering. However...
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RJ feelin' medieval this morn.
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Richi Jennings

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Google fiddles with its #logo again. YAWN
A truly excellent use of shareholders' money

Apparently, this is big news. Well, it's been top of the #Google News page for almost a day (make of that what you will).

Of course, people hate change. So cue the howling, raging and gnashing of teeth.

In #ITBW, bloggers wonder where their cheese moved to.
Google has a new logo. And a new house typeface. Plus some bouncing dots. Mathematically pure, childishly simple, playful, magic, snappy -- these are the designery words used to describe the new visual identity. Cool story, bro...
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I don't mind it
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Richi Jennings

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As if to say, "Here's the ca$h I stole from the mugus on Skype."
 - Such a shame "Malink" left his email public ;-) 
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Richi Jennings

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Ah, the dangers of using stock photography ;-)
 +Mitsubishi Electric Germany 

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I've seen tons of other businesses also use those "Secure SIte" logos too.
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Richi Jennings

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+KLM did you realize that your latest video perpetuates a myth? The thing is, that's not how wings work. They don't generate lift because air moves faster on top in order to keep up with the air on the bottom.

It's a commonly-repeated myth. But it's scientifically illiterate -- a moment's thought should tell you it makes no sense! How does the air on top "know" it has to go faster to meet the air on the bottom?

In the main, wings actually work by the moving air translating a moment underneath the wing. For that to happen, you have to rotate the wing so it presents its underside to the oncoming air. (There is also a pressure effect due to differing air velocities -- but it's not caused by air molecules trying to catch up with their friends.)

That's why you rotate at Vr to take off -- otherwise, you'll drive off the end of the runway. And that's why your pilots trim for a slightly nose-high cruise.

For more info, see Cambridge University's explanation:
Richi Jennings's profile photoMark Miller's profile photo
Today in "Everything you know is wrong": When Yoko Ono appeared on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs in 2007, she did NOT chose the Cheeky Girls’ The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) as the one disc she’d save. It's a widely-repeated urban legend.
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