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Richi Jennings
Editor, analyst, writer, fool.
Editor, analyst, writer, fool.


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“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it's the other way around.”
― Terry Pratchett (RIP)
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What developers can learn about UX from the best museum designers

Inspiration on how to improve user experience can come from many places. +David Strom uses examples from top museum high-tech exhibits explain data, using interesting visualizations or a combination of senses.

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How many more of these #IoT devices that use #DRM technology to validate the use of #proprietary refills do we have to endure?

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There are many great tech jobs in North Carolina's Triangle area--and a good number of my friends too I might add.

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Apple's FaceID falls foul of privacy fear farce, security pros just say no
Face ID, introduced in the iPhone X keynote, is ruffling feathers among security and privacy wonks.
Will it keep the bad guys away from your secrets and selfies? Some security experts say no, preferring to trust authentication to a six-digit PIN.
Others fear that police or government might misuse the $1200 phone’s facial-recognition data…

#SecurityBlogwatch for @TechBeaconCom

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4 lessons for modern software developers from 1970s mainframe programming

Is 8 GB RAM cramping your style? Try writing headless programs that run in an 8 MB virtual machine, where it costs a fortune each time a program has a non-terminating loop. Current programmers should adopt several attitudes that early mainframe developers considered an essential part of their skillsets.

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via +Todd R. Weiss​ / +Todd R. Weiss​...

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