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Freelance editor/analyst/writer: 
  • Managing editor for NetAppVoice (Forbes)
  • Managing editor for EIT (
  • Regular writing at: IT Blogwatch (Computerworld) #itbw
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Richi's current and recent work includes: 
  • Advisory and technology consultancy for eleven GmbH, Karmasphere, MailShell, Metaswitch Networks, Oracle, Panasonic, Xandros, and others. 
  • Carbon footprint and LCA consultancy for EVEA Conseil, McAfee. 
  • Email deliverability consultancy for C/34 Corp., YouFig, ZipDX. 
  • Site editing for NetApp/Forbes, NetApp/CIO, Federated Media and HP.
  • Content-marketing consultancy for Citrix, Commtouch, Federated Media, FireRocket Concepts, HP, IDG UK, IDGe, NetApp, United Media, Symantec, Webroot, and others. 
  • Speaking and panel moderation engagements for Cisco, IBM, Kerio, NetApp, Novell, Revolution Events, Trend Micro, Xandros. 
  • Writing independent white papers for Cisco, Identum, Symantec, Trend Micro, Websense, and others. 
  • General freelance industry analysis work for Ferris Research's clients. 
  • M&A due diligence consultancy for Ferris Capital Partners' clients. 
  • Retention by various law firms as an expert witness in patent law cases (identities of law firms and their clients protected under NDAs). 
  • Consultancy for various hedge funds and other investment institutions (identities of clients protected under NDAs).
Richi holds stock only in blind VC trusts, which invest in startups -- specifically: 
  • Hargreave Hale AIM VCT1&2,
  • ProVen VCT. 
Disclosure last reviewed for accuracy May 10th, 2015.
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ASBPE- and Neal-winner. Manages the most-read Forbes BV page, which also won B2B Mag's Content Marketing award. Manages the most-read IDG BP page. Frequently the most-read writer at Computerworld. Yet, strangely, still a nice bloke. Also not a Lolita.
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Richi Jennings

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Windows 10 release date is delayed (unless you're ''special'')
 +Computerworld  #MSFT    >>> <<<
 The #Windows10 release date is supposedly July 29 -- that's what we were told, but it's not so simple, it turns out. #TerryMyerson , the #MicrosoftWindows honcho, says the plebs have to wait in line, behind 5 million "insiders." And volume-license availability won't be until next month.

What a disastrous mess. And this hot on the heels of the ridiculous faux pas around who gets a free upgrade.

Can't #Microsoft get anything right? Is the company genetically incapable of explaining the simplest process?

Good grief. In #ITBW , bloggers furiously facepalm.
The Windows 10 release date is supposedly July 29 -- that's what we were told, but it's not so simple, it turns out. So says Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Windows honcho...
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I'm very surprised that Microsoft actually set a concrete date for Windows release while still obviously in test mode.
I'm a software developer - I only announce a release date - AFTER I've finished the project and testing has been completed.
I'm sure Microsoft are throwing everything at this thing to get it out ASAP.
But announcing a release date while still in the testing cycle is akin to shooting yourself in the foot.

Having said all of that - I'm running build 162 and I have to say it has been so stable in my test VM that I've decided to go ahead and run it on my work machine - and it is performing marvelously well.

Apart from the apparent performance improvements over 8.1, the workflow improvements alone are more than worth the upgrade from 8.1

And if you are running a laptop/tablet hybrid - 10 with its continuum functionality is an absolute must have over ANY previous Windows versions.

And although there are some bugs - they are not show stoppers and they are all to do with third party apps that haven't had the chance to update to Win 10 yet.
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Richi Jennings

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'Secret' #FISA court OKs more #NSA 'secret' bulk data collection
Despite what looked like a last-minute reprieve, the secret court set up by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) has approved the NSA to continue. #FISC  Judge Michael W. Mosman says things should stay the same, despite the shifting legal landscape.

So the NSA gets another 180 days to slurp up #phone #metadata  records, and then it becomes the telcos' job.

In #ITBW , bloggers eyeroll furiously.
Thought that bulk metadata collection had been quashed? Think again: FISC instructs NSA to carry on regardless. IN FRENCH...
Robert Pratt's profile photo
And here I was naively thinking that a secret 'court' was an independent judicial body. :P
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Richi Jennings

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#OnePlus 2 release date gets clearer, specification rumors not so much
 +Computerworld  #ITBW   #Android  
#VirtualReality launch in a month distracts from frustrating wait
The OnePlus Two release date looks like being in August or September. It's now confirmed that the launch won't be for another month. Of course, we expect a little craziness from OnePlus, and the company hasn't disappointed...
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Richi Jennings

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#MicrosoftOffice for #Android phones: #Download now for free
 +Computerworld  #ITBW   #MSFT  
"Free" but unlock more features with an Office 365 subscription
Want Microsoft Office on your Android phone? Well you're in luck. And it's free -- with some premium features. Amazingly, it doesn't even force you to use OneDrive...
Jay Geater's profile photoMike Kelly's profile photoDavid Crash's profile photo
Erum I didn't pay for it and have been using it. Nice FREE download from the play store
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Richi Jennings

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Open Container Project forces factions to comply
 +Computerworld  #ITBW   #Docker   #CoreOS  
That's the wrong #OCP, you idiot -Ed.
Docker and CoreOS have declared peace. The newly-minted Open Container Project (OCP) is governed by the Linux Foundation, and brings together the main containerization and composability factions, and a who's who of vendors and users...
Lewin Edwards's profile photoMark Kosmowski's profile photo
See, I read "Open Container Project" and I assume it's a philanthropic grassroots movement dedicated to abolishing open container laws nationwide so I can roam at will through the streets of any city with a beer or cocktail in my hand. Or, one in each hand, more likely. #iloveneworleans   #andlasvegas  
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Richi Jennings

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With #ProjectLightning , #Twitter plans to kill your timeline
 +Computerworld  #TWTR  ~~~ 
Twitter is changing. Project Lightning is said to herald the social network's renaissance. It will add #curated streams, based on current #events . Yes, Twitter is the latest organization to become a non-traditional publisher.

