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All-Star David Ortiz and the +Boston Red Sox resume the second half of their season with a three-game set against the Tampa Bay Rays. Franklin Morales starts tonight’s series opener scheduled for 7:10 pm ET. Series preview:

+1 If you think Morales will lead the Red Sox out of the break with a win tonight.
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Yes because Jacoby Ellsbury is back. Let's go sox!!!
Boston is gonna go undefeated in the second half, and win the World Series! :) i am soo realistic
Sox and Morales are winners at the Trop 
i bet the sox will only win 2 out of the 3 games
Good job last night Morales and to the bullpen, gotta keep it up though...long slog ahead.  Hopefully Ells finds his timing Gonzo gets over his illness, and Crawford can contribute in a meaningful way... though, the season rests largely on the shoulders of Beckett, Lester and Buchholz, Sox live or die by their hands.
Clean slate this half Sox. We Believe! Take it to the end. Keep up the good work and put everything bad thats been heaped on you behind you and keep movin forward. Good Luck.
Right now they are beating the Rays 6-3
Good job tonight Sox, WMB and Ellsbury are going to be brutal for pitchers.  Hopefully, Pedroia comes back and we've got 3 very disruptive hitters, not to mention Ortiz!  Might take some of the pressure off Gonzo, and allow him to just relax.
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