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Ricardo Jorge
UI Designer and developer, reader and appreciator of things
UI Designer and developer, reader and appreciator of things

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I just updated my Android Studio to version 1.0 (congrats guys!) and now I'm getting this error when I try to sync my project:
A problem occurred evaluating project ':app'.
> Could not create plugin of type 'AppPlugin'.
My Android studio is version 1.0
The Android Gradle Plugin is version 1.0.0
classpath ''
And I'm using Gradle 2.2.1

Any ideas for what the trouble is?
I checked the version compatibility and everything should be fine

Thanks for your help

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The new video!
Flute + Guitar = Awesome :D
MartimOnFire + Maior = Perfect Duo

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Radioactive Shoot
306 Photos - View album

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My 11th song :D :D
Enjoy ;) and just to be clear, I'm not a magician ;) hope you get it :)

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My brother's newest video! :D
New song ;)
2nd day cover = check :)
Keep in touch with the next 5 covers in the next 5 days :)

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Preparing for a half marathon and raising funds for a charity at the same time is satisfying.
Help WWF Deutschland and me achieving our goals already in the next 34. Vattenfall Berliner Halbmarathon in the end of March :)

Any contribution or sharing is very appreciated!

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Last song of the year in the last day of the year :D
Happy New Year

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New cover :D
And probably the last one of 2013 :) :)
Big thanks <3

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Ha ha, so awesome :D
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