Will you like it or loathe it? After all, Facebook comes under huge criticism every time it mucks about with users' #timelines .

In #ITBW , bloggers have mixed feelings.

[
Twitter is changing. Project Lightning promises upheaval. But is the blue bird taking lessons from Zuck?
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Richi Jennings

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#Chicago: My kind of taxing town (where The Cloud costs 9% more)
Think of it as a replacement for the sales #tax you used to pay at Blockbuster.

Predictably, the ruling is coming under fire. But Mayor #RahmEmanuel (pictured) is unrepentant: That toddlin' town is just clarifying existing laws, you see.

In #ITBW, Windy City bloggers change their billing addresses.
If you live or work in Chicago, get ready for some new cloud taxes. You'll be paying an extra 9% on media streaming and business cloud services...
Brandon Horton's profile photoRobin “Roblimo” Miller's profile photoRyein Goddard's profile photoMichael K Pate's profile photo
This dude is a piece of garbage.
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Richi Jennings

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Satya slashes at #Bing #Maps and #Advertising , to stop the Microsoft bleeding
 +Computerworld  #ITBW  
#Microsoft CEO Nadella wields scalpel in strategic sacrificial sales: Advertising to #AOL and Maps to #Uber , with as many as 1,300 people going...
Microsoft CEO Nadella wields scalpel in strategic sacrificial sales: Advertising to AOL and Maps to Uber, with as many as 1,300 people going...
Chris Robato's profile photoSomebodyElse's profile photo
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Richi Jennings

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#iPhone7 #rumors and specs revealed (or 6S probably)*
 +Computerworld  #AAPL  
Super-secret-squirrel leakers are leaking secrets about #ForceTouch being in #Apple's latest shiny. Apparently, after its (ahem) rapturous reception in the Apple Watch, the finger-pressure-sensing feature will next be forced down #iPhone6S users' throats, too.

In #ITBW, bloggers create words from dust... 
iPhone 7 rumors are swirling. (Actually, it's the iPhone 6S specs we should probably talk about, because that's likely to be the name of the thing.)
Rick Maloch's profile photoStephen Glasskeys's profile photoR Cl's profile photoMooser philip's profile photo
+Richi Jennings I like how you think.
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Richi Jennings

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Yes! Jailbreak iOS 8.3 / 8.2 on iPhone and iPad -- untethered (TaiG team to the rescue)
 +Computerworld  #AAPL   #TaiG  
Now you can #jailbreak your #iOS83 or 8.2 #iPhone or #iPad. Are you ready to escape from #Apple's pomaceous walled garden of parody-free, sexless, family friendliness? Herein, you'll find the best jailbreaking resources.

But take care, lest you brick your shiny. Don't say you weren't warned.

In #ITBW, bloggers go gentle into that good night. 
Now you can jailbreak your iOS 8.3 or 8.2 iPhone or iPad. Are you ready to escape from Apple's pomaceous walled garden of parody-free, sexless, family friendliness? Here are the best jailbreaking resources...
Grant G's profile photoRamindu Ramsitha Walgama's profile photoDanial Abd Rahim's profile photonavid rockni's profile photo
+EL RAFA GIANT Nevermind.
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Richi Jennings

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Taylor Swift style shaming Apple Music -- slow news day?
 +Computerworld  #AAPL 
Last night, Apple got pwned, #TaylorSwift style. Her moaning about losing out on revenues from #AppleMusic free trial streams seems to have tugged on the heartstrings of #EddieCue and Tim Cook. Cupertino has had a Damoclean conversion to the idea that artists should get paid.

Oh wait, unless this was all just a carefully timed and meticulously planned PR stunt. Nah, surely #Apple wouldn't be that cynical?

In #ITBW , bloggers pick holes in the story.
Last night, Apple got <em>pwned</em>, Taylor Swift style. Her moaning about losing out on revenues from Apple Music free trial streams seems to have tugged on the heartstrings of Cupertino. Unless this was all just a carefully timed and meticulously planned PR stunt...
Richi Jennings's profile photoKyle Nicolay's profile photoNitisha Singh's profile photoDharam Chaudhari's profile photo
+Rick Maloch yeah, but Karlie Kloss, though...
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Richi Jennings

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Microsoft #Lumia phones are dead (so #Satya seems to say)
 +Computerworld  #ITBW  
Let's decode the two key parts of #Nadella 's missive: 
1. No mention that devices are strategic to #Microsoft . This is not a change to Nadella's recent language, but in context it speaks a clear message: Lumia is not a sacred cow. 
2. The snarky implication that Microsoft has recently been delivering things that customers don't love, and that it's been delivering too slowly. 
3. It's partly #Elop 's fault.

More at:
Did Nadella just kill the “Nokia” Lumia business? That's our inescapable conclusion...
Mooser philip's profile photoBrijen Malusare (BRIGS)'s profile photoDray Sams's profile photoGord Sutherland's profile photo
BB died for me when I got the playbook. There were no apps, no external SD card slot and next to no internal memory and no 3G. It just saddened me 
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