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There are few rivalries in sports more heated than the +Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Those two teams are synonymous with greatness and winning. Since both teams happen to play in the same division and are usually fighting for playoff spots at season’s end, there is always a lot on the line when they face off. The stage is even greater this time around since the Red Sox will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fenway. The three-game series gets underway at 3:05 p.m. ET. Preview:

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I'm pretty sure they are not the best team!!!!!!!
Yes, the Red Sox are the best. Woohoo go SOX!
wow, with that arguement, its impossible to go against it
lets go redsox pick it up i didnt get season tickets to see you guys get smoked
Yea I'll be there tomorrow! Go sox!!!!!!
The only ending I would be satisfied with would be the stadiums and their home offices being sold at auction to pay for all the bloated payroll wins.

Real Beasts of the East. +Tampa Bay Rays
Favorite for the AL East Championship.
Say it. You know that sounds just about right doesn't it?
I love the Sox but I am starting to lose faith.
Still over 140 games left...... no need to panic #elithedrummer .... come July we will be right back in the hunt
the REAL beasts of the east +Toronto Blue Jays
we had a 2 and 10 start last season and got really good. We just fell apart in the end
#Yankees will win AL east, #bluejays in 2nd #redsox in third. There
Rick B
Can't believe blew a 9 point lead. These Yankees fans are getting on my last nerve.
Hate 2 admit it, but our Sox are a fail this year so far. I hope that the get better.
Rick B
Getting back to the 100 year anniversary...I was there when I was a kid in 69-70. I believe Carl Yastremski was playin' the outfield. Love to go back again.
they allways come through. LETS GO RED SOX
Lets hope they do come through. I have a bad feeling about this season.
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