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Richi Jennings
Editor, analyst, writer, fool.
Editor, analyst, writer, fool.


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“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around.”
― Terry Pratchett (RIP)
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Comparing Microsoft Azure Stack vs. OpenStack for building an on-prem solution
It's possible to build your own cloud, and vendors are working to make it easier, writes Paul Ferrill. #Azure #OpenStack

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The New Way to Hire

Every business wants to hire the right people and to create successful teams. And job seekers want to find rewarding positions that pay fairly and make them feel valued. But in the digital era, traditional interviewing and staffing processes are no longer effective. This report examines how the hiring process today is leaning toward new technologies, from big data to artificial intelligence to scientifically based skill assessments—all in an effort to make the process more human.

Author Esther Schindler takes hiring managers, HR professionals, and job seekers through several options available for improving the way companies hire talent and the methods qualified applicants can attract attention. Two-dozen interviews with recruiters, job seekers, hiring consultants, and recruiting-software execs reveal where today’s hiring process is headed.

With this report, you’ll discover:
How hiring practices have changed due to the wide availability of data and social profiles, company information, and skills assessment
Recurring problems that have broken traditional hiring practices, including assessment processes that fail to identify qualified candidates
The new breed of hiring tools, including AI to tackle applicant data, virtual reality to make companies appealing, and metrics to identify talent
How different recruiters view success in today’s effort to remake the hiring process

Yeah, I wrote that last summer... and just now discovered it was published. You need a login, which might or might not be free.

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Interview: Career planning for executive women in IT
See how top executives at HPE and Dreamworks Animation have found pathways to personal and professional growth. These women have balanced the challenges of work and family life, given and received mentorship, and managed their careers.

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Agricultural genomics: Feeding a growing, hungry world Next-generation agriculture requires immense computing power. Learn how supercomputing and bioinformatics will help scientists adapt agricultural practices to feed 9 billion people.

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