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Be one of the first people to speak with the Redskins' #1 pick!

5 lucky fans will be selected to hangout with the Redskins' 1st Round Draft Pick. In a comment, tell us why you deserve to join the hangout.
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Because I have a tremendous beard.
I should get the opportunity because I believe in the Skins and our fans are the best. I just want the 1st pick to know hes in a great organization and we are ready to start a new era!
Dan Noh
Because I would buy the 1st round pick a Half-Smoke from Ben's Chili Bowl to welcome him to DC. HTTR!
I am a 3 generation skins fan and stand by my team through it all. Let's Go Skins
Because I've been to every home game in the Dan Snyder era and have been forced to watch ... in person ... with my hard-earned money...Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffel, Jason Campbell, Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman, John Beck, Mark Brunell, Tony Banks, Jeff George, Patrick Ramsey....I think it's only fair I get to meet and talk to a real Redskins, franchise QB (sadly my chance of meeting Sammy Baugh passed).
I am eleven and um that is it oh and i have gone to every home game for the past um ten years
because without the redskins i wouldn’t have a life
Because RG3 is going to help do what Doug Williams Did. Win My #Redskins a Superbowl :-) You are the Truth RG3!!!!
The Redskins r my life. I wouldn't b anyone without them. just look at my profile pic. i think that rg3 will lead the skins to a winning season and hopefully to the playoffs and a 4th super bowl win
Im only a teen and my whole life that i can remember I've never seen the skins win the Super Bowl i am a huge fan and think the skins will do amazing this year it would mean the world to me to have this amazing opportunity
I have been a redskin fan my entire life. My grandfather worked for washington post and was a journalist. I never met him but he went to all the games snd saw all the players. I want to be like him. Redskins are my #1 thing in the world. I always wear my jersey and i never miss a game.
im only 13 years old and i am the biggest redskins fan ever. ive stuck with the team my whole life thru all the hardships and everything. imma diehard. i bought a ryan kerrigan jersey in the 1st 3 wks of the season and i conttinue 2 wear my sean taylor jersey with pride #RIP21
Because I couldn't get into Andrew Luck's hangout because he has to settle his trading card lawsuit...
Because I can't imagine being anything other than a Skins fan. Despite all my friends always giving me shit for the team losing, I'll never give up on the Skins and I'll believe in RGIII no matter what record we end the season with.
I should! I am a die-hard Redskins fan living in Central Texas where I am surrounded by Cowboys fans, yet I still stand proud!
because I want to meet the man that will break all of Cam Newton's rookie QB records and congratulate him BEFORE he does it.
I should get the opportunity because I'm A Die Hard Redskins fan, I will ask the new pick questions about there predicted roll on the team and what to expect from them. Also it would be a dream birthday gift of mine to interview a redskins player.
Because i have been a dedicated fan from the KC area and along with all my support i never get the opportunity to see the hogs in person. My brother and i are the only Redskins fans in my entire town. Besides i was a Junior high QB.. i could teach him a few things! (25 now)
I have paid my dues. From DC, lived in Dallas from 2006-2010, and did I mention I married a cowboys fan. Sadly the conversion has not gone as planned.
Because he's truly an inspiration and a good guy. I hope he uses all the G-d given talent he has for a winning combination.
Because I want to meet the best Redskins QB since Slingin Sammy Baugh
Born in DC, lived through the 91 SB win but i was only 2. Stayed loyal to the franchise, despite their lack of success. Love my skins with all my heart and want to speak with the #1 pick about what he thinks about the franchise and what he can do for us.
I am the biggest redskins fan ever. ive stuck with the team my whole life thru all the hardships and everything. imma diehard. i bought a ryan kerrigan jersey in the 1st 3 wks of the season and i conttinue 2 wear my sean taylor jersey with pride
I was born and raised in DC. When I moved to CA I stayed a true fan! I absolutely love the Redskins and have been through the ups and downs. No matter what happens to the redskins, I will always be there to stand up for them! :)
Because I am a diehard dedicated Redskins fan win or lose and have been a fan since I was born.
I have been a Redskins fan since I saw them lose the Superbowl to Los Angeles Raiders in 1984. I watched it with my mom and the team grew on me after growing up watch Riggins run over people oike a truck, The Posse catching everything thrown in the air, Darrell Green faster than a speeding bullet, and Lovin After trailing 10-0 at the end of the first quarter of Super Bowl XXII, the Redskins scored 42 unanswered points, including a record-breaking 35 points in the second quarter, and setting several other Super Bowl records. Williams, who was named the Super Bowl MVP, completing 18 of 29 passes for a Super Bowl record 340 yards and four touchdowns, with one interception. He also became the first player in Super Bowl history to pass for four touchdowns in a single quarter, and throw four in a half. I was hooked after that for sure, never looking back on my Redskins. Would absolutely love to be able to meet and speak with the future of our Team. Dont really know why I would deserve it more other than just the fact that I truely am a Redskins fan and never had any opportunity of the sort. I am from Indiana turning 40 the 25th of this April and I have done gone very far from home and would jump at the chance to see RG3 before he becomes all the things that await him in the NFL and on. So pick me please and lets hangout so I can get to know this RG3 that is going to leading our Team.
