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Richi Jennings
Editor, analyst, writer, fool.
Editor, analyst, writer, fool.


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“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around.”
― Terry Pratchett (RIP)
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The FCC was never going to support net neutrality. Now, the real battle begins in the courts, state governments, and Congress.

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Top 14 data and analytics conferences to attend in 2018
We highlight the can't-miss big data and analytics events and the ones that are genuinely worth your time. #BigData

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Cloud container management goes to Kubernetes as even Amazon is now deploying it natively.

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The changing perception of open source in enterprise IT
Once, techies sold company execs on open source by emphasizing the cost savings. Nowadays, writes +David Strom, the appeal to the CIO is security and scalability.

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Passwords: We’ve had enough!
Especially after the latest cache of 1.4 billion emerged on the Internet—all 41GB of it. This aggregated, easily-searchable database of new and old stolen credentials is the latest illustration of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.
So let’s do something about it. In this week’s #SecurityBlogwatch, we fly the flag for better authentication.

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Interesting point by +Steven Vaughan-Nichols​. I must blow the dust off my old Chromebook and have a go...
With Office 365 more fully supported on Chromebooks, Microsoft is taking one more big step to being a service provider rather than a product company... even when the product is Windows.
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