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I so don't fucking get this. Did Google re-brand buzz?
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Nope - It's just a recut version of Facebook for now...
Buzz in there as part of your profile...
Agreed, seems a lot like facebook
I should add: I don't get bookface either... so it's probably just me! :)
True - would be nice to see more innovation than this though. Sounds like there's more to come under Plus though...
I guess you'd prefer a command line app?
Look around's facebook for co-workers :D So yeah kind of wave meets social.
A social media app or whatever this is trying to be :-)
Facebook are in bed with Bing. Google is in bed with itself. This is going to "help" with search results, with different circles having a different weighting on results I suspect.
Major differerence between this and Wave? There are actually people in here.
@Ian Devlin they've clearly learned a lot from Wave. the launch has gone a lot better and I guess this is all being served over SPDY and Websockets and all sorts of goodness :D
social networks are so hip right now
Less spam? No Farmville? Professional looking profile?

I could get used to this...
Buzz = gTweet, G+ = gFacebook, and everything get soooo confusing... hahahaha...
I think it's going to get really interesting as they start tying everything together. You have a circle, wanna collaborate with them on a Google Doc, no problem… let's talk about about it in the hangout… etc. Already thinking there are so many ways you could use this to for work-related stuff as well as play :)
They still have the problem over who 'you' are and the fact that you can't present yourself differently to any given circle you create.

It's a great move by Google (as +Aral Balkan) said but in terms of the social model, we've not really moved on much and will have the same limitations.
Microsoft social network in 3... 2...
You watch your mouth Rem! This is so much better than buzz and FB. ;-)
as others have said work gets social - it's a strange space - this thread is a good example - not sure how my usual FB friends and family would take to it though...
If nothing else, it's a good example of some sweet front end web programming.
Too bad I won't use it until it rolls out to Google Apps users. i.e. prolly never.
i like how you can separate friends/gaming mates/work etc and think its going to be a strong part of it.
It certainly feels that way. It will be interesting to see how the search results get even more manipulated though...
Good Post. Nice to meet you. Add me in your circle to keep in touch. Jean Charles Salvin. CEO FindYourWayInTheWorld
I really like the fact you can filter what you post to different circles of people. Post something about code etc and it get's posted to those like minded people. Also Sparks is quite good. It's gathered a few things so far my regular RSS feeds have missed.
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