Joe Yoo
Born and raised in dc but went to school at Baylor in 98-04 when BU sports were terrible. Graduated and worked and lived in dallas but repped Redskins every Sunday and we all know how the skins have been. Can't count how much money I lost on the redskins/cowboys game. Every. Year. Altho i'd love to meet rg3, I'm just excited to have a true franchise qb. #sicem #httr
Kev Le
Because i love the REDSKINS with all my heart!!!!!!
I wanna meet the future of the redskins aka rg3
I'd actually like to be able to give this opportunity to one of my brothers. Our family has been redskins fans ever since I can remember and he and The skins have actually brought us closer together. We've followed games, offseason, the draft, everything and have often thought about what it might be like to meet a redskins player. We love the skins and I'm grateful that they have brought us closer together. It would be so great to be able to give an opportunity like this to one of my little brothers. It would be a dream come true for them. 
Live in BENSALEM, PA(outside of Philadelphia) and been made fun of all my life by my friends asking how ain't u a Eagles fan. Rocking the Satin starter Jacket as a kid with skins sweatsuit! Hail to the Redskins from Eagles Country(enemy territory)
My husband deserves to hang out with the Redskins#1 draft pick! He was a GIANTS fan for 36 years, and fell in love with this organization after being stationed in No. VA 5 years ago. He has been a US Army Soldier for 23 years, and has spent many years deployed and living overseas. We lost touch with the NY Giants and really pissed family off when he announced allegiance to the Skins. He became a fan when they were at their worst, and I would love for him to have the chance to meet the #1 draft pick. That would seal the deal for this family, and make our GIANTS family very jealous! Thanks :)
I was born and raised in Va and had to move to Philly my senior year of HS. I had to deal with 3 years of obnoxious Philly fans. I got jumped at the Vet for wearing Skins gear. Now for the past 13 years I have been living in North NJ dealing with idiot Giants fans. I live in the same town as Eli. I can't stand listening to them all football season about how great they are and the skins suck. Furthermore I live in a town with over 100 bars and not one of the plays the Skins with sound. I find myself the only one cheering them on. All the bars have give aways for Giants and Jets stuff. I never get any Redskins freebies. I need some Skins LOVE!
To start off I just want to say Hail to the Redskins! With that said there are many of reasons why I would deserve to hang out with RG3. I am a 15 year old who was born and raised in the military just like rg3 was. So he gets the pain of moving every 2 years like I do. So if I move every 2 years I go a lot of places and see a lot of nfl teams, however I am and will always be a redskins fan. I don't even think of thoughts of abandoning my team so I can have a good team to follow or follow another team because of we're I live. The redakins are one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I have seen little accomplish mental from them but I still follow respect and enjoy them. I can remember getting in arguments about how good the redakins are but they are always the best to me because I bleed burgendy and gold. That is why I should be choosen
He should speak with London Fletcher before he speaks to any fans. As a fan, jus sayin'...
I have been a redskins fan my whole life. I can only remember one super bowl but I was to young to understand what was going on. I never miss a game on TV. This is the most hyped I have been about a redskins draft my whole life, can't wait for RG3 to land in DC!
I have been a fan since the days of RFK! It would be an honor for me to meet the newest member of the team I love!
Because RG3 is the best thing to come to DC since DG28. And also because seven+ years after departing Northern Virginia for the Carolinas, I need all the Skins I can get Very sad that that they're shoving the Panthers down our throats out here... :(
Hail to the Redskins!!!!!
Why do I deserve to hang out with Robert Griffin III? First I am the BIGGEST Redskins fan in the WORLD!!!!! I bleed Burgundy and Gold. I live in Georgia and I have always wanted to go to Fed-Ex field. I also make sure that my sports package is ready so I don't miss a game. I stay on and have watched all of Larry Michaels park updates more than once, if thats not enough to hang out with RGIII than I don't know what is. LOL...... Sorry Larry keep up the great work. I would just like to tell RGIII that we as fans are behind him 100% through the good and the bad and give him a proper Redskins Nation welcome. This would be one of the greatest moments in my life.

