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The Apple logo, designed by Rob Janoff in 1977, is based on the Fibonacci series. As interpretted by @barcelosthiago
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they used the Golden Ratio in the iPhone
Its just a coincidence. Not intentionally done.
(Un)intentionally mathematically (in)correct ;-) !!
The golden ratio is everywhere.
It also makes an eye..some call it eye of the god some call it devils eye..and whole logo is based on divine ratio..
Apple + epic maths = Great fate intended to be together
E eu que pensava que as maçãs eram fruto da macieira!... E que a forma resultava da evolução natural da planta. Este comentário é mesmo estúpido... pensar que ele desenhou a maçã tendo em conta a sequência de Fibonacci!!! Há pessoas mesmo burras!...
thought it was a tribute to alan turing......
whole the world is begin with circle
Oh! Steve , Such a smart ass!!
Pode até ser... mas o desenho da maçã não tem nada a ver com esse retângulo áureo, tem um monte de círculos desenhados sobre a maça dando a entender algo que não existe.
I'd be very surprised if Fibonacci consciously entered into the design process. It fits with a certain narrative that people find seductive though (never mind that Steve Jobs didn't even design it).
Sof K
i m glad my maths teacher didn't addressed this topic in class :P
The golden ratio from Fibonacci series makes Apple looks yummy!
And there I was thinking the shape of the Apple logo was inspired by a fruit.
that doesn't follow the golden section very well if you look closely at it.
مجرد صدفة لا علاقة لها بالرياضات, more chaotic than mathematic, uma maçã que tem nada haver com matemática.
Olha aew galera, os gringos que postam pornografia às 15 h kkk
+Jonathan James I love the movie Pi. Honestly, preferred reading the script/screenplay version.
you may not mention that but you can find traces of Fibonacci series in many artifacts from arts to buildings industrial designs and so on. Just Google " golden ratio" or " divine proportion " and you will be surprised!!
Great way to design it ! thanks for the share!
Post rationalization.
Post rationalization :). especially
the red construct doesn't fit in anywhere.
Nghia la gi ha!Đoi mai roi lau qua do
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