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rhonda hurwitz
Tech savvy marketer, social media enthusiast and blogger.
Tech savvy marketer, social media enthusiast and blogger.

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THis line blows me away: Master blogger Derek Halpern of Social Triggers teaches to spend 20% of your time crafting your content and 80% marketing it.

+Alexandra Gibson Looking forward to the Friday hangout on #inboundmarketing (and an early #FF for +OttoPilot Media )

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Who else needs to blog more often:)

(PS - cartoon via

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A birthday present from a very smart guy. Enjoy.

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Are Gen Xers and Boomers as competent with social media and web 2.0 technology as their younger colleagues? The C- Suite says NO ... I say arbitrary labels are silly ... what say you?

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Have you ever met someone with a completely natural, and compelling elevator speech? I mean, one that didn't feel like you were talking to a robot?

This is still the hardest thing to perfect and keep natural! See list below ... tips from attached article. I'm thinking #2 and #4 s where most people fail.

1. Find the sweet spot.
2. Speak like a human being.
3. Exude confidence.
4. Ask questions.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice.

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Does this sound familiar? You mean to start each day with 60-90 minutes of uninterupted time to complete important tasks, but the truth is that it is easy to get distracted: checking email, social media, etc.

I've been wondering: how to up productivity and still allow for the serendipity of social media and web surfing, which adds value and broadens horizons in a million small and unexpected ways?

It takes discipline -- and a plan -- to change the habits that FEEL productive, but are actually the opposite.
WHat do you do to manage your schedule, be more effective, and increase procuctiviy? For some good insights and tips, this article is worth a read.
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