Justin W. Bryant

Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for old D.C.!
Run or pass and score -- we want a lot more!
TOUCHDOWN! -- Let the points soar!
Fight on, fight on Til you have Won
Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for old D.C.
because mike shanahan is a god created solely for victory and football excellence. But alas... every god needs a proper steed! And what nobler of a steed than Robert Griffin III. And hes fit to ride for years and journeys to come, and together they shall turn the Redkins to the Lords of the Rings!!! (like super bowl rings get it?)
Because I've grown up in Texas and Redskins fan. I would hope that I could ask some questions to RGIII that relate to his transition between TX and Landover, MD. Also, first question, have you already looked at the redskins sock combos?
I've been a fan since the 1980's. Even when I was stationed in Iraq I was Redskins crazy. Showed my pride with bath towels, socks, a Snuggie and I watched every game while there regardless of the fact the games came on at 0 dark thirty . I was so excited when I had the chance to present the colors at one of our home games. My desk here Is plastered with trading cards, flags, placards, etc.. I am so excited for us this year. I love my team. Hail to the Redskins! Oh by the way...pick me! Pick me! Pick me! 
To be honest I probably don't deserve it as much as some of these people. But it sure would be awesome to hangout with the guy who going to turn this fanchise around! HTTR!
How many reasons do you want? Because I joined Google+ Specifically to enter this competition. Because I live exactly 3,573 miles from FedEx Field. Because I've never even seen the Redskins play live, but have watched every single game online from the UK for years. Because I've never been to DMV, in fact I've never even been to the USA. Because I'm not ashamed to admit I will be shedding some man tears when Goodell gets up on that stage and officially announces that our team is finally going to be a relevant force in the NFL again. Because it would be insanely good publicity for the Skins and Google+ in both the USA and the UK where NFL has not really taken hold yet to fly a diehard fan over 3000 miles to share in this special moment of Redskins history. Because I'm sitting here in my Redskins hoody that cost more in shipping than the hoody itself. Because I won't get a chance to come to the States and actually see the Skins play for a good few years until I can afford to and this is the next best thing. Because I live, breathe and bleed the B + G from thousands of miles away. Because I could have picked any team in the NFL, and I chose the Redskins and all the heartache that has brought me, instead of a franchise that was about to win something. Because I have converted my Dad who never watched an NFL game in his life into being a hardcore skins fan. Because I don't just support the Skins, I follow all DMV sports because of the Redskins. Because last year I picked one player in December that I wanted and we got him (Hanktime85) and this year I picked another one in October - RG3 - and this is the chance of a lifetime to meet the guy I have been backing since before most other Skins fans knew who he was.
Given the humility RGIII shows when he speaks it would be disingenuous to say I deserve something more than these other fans. We're all in this together. I will say that I admire RGIII for representing the truly positive aspects of this sport - work ethic, sportsmanship, leadership, camaraderie, and, of course, humility.
Because I've been a redskins fan all my life and I've never gotten the chance to go to a game or meet any Redskins players in person. I would consider it a great honor to have the chance to meet the Redskins 1st round draft pick not to mention it would honestly be a dream come true!
Because ever since I found out about RG3, every night since late last year I checked news and mock drafts for hours a day. Every night at work during our breaks I woul check mock drafts to see what the Redskins chances were to get RG3. When I found out we traded up for the second pick I literally threw my phone across the room I was so excited and started screaming lol you can ask anybody that knows me and they coul tell you I'm obsessed with the Redskins and RG3. I even have the Redskins emblem tattooed on my shoulder. Even though I know now that we are getting RG3 I'm still going to fed ex field on draft day to watch the draft to witness history in my favorite teams stadium. I'm going to the stadium Saturday too for the after party. I honestly feel like I'm one of RG3's biggest fans. I can't explain in words what this would mean for me but if you were to pick me I would probably cry. Thanks for this opportunity and chance and thank you for everything you have been doing. Sincerely. Your biggest fan
I am in the military just like RG3's dad & have done multiple tours over seas in support of the war on terroism. I am a huge fan of the Redskins & seeing the tradition come back with a new QB would be an awesome experience. Every time I deploy I take a Redskins Jersey with me & hang it in my area.
I am sure there are others more deserving of me to be picked, but so I will enter for my Step Father who isn't online. He grew up in DC and has been a Skins fan his entire life. He grew up watching Sammy Baugh and Sonny Jurgeson and he actually thinks what he wears each game affects the outcome. He is 80 and I think this would be something amazing for him considering he has experienced more redskin moments than anyone else I know, I would love for him to have one more big experience.
I have been a redskins fan before i was born. My whole family is Redskins fan. I never got to see the redskins play with my father and now that he is gone I wanted to make him proud to get to say I hungout with the Number 2 overall pick in the draft. I also just got a new Sean Taylor Jersey so i wanted to show my true colors. I bleed burgundy and gold. This would be a once in a life opportunity to meet him. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS !!
