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We've got a big announcement coming... #OhYesWeDid #smartphone #savings  
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Just in time for me to have no money, hehe. Wonder what the "5,10,25,40" could mean...
loves it! Doesn't look like a Moto X with those buttons on the side tho...
not the galaxy S4, not the HTC one, not the optimus G, probably not the evo 4g lte, doesnt seem like the photon q 4g lte, not the galaxy note 2. Is it the Moto X? The button layout fits. +Evan LeRoy you sure? The 360 degree view on the sprint site seems to like veeeeery similiar.
+Christopher Norulak yeah I looked at it again and it really does resemble the Moto X profile... maybe the 5, 10, 25, 40 is a 4g data tier (is that blasphemy??) hopefully something more benign like pricing
Oooo all these comments and speculations...All will soon be revealed! :)
Can't wait to finally switch!!!!
I hope it's the #motox .. Been watching republic for a long time,(I was in wave f) the x would definitely get me to pull the trigger.
Definitely not iPhone. Sorry. Apple is too ridiculous. 
Where's the fun in anything else +Sam Hetchler ;)
 We wouldn't do it if we didn't have something super cool up our sleeves.
+J Travis Washburn yeah. I saw. Waiting to see what it is. I really think they just need to go unlocked on AT&T / T-Mo so they can offer more phones or BYOP.
I speculate that it is the Moto X, 5/10/25/40 referring to 2 different plans for both the 16gb and 32gb versions of the phone.

+Sam Hetchler +Tevya Washburn plus they need to be able to modify the ROM to enable wifi calling.
+Sam Hetchler yes, that's exactly what I'm saying: right now they have to get every phone approved through Sprint because all phones are locked to their network. Thus they need to have the entire firmware, OS, etc integrated and approved to work with WiFi calling & Sprint. If they switched to AT&T and/or T-Mo's networks, where unlocked phones are not a problem, then it might become as simple as installing an app, or perhaps rooting, then installing an app. Regardless, they wouldn't be limited to 1 (or maybe 2 now?) phone(s) that's many years behind on specs and not running Android 4.
It's a long time coming. I can't wait. 
And here I thought the minimum monthly payment would be $19+tax.   If it drops to $5...I'm jumping in BIG TIME!

But MY bet is that the 5/10/25/40 is for the amount of GB you're allowed on the new phone (perhaps we'll have 4G LTE?), or the battery life of the new phone?!?  Who knows.  Either way...this speculation is interesting and...dare I say....EXCITING!
If this were a 4G phone then would we be able to utilize Sprint's 4G network? Or have to stick with 3G? 
Kenny O
That's without a doubt the Moto X..... But I have no idea about the other numbers. Wanting a good phone is the only thing stopping me from trying out +Republic Wireless . This changes everything. Hope they can keep the handset cost down...
the different prices for phone plans more likely....
+Don Takahashi I'm imaging they were sent a press release by republic, engadget wouldn't post it if they didn't have a credible source. Just need to wait for republic to wake up.
I see our current plan goes up 25%,  (or DOUBLE if you want 4G)  still a great price but will it eventually all settle out somewhere up around the rest of the carriers?  the irrepressible logic of capitalism says Yes!
+Bill Stender According to their blog post,, they are doing it because of "faster smart phones = more data usage" which is somewhat true, somewhat not. Depends on the user. For me, yes, because now I won't have to deal with stupid phone being slow and accidentally clicking wrong thing which makes me happier and makes me want to use it more rather than less when I had these issues.
+James Coleman are they saying that these new phones will encourage you to quit finding and using wifi ? (someone else's cost)  I'd say it's more about what the market will bear, and it obviously will bear even higher increases.  I'm just saying that I hold no illusions when profit is involved. this is not a charity despite the marketing style.  

Hey, I'm an original customer and I LUV Republic, they have made a really cool product and beyond the amazing price they are really good to deal with. (that is my personal "most important feature", as soon as I'm being treated like a cow, I'm gone... you listening Verizon?)
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