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Today's task was doing a simple Pointer Lock API example for +three.js.

Source code:

Sadly +Mozilla Firefox only allows locking the pointer in fullscreen. Hopefully they'll eventually allow pointerlock in non-fullscreen too.

Thanks to +Vincent Scheib for the help!

EDIT: Btw, if for any reason you feel the urge or reaching the top, looking down while jumping helps ;)
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I don t understand why they are making a difference between fullscreen and chrome window for that kind of functionnality...
They ve done the same on Firefox mobile for the device orientation locking: it can only be done in fullscreen mode too... Can't find any explanation why.
Isn't working on Chrome Version 23.0.1255.0 for Win. Full screen or not.
I see a lot of z-fighting on some cubes... maybe 2 cubes generated on the same place?
Using Canary (not sure about the exact version number but it's a recent one) the fullscreen switch doesn't occur. Pointer disapear but moving mouse doesn't have any effect.
Pressing escape makes the pointer come back.

On Chrome (22.0.1229.64 beta-m) same problem with the fullscreen switch, but mouse move are working ok.
Oh ok, i missed that point.
Mouse move problem only occurs on Canary, i guess that could be caused by the browser.
+Etienne Durand Yeah, I usually don't bother with things not working in Dev/Canary. I start to care when things don't work on Beta :)
Well, everything seems to be ok then.
Thanks for your work by the way :o)
Last time I checked, the WASD keys were blocked when when the pointer was locked. Good thing that now they're not! Here come the WebGL FPSs!
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