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Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield threw out today's ceremonial first pitches:
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Good to be playing back at Fenway seems like it helped the team today.
How very appropriate and classy. Way to go, Sox!
I wonder if Wakefield through a knuckle ball...
I miss Varitek so mutch
The pitchers really need him.....
How about coming back to be a coach?
how did varitek throw was it a strike
D Corm
nice game redsox did wakefield throw a knuckler?
Cheehee good to see you bak at the ballpark!!!!!!
you are my favorite baseball team.
I love the Red Sox! I have watched everyone one of there games! I am a true fan!
i think those 2 were one of the best pairs ever in baseball!!
Way 2 swing those bats BoSox & completely paralyzed the whole Tampa Team, good confidence winner 4 Beckett
Going to miss you in a Sox uniform, Tek
Thanks Tim and Tek for all the great memories!!
Tim and Tek, you guys rock
Absolutely perfect, class act...both of those guys.
one of these ( or ALL of em! ) should be coaches!!
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