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WebGL won!

4 years ago I set myself on the path of making WebGL win (versus Adobe's Stage3D, etc). Now that Google, BlackBerry, Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Apple and Intel are supporting the technology I can finally take a deep breath.

Along the path I've had to deal with a ton of negativity and counter-productive comments. It's been an interesting journey...

Of course, taking the full credit would be ridiculous. More than 300 other developers share the credit just on the +three.js side. And like +three.js, many other libraries and engines have been doing their part to show how the technology could benefit the web.

We're not done yet though. I think we're just getting started with the kind of things WebGL can bring to the web. We've finally started to work on tools and that should open the technology to non-developers too.

As my friend +Theo Tillberg  would say... Champagne!!

Thanks everyone! ^^
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The fight never ends however… Now, the competitors are proprietary APIs. Metal, Direct3D, …
And CSS still can't vertically align stuff in a sane way!

JK. Cheers to the progress! three.js has pushed the level big time.
yup, congrats man, and all webgl devs and companies outta there :)
I started 2010 too, looked for 3d for the web, did find Google O3d, then Webgl. Webgl prevailed, to the next 4 years. :)
Indeed, WebGL won and to some degree this is because of you and Three.js. Thanks for your great effort!
Thank you for all of your work.  Thank you!
Thank you +Ricardo Cabello for this awesome engine ! Thanks to THREE.js I'm a full time 3d web developer now 😉
Congrats for this awesome achievement Ricardo! :)
Congratulations Ricardo, you truly are a superman! Let's see what the next four years brings :)
Boy, congrats, and FYI I do have a bottle of Champ in the fridge, ping me next time in London; it might still be there ;-)
Congrats. Indeed one of the greatest works ;)
But I still prefer Actionscript over JS and the Flash/AIR ecosystem over html5/js/webgl.. tenfold. It's just easier and faster to make content and I still reach a much bigger global audience. Not trying to be negative, but your perception of "winning" diverges from its actual meaning here.
I wasn't going to comment if it weren't for Ricardo's blatant desire to "kill off" other technologies for the sake of his preferred one. I use Stage3D to produce mobile games and when the WebGL on iOS announcement came, I was happy for WebGL. 
I don't want to "kill off" other technologies.
This is a truly great achievement by a great community of developers. It makes me very happy that for the first time in history of computing, we have a powerful, universal and open platform  for 3D graphics. The best thing about it, its part of the world wide freakin' web! I love you guys so much! <3
Congratulations, I can't wait for the tools, much need now.
Not sure it was ever a competition, stage3d could never achieve the level of support that webGl could possibly achieve. With webGl it was only matter of time, that and the level of support it has within communities and all the new libraries that keep popping up that support it. Stage3d is good for mobile apps and will continue to be, until of course you can compile webGl to native mobile... ;)
+Shane Johnson if that was true, Linux would now be in every computer. Never underestimate the power of marketing!
Ricardo, con tu esfuerzo todos hemos aprendido. Y en muchos niveles distintos: a discutir ideas, a llegar a consensos, a compartir en definitiva. Gracias infinitas hispanoparlantes
Fuck yes. We could not have done this without Three.js. You are the MAN Ricardo! Way to go.
+Shane Johnson "compile webgl to native mobile" This statement does not make sense to me. WebGL is a set of bindings to OpenGL, just like Stage3D is. The advantage Stage3D will always have is that Adobe can innovate on just one runtime, rather than innovation and adoption being at the mercy of a fragmented set of a dozen or so browsers.

The fact that Apple took 5 years (since, ironically, claiming HTML5 was the future) to turn on WebGL is proof of that. 5 years is a long time in the tech world. Are you sure you want to be on such a slow innovation track?

The only way I can realistically see any WebGL content on mobile (of substantial value, I'm not talking about shader toys) is if a capable browser is packaged with every app or game, which then you're just copying the closed runtime model (AIR, Unity, Xamarin) and achieving none of the benefit you originally sought out. 

Sorry to be the single voice of contention here. I'm still happy for WebGL.
+Jonathan Hart I don't think this is about this vs. that or whichever technology is the most cutting edge. You probably heard of Apple's Metal API which seems to be way ahead of anyone else on mobile. DirectX, OpenGL, Mantle, Stage3D etc... certainly have many advantages over WebGL but this is not about that at all. This is about politics. More specifically, this is about removing politics from the platform game because most of us agree that having an universal/open platform is way more important than having the fastest draw calls.
+Ricardo Cabello Adobe Scout, for starters. I'm not sure if you have ever researched its capabilities but it exceeds any other Profiler I've ever encountered by a mile. 

+Aleksandar Rodic I'm not talking about which technology is better, either. I look at it from a distribution point of view. Web based standards are actually the worst way to get content to the end user. There is an enormous amount of fragmentation (browsers, slow adoption) that most developers simply don't have the patience for any more. The plugin/runtime model (Flash, AIR, Unity) is technologically superior in terms of quickly disseminating new features and runtime improvements. People have spent so many years staring into the browser that they forget that it's not the only way to consume interactive content. 

This adoration for web standards was all about politics, but I am an engineer, I don't take sides based on politics. I take sides based on technical merit. I get it, you guys don't want Adobe technology running the entire web. But that doesn't change the fact that open standards have slowed us all down bigtime. I liken open standards to communism. Looks good on paper, but in practice is a complete disaster.

I much prefer having choice as an engineer in runtimes and development stacks. I know that with asm.js I can basically make WebGL content in any language I want, but it all goes back to the fragmented browser model. My opinion isn't a popular one, but I'm comfortable with it.
+Jonathan Hart "I don't take sides based on politics. I take sides based on technical merit".
It's a pity that you don't see the political nature of technical realm. Nothing can be separated from politics, even the technical.
+Jonathan Hart If you like the Flash API you might want to keep an eye on Haxe/OpenFL. Among being able to still target flash (as well as native), we're working on improving the HTML5 target, adding WebGL support, and it lets you keep most of the flash workflow.
Stage3D is so, so weird. WebGL api is quite nice. Shame about the JavaScript and the running in a browser bit. At least we're transitioning into js as a "web-asm" these days so other languages make it bearable.
Congratulations. I hope you are shaking hands with the competition now, like a good sport ;)
Congratulations for the achieved milestone, Ricardo. Thanks to you, the three.js contributors and all the great WebGL developers this is a reality :). Awesome and inspirational.
Yeah jury is still out on that result. It was easier to produce cross platform stage3d, as much as I wish it weren't. But future looking bright with iOS 8 adopting the standard.
Do you realize that WebGL was going to 'win' anyway without your input?  I mean really dude?  Delusional maybe?  The industry decided WebGL would "win" when it approached Khronos Group in 2006.
Ok, but its not like THREE.js != WebGL?   I just feel it wouldn't have been possible without those deals the industry made.  Anyway, sorry for the negativity, it was early in the morning.
Three.js made WebGL usable for the masses - more than any other WebGL library out there. Kudos for the great project!
- Doidel
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