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I love the RED SOXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The future has arrived Red Sox fans! Thanks for the memories Youk!
Ugh, I played Youk on my fantasy team this week... he kept saying he was going to play. Lesson learned. Excited to see Middlebrooks play though, he's been tearing up minor league pitching.
+Paul Sales even when healthy, this season, Youk has struggled to hit above the mendoza line. grab middlebrooks I expect we'll see much more of him this year
Every year this guy gets hurt
+Alexander Rossman Middlebrooks has been tearing up Triple-A, so he deserves a shot. Besides, it's not like we can miss Youk's production. He's not having the best of years thus far. Wish him well, but being realistic here.
Seriously...this it when he plays well and is healthy but he always goes on DL stints. Atleast when Ellsbury goes on the DL its because of how hard hes playing.
+Scott Bolduc : Agreed. I thought he might be turning a corner over the last couple of weeks. Sad to think I wasted a 3rd round pick.
I wish Youk would get healthy, it's a shame he keeps having health issues.
+Chelsee Cloutier It's really ok, I mean, Middlebrooks went 2-3, a Walk, double, strikeout, and a definitely not a bad performance.

Sox desperately need a pitcher to be consistently good for them though.
Bad news.. well is the beginning, they will be better in half season to October!
I love the guy, but I don't think Beckett has a chance at 15.
Dislike! (No offense to Middlebrooks.)
+Andi Prusi Wouldn't rush to judgement on this guy, from what I've heard he's a power hitter, base threat, and plays D very well. You know, what Youk used to do (except for base threat)
Rip it up Middlebrooks. Make it hard to send you down to the minors.
Bobby V better start treating him better
+Kathy Johnson Youk needs to start performing and remain healthy. It's a business, if you under perform, you get replaced. And, if there's one thing I've learned in my life it's that you're not always going to like your boss. Such is life.
I know what you mean. If Bobby said that I was not "emotionally or physically in the game", then I think I might want to quit until they get a better manager. He might not be in the best shape physically, but emotionally I think he is 100% in it. I want Titto back
I look at with a bit more detachment. It's a business, not a family (although, Red Sox fans are a family). And the CEO/Owner has to manage the business. If an employee isn't performing up to their known abilities, that employee is typically demoted, or fired. Everyone knew, coming into this season, that Bobby V was a different type of manager than Terry, he was hired for that sole purpose.

What Bobby V said wasn't meant to be vindictive or spiteful, he was asked a question and answered it...that's all. I think too many people are jumping on the Bobby V hate wagon, while forgetting A) The beginning of last season, and B) The end of last season.
Yeah, I see what you mean. I hope Elsbury gets better soon
+Teddy Lataif Oh absolutely, I Elsbury is so awesome and hope for a speedy recovery...I mean, so is Youkilis (awesome), I just don't know what can be done to turn things around for him...especially if he's all pissed off at Bobby V or something.
+Brian Murphy Very true. I have nothing against Middlebrook, it's just sad seeing players from the '04 team fading. I'm excited to see what the newer players can do.
+Andi Prusi Agreed, '04 was a great team, and Youkilis is an awesome player, I take nothing away from him at all. But, if he's on the DL....may as well put someone in there who's better than Punto at least hah.
You are my new best friend. The theme is an awesome idea. Maybe I'll do that.
Great job today Red Sox, all around beautiful game. Methinks Youkilis' days on the team are numbered.
I hate red sox vs. indians series. its so stressful because i LOVE both teams. I like that they always play four game series. Hopefully indians win tomorrow
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