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One #billion people hated #Facebook on #Monday
Presumably, the other 85% of the world got a life
+Computerworld  #ITBW   #FB   #MarkZuckerberg  
~~~ ~~~
For the first time, Facebook recorded more than a billion active users in a day: Monday saw about 15% of the world's population log in to watch cat videos, argue about politics, stalk ex-lovers, and publicly complain about bad service...
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Facebook has become one of the most influential social apps on the face of this planet! All the advertising companies just throwing money at Facebook to get your info! It is nuts how easily we give out our personal info to these companies. 
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Richi Jennings

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#Google #ContainerEngine: Ready to rock 'n' roll
Embracing and extending open-source shenanigans?
+Computerworld #ITBW #Kubernetes
Google Container Engine is out of beta. The search-engine-cum-advertising-broker is also all about that containerization. But is Google's use of open-source projects such as Docker and Kubernetes *entirely* unselfish?
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Noooo!  Not with me in it?  I do not know how it will be interpreted :-(

It does look cool though...
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Richi Jennings

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#AshleyMadison : Can it possibly get any worse? (tl;dr: YES)
Vote now: Comment below
 +Computerworld: It's worse for the real victims, more importantly -- the people named in the hacked data dump.
 Prurient interest notwithstanding, there's still plenty to say about this uncomfortable event. And no shortage of intelligent commentators to say it.
 In #ITBW , bloggers furiously smh.
The Ashley Madison hack continues to make headlines. Naturally, that's because the news keeps getting worse. Worse for website owners Avid Media Group. And worse for the REAL victims, more importantly -- the people named in the hacked data dump...
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One of the biggest scams of all time and fervent fraud committed by the CEO of Avid(i think thats the parent companies name).  Only 1,400 women were active on AM at one time.  Employees had account registration quotas.  This guy needs to go to jail, for a long long time.
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Richi Jennings

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''Desperate'' #Samsung offers ''free'' flagship phones to iPhone fans
Sammy wants you to get hooked on its shinies
+Computerworld: Yep, Samsung seems serious about getting out of its sales funk. Programs such as this don't come cheap.

But is it really going to work? In #ITBW, bloggers scratch their heads.

#samsunggalaxy   #samsunggalaxynote5   #samsunggalaxys6edge  
Samsung wants you to test-drive one of its flagship phones. iPhone users can try one for 30 days, with (ahem) ''no obligation.'' It's free (if you don't count the $1 fee and the risk you might break or lose it)...
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Richi Jennings

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Hackers call Time on #AshleyMadison -- with huge data dump
+Computerworld: The Ashley Madison hackers have released the site's user data, as threatened. Or, at least, that's what they say they've done.

There are strong indications that the data is real -- or at least, that it's come from the site. However, it's likely that much of the data is forged or bogus in some way, so don't believe everything you read.

"Life is short. Have an affair." -- that was Ashley Madison's strapline. Worryingly, for some spouses whose names appear in the dump, life might indeed be short.

In #ITBW, bloggers tread carefully.
The so-called Impact Team dumps 10 GB of purported cheaters' details
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I feel like some wives might find out that they have wasted time and resources ;-)
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Richi Jennings

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Can #Android M #Marshmallow finally beat Apple iOS?
...or will it melt on the twig?
+Computerworld: Soon after, it'll be available for OTA upgrades for older pure-Android shinies. But after that, who knows?

Aye, there's the rub. At least with an Apple iDevice, you know you're going to get the update, as long as yours is reasonably recent.

In #ITBW, bloggers light the campfires.
Google has confirmed the name of Android M -- Marshmallow. The new version will first make it to the expected new Nexus devices due for release later this year. Soon after, it'll be available for OTA upgrades for older pure-Android shinies. But after that, who knows?
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+Paul Gray yes, you raise an interesting point. I'm sure that the underlying dynamic is to do with the business case for doing anything differently.

OTOH, perhaps there's a business case for creating alternative OS images for "obsolete" devices? e.g., +CyanogenMod. I had hoped this would be a focus for +Mozilla Firefox OS  and +Ubuntu Phone, but it appears they also want to follow the money and help sell new shinies.
