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The +Boston Red Sox head home for a series against the White Sox starting tonight at 7:10 ET. Aaron Cook will take the mound in Game 1, looking to quiet the White Sox.

Series preview:  
+1 if you think the Red Sox can get a series win at Fenway.
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A fond welcome back to Kevin Youkilis too!  I Hope he has a good game, though, not good enough to beat us!  Hahaha.  Good luck to Carl Crawford as well, he's had a rough year and a half start with the Sox, here's to the future! 
i hope the wight sox cream the reds because of bobby valentines big fat stupid ego!! he couldent stand youk!
lml u better tell me how fun it was I havent been to a Red Sox game in 2 years
lmao nice i bet everyone recognized that scent
Lml well for me i kno boston like the back of my head
Oh ok well some do others dont u kno but i guess it depends for what nd how far
All i know is im glad youk got a standing ovation and is doing well... He is home and no matter what he will alway be a red sox in my book.. It isnt right rooting against him but Go Sox... Now that we are getting healthy the second half of the season better be a good one!!!
Crawford isn't even on the red sox anymore
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