Because I'm a loyal fan and want to see the Skins dominate and get that next Super Bowl ring.
Because I have been a die hard Redskin fan forever & would love to serve as a welcome wagon to RG111!
Because I'm a US Army Vet. I've been a loyal fan and make every effort and sacrifice to meet the Skins players when possible. I agree with RGIII's slogan No pressure No diamonds. I believe he is the true #1 pick because the Colts purposefully tanked their season. I defend MY Skins to the death. PICK ME
Because I bleed Skins maroon! Well, I guess technically we all do. :) That's beside the point. Seriously though I can appreciate where RGIII is coming from. I was born in Texas but at an early age moved to Washington. I saw the light and became a Redskins fan quickly. I dreamed of being a Redskin like every young kid and while a significant football injury kept me from that dream, it would also be a dream come true to meet RGIII and be a part of history in the making. Go Skins!
My 10-year-old son who has Asperger's Syndrome (on the autism spectrum) deserves this. Like many people with Asperger's, he has one primary subject that dominates his every waking thought. His obsession is football! He has been a die-hard Redskins fan for five years of his short life, and he can recite football facts and player statistics from the very start of American football. He impresses everyone that crosses his path with his knowledge of football. We managed to surprise him a couple years ago with tickets to a Redskins/Colts game at FedEx field, and though the Skins lost, my son still proudly displays his ticket and giant foam finger on his bedroom wall at home. He is such an amazing kid and deserves an opportunity like this.
I sing "Hail to the Redskins" like I would a church hymn.
Because my wife is pregnant and past her due date. As a life long Redskins fan, the only way this kid is ever coming is to be selected for a hangout with RG3. That would guarantee whenever the hangout goes down is when the boy will arrive.
Because I have been a life long skins fan and ever since RG3's red shirt freshmen year he has been my favorite college football player. To me it is so amazing that RG3 will now become a Redskin, and for that reason I would be the obvious choice. :)
I love the the Redskins!!!
Because, when my 2-year-old is sick or really upset, we watch the "America's Game" DVDs about the Redskins Super Bowls. Because I have read 5890 mock drafts since January. Because I feel like I know Robert Griffin III after reading literally every article that has been published on him to date. Because a few years back I made a bet with my Cowboys-loving friend that he had to wear my Chris Cooley jersey all day the next day if we beat them, and we won. Because my prized possession is a Sonny Jurgensen signed mini-helmet. Because I wear a Redskins polo to work, even though it violates the dress code. Because my wife is 9 months pregnant and we are already arguing over whether my new daughter's "coming home from the hospital outfit" can be a Redskins jersey. Because my 2-year-old daughter's new favorite word is REDSKINS.
My 11 year old son would be so excited at this opportunity. His 5th grade year has been very trying, and he has stayed a die hard Redskins fan while living amongst all of the panther hype. He has not swayed. This would be a dream come true for an 11 year old boy who loves his Redskins. We live in NC and came to VA in November, but they wouldn't allow us inside the gate of the practice field. He was so broken hearted. When we got there we found out there was supposed to be an event for kids, but it was rescheduled. Unfortunately,we had to get back home. Hope you consider him for this opportunity of a lifetime. His name is Troy Miles, Jr.
It’s hard to say I deserve to join the hangout with the Redskin’s 1st Round Pick but as a hard core Redskins fan for 26 years It would be an honor to meet any player who will play for my Skins!
i don't have dreadlocks but i own some crazy socks.
CW Barr
I have watched RGIII for the past three years, mesmerized. Being a Redskins fan, a seeming always QB needy team, I saw a "1-of-a-kind" collection of skills and physical ability that RGIII brings to the table, hoping to see him play in Burgundy and Gold. Those skills will return glory to the Redskins' QB position. I was one of his first distant fans, I was one of his first Twitter followers, and when the Redskins traded for pick 2...well, I could not be happier. You don't need "Luck" when you have RGIII.
Because as a high school teacher in a struggling school in the Bronx, I love how RG3 has re-defined the idea of "student athlete." Graduates to join the NFL with a bachelor's degree AND a Masters degree.
Because other than the pediatric oncology floor at Children's hospital, I nor my 12 year old have never even been able to afford to go to a game. Dedicated Redskins fan for 30 years and I have raised a 12 year old to be the same dedicated fan! Never miss a game on tv! Would love to surprise this child with meeting the no.1 draft, he has been through so much.
A lot of other people have great reasons. I'm just happy to have him on the team he has rejuvenated the fan base without playing a down. I can't wait for this season to start
Sry skins fans but I deserve it. I think someone that knows the recent team should get it since you will be meeting rg3. I think I deserve It bcuz my 8thgrade year Jason Campbell was the Qb that's when I fell in love with the skins u had moss cartwright Taylor Lloyd portis and sellers (rip Sean Taylor) not saying riggins team wasn't good those guys did a Damn good of a job anyways I loved the skins ever since great team. Everyone thought manning but I knew we were goin for the future this year and rg3 was it. I would flip out if I had a chance to be with Future star himself Robert griffin III. Great guy an I love what he's willing to do for Washington! FIGHT FOR OLD DC!

