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The first All-Star Game ballot update is out and two Boston Red Sox are among the leaders at their positions: David Ortiz (1st) and Dustin Pedroia (3rd). Vote Red Sox now to help send them to Kansas City.
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 to find my freind on here and i finally found him yay
already voted for pedroia,ortiz,and gonzalez
im not a salty hater!! i know this guy rocks but i think he just need this season to demonstrate his potential!!
as a red sox fan i voted pedroia,gonzalez and ortiz as i said before, but you know to give a chance to other players that are having a good mid season like in this case piersynski as a catcher thats why i aint pick jarrod ( not trying to say my vote will decide but thats my point of view)
Derek Jeter is the BOSS
my language arts teacher is an extremely huge red sox fan
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