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Richi Jennings

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Ah, the dangers of using stock photography ;-)
 +Mitsubishi Electric Germany 

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I've seen tons of other businesses also use those "Secure SIte" logos too.
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Richi Jennings

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+KLM did you realize that your latest video perpetuates a myth? The thing is, that's not how wings work. They don't generate lift because air moves faster on top in order to keep up with the air on the bottom.

It's a commonly-repeated myth. But it's scientifically illiterate -- a moment's thought should tell you it makes no sense! How does the air on top "know" it has to go faster to meet the air on the bottom?

In the main, wings actually work by the moving air translating a moment underneath the wing. For that to happen, you have to rotate the wing so it presents its underside to the oncoming air. (There is also a pressure effect due to differing air velocities -- but it's not caused by air molecules trying to catch up with their friends.)

That's why you rotate at Vr to take off -- otherwise, you'll drive off the end of the runway. And that's why your pilots trim for a slightly nose-high cruise.

For more info, see Cambridge University's explanation:
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Today in "Everything you know is wrong": When Yoko Ono appeared on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs in 2007, she did NOT chose the Cheeky Girls’ The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) as the one disc she’d save. It's a widely-repeated urban legend.
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Richi Jennings

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Samsung on #GalaxyNote5 S-Pen-gate: You're inserting it wrong, RTFM
Pen is stuck? You should have Read The FINE Manual
+Computerworld: Removing it damages the phablet's motherboard -- probably beyond repair.

The damage renders useless the memo and Air Command features, which are key differentiators for the $800 device.

#Samsung's response? RTFM: It's apparently "an unexpected scenario," and you should "follow the instructions in the user guide."

In #ITBW, bloggers read 'em and weep.
Samsung comes under intense criticism for Galaxy Note 5 design flaw. If you insert the S-Pen upside-down, it gets stuck. Removing it damages the motherboard -- probably beyond repair...
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+Richi Jennings​ wouldn't that be the kicker. Lol. 
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Richi Jennings

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Solved: #Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera blurry-pictures-gate
So that's OK then
+Computerworld:  Cupertino has announced a repair program. Check out your serial number and take it in to an Apple Store or "authorized service provider."

In #ITBW, bloggers peep at pixels.
Apple admits its iPhone 6 Plus may have a hardware boo-boo. Some were made with a faulty rear camera, which is causing blurred pictures. So, no, you're not going mad. The blurry photos aren't your fault...
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Nice touch on the blur. 😜
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Richi Jennings

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Google cloud ''loses'' data (sky falling; film at 11)
 +Computerworld: #Google is sorry to report it's lost some #cloud customers' data. #Lightning struck four times near its St. Ghislain, #Belgium data center, causing some Google Compute Engine (#GCE) storage to go bye-bye, without sufficient battery backup to commit.

Cue the usual cast of characters who'd never trust cloud computing. Ever.

The GCE europe-west1-b zone #PersistentDisk service is what's affected, but Google claims the amount of data lost is minuscule.

In #ITBW, bloggers test their backups.
Lightning fell from sky -- from cloud to cloud, as't were
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+Andrea Pinardi because, in this case, the data weren't replicated. Google actually lost a lot more data from the Belgian data center than the tiny percentage it states, but those were replicated elsewhere (so not completely "lost").

That's why the Google incident report says, "For maximum durability we recommend GCE snapshots and Google Cloud Storage as resilient, geographically replicated repositories for your data."
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Richi Jennings

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iPhone 6s / 7 release date triangulated and confirmed
We're 99% sure of the release date, but what the heck is this thing?
+Computerworld: The reason for the near-certainty is a series of three, apparently-unconnected, international leaks that all confirm the date.

Unless it's all just an elaborate ruse by #Apple PR. Hmmm...

In #ITBW, bloggers set their alarms. #iphone6s  
The iPhone 6s release date seems to be beyond doubt now. Apple is confidently believed to be releasing the new models on September 18 in tier-one countries. This will follow a launch date thought to be September 9...
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+Suvi-Tuuli Allan is it possible the headline writer wasn't being strictly literal? The word is often used metaphorically like this. And there's an additional punny angle, because there are three distinct sources (Vodafone UK, the German publication, and the Japanese publication).
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