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The +Boston Red Sox will hit the road for a three-game series in Arlington against the Texas Rangers. Felix Doubront will take the mound in game one, tonight at 8:05 p.m. ET. Series preview:

Share if you think the Red Sox can start the road trip off with a series win.
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Eh, at this stage, I'd rather see the Sox be in line for the first draft pick next year.  But hey, that's just me.
Red Sox suck.  So sick of them being bums the end of last season and the beginning of this one.  Get rid of Becket AND Lester and go get some real talent.  Talent that isn't so mentally fragile they forget how to pitch like Lester or physically fragile they're constantly have thumb injuries or golf injuries like Beckett.
Damn yankees they got ichiro. Money leads to eveything
We should trade buchloz too and get real pichters and sv .aceves sucks so badly
+Rémi J. Buchholz looks to be turning things around, and I really don't understand exactly how Aceves sucks...he's a starter/long reliever who's been thrown in as closer because Bailey's been injured.  And he's only blown 4 saves...that's not that bad.  

Whereas, when Beckett and Lester are pitching the Red Sox are 15-31.  Who's causing more damage?  Aceves?  Or the starting rotation?
+Richard Adams A Real manager would also have the full backing of the Front Office, which Bobby V certainly doesn't have.  He's got the FO forcing him to use Bard as a starter (even though Bobby V didn't want to), and the FO didn't allow him to pick his own coaching staff.

Word from numerous sources around the league is that remnants of the Francona era coaching staff, who are still loyal to Francona are directing their angst at Bobby V, causing a divisive coaching staff...and that simply can't help a team recover from last seasons collapse.

Fire Bobby or keep him on, but for god's sake, the FO needs to back whoever they choose, fully.  And stop trying to back seat manage.
+Richard Adams I think honestly this season is a wash, a clinic on how not to try and regroup after a late season collapse.  I think Bobby V would like to do a great many things, but is being prevented from making some of the bolder moves with regards to veteran players.  Be that conditioning, or simply taking them to task for their lack of passion, motivation and performance.

Sadly, unless Lucchino and Henry (and maybe Cherrington, though I don't think he has that much authority either) allow their staff to do the job they hired them for.  I really don't see next season being any different than this one.  I shame because there's certainly talent all over the Sox roster.
Lets not forget injuries...I think it has been a fairly unfortunate season offensively...even with some of the guys filling in playing descent it still has an effect on the team as a whole...with that being said Lester and Beckett have been prety dissappointing this year...what the hell...GO SOX!!! Play Off run begin...NOW!!!
+James Nelson That would be a solid argument if the Sox weren't 1st in runs scored...normally I'd completely agree that their 22 players serving 25 stints on the DL with over 1000 player games lost would be MASSIVE to any ballclub, and yet they still managed to have one of the most potent offenses there is in the MLB. 

Up until last night, Doubront enjoyed the highest run support of any pitcher in the league at ~8.5ppg (with Buchholz in 2nd, I believe with just over 6).  So, while their injuries have certainly been substantial, the problem has been their pitching.  Only a handful of games, are the pitchers responsible for carrying at the team, whereas the lions share of victories are because of the offense.  And the lions share of losses are due to the starting pitching.
+Brian Murphy agreed fully.  The Sox offense has been excellent for the most part, though they have had their moments.  The problem has been Beckett, Lester, and Bucholtz.  Funny part is, Morales and Dubront have been our saving grace. Even Dice K was pitching halfway decent compared to some of the awful games put up by the first 3 starters. 

Just a side note, though -- that stat is flawed.  When they're winning, they pile on the runs.  The close games, they lose miserably.  So, top in offense is deceiving because in games that matter they're below average.
Yeah and for the rest of you, get off Bobby V's back.  He isn't coaching the way he'd normally coach.  He's Larry and Ben's puppet out there and has to conform just to keep his job.  I guarantee you if he was given the opportunity to do things his way, you'd have some pissed off starters in the bullpen or in Pawtucket and I would love it.
+Michael Stratford Your side note is more what I was trying to address runs are fantastic but +Brian Murphy, when your #1 in runs and still sitting at .500 and in last there is a problem...all those key players gone can mess with the harmony of a team I think...but who knows I have been wrong before...either way....GO SOX!!!...Got a W today!!!
+James Nelson Oh agreed, there's a problem...the Red Sox are 15-31 in starts with Lester and Beckett on the mound.  That's your problem.  I certainly agree that there are stretches where the Sox offense goes silent (just like the Yankee's, the Sox offense goes away against great do most teams)...but it's simply unrealistic to expect your offense to carry every game.

If Beckett and Lester could've given up a few less runs, and the Red Sox won even a 3rd of those 31 games....the Red Sox would be well ahead in the wild card.  Half of them and the Red Sox would be in first in the AL East.

I also think that being down 2-4+ runs before your team even gets a 1st chance at the plate, takes allot out of your team.
+Richard Adams My sentiments exactly, I certainly hope Beckett doesn't get shelled tonight, but it's hard to argue with what's transpired thus far this year.  I just hope at some point, both Beckett and Lester re-discover that fire...the passion that they once had.
went to the game really great but disappointing since the rangers won
sat 30 rows behind the guy with the fishnet catching fouballs
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