Honestly, I don't really deserve it more than anyone else. But I've been a loyal fan since I was old enough to know what football was. And like everyone else, I've remained faithful through some terrible management of our team. After being on the season ticket wait list for 13 years, I've been handing my hard earned cash over to Snyder for the last 5 seasons. I love my team and I'm excited about what this draft pick could mean for our future.
Because I am such a loyal fan that On October 30, 2011 (redskins vs bills) I walked in the room and saw my seven year old son crying. I asked why he was crying and he said "because I cant watch this game anymore, beck has been sacked 7 times SO FAR. I just can't take the loosing anymore". And I replied, "we are skins for life, next year will be better...ok?.". And gave him a hug. Yep REDSKIN football is very serious in my household and if I had to console a 7 year old crying over his teams quarter back being zacked way too many times, then I deserve to meet our #1 pick :-)
I have been a skins fan ever since I liked football, all my friends say, deadskins, redskins suck, u name it... I didn't care, they are my team and I knew one day we would find that player, so I was still die hard, last year I was a bit questionable, but still I said don't worry it will get better, now look at us, we have a really good defense, kerrigan in his 2nd year (who is gonna be a stud) orakpo (who is a stud) Id say our defense is set, now I honestly think this guy will change dc football, and who better guy to meet him then me who has been a die hard since I started liking football, no matter how many disappointing years!
I have been a diehard Redskins fan ever since I was 10 years old, watching the likes of Brad Johnson, Stephen Davis, Michael Westbrook and Albert Connell. Those were the last few years that the Redskins were relevant in the playoff picture, and they will do so this year. I have watched every single Redskins game since Norv Turner was fired, but have believed they would go far in the coming years. I am as loyal a Redskins fan a fan could be, from thick and thin, from the Jeff George and Patrick Ramsey to Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman. After each Redskins game, win or lose, I would proudly wear my Cooley jersey to show my support for the Redskins. I was deeply saddened with the losses, year-after-year, but feel we have a promising future ahead of us. I believe the Redskins franchise now will go far with Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. I would love to hangout with our future quarterback, and I have always wanted to meet a Redskin, face-to-face.
I love the 'Skins,
They are absolutely the best,
They wrangle cowboys and stomp giants,
And boot Eagles from their nest.

I love seeing Orakpo,
Blast through the O-Line,
While new found Kerrigan,
Is never far behind.

I love to see Fletcher,
Stop a play fast,
And to see D-Hall,
Lay a receiver in the grass.

I love to see Banks,
Run the ball back to the in-zone
And to see the entire O-line,
Stop defensive backs like stone.

I love to see Cooley,
Snatch the ball out of the air,
And to see Davis tear it up,
When Cooley can't be there.

I love to see Rocca,
Punt the ball hard,
And then to see Gano,
Make field goals from 50+ yards

I love to see Helu,
Turn corners and burn,
And then to see Wilson,
Stop receivers at every turn.

I could go on forever,
On players that do and don't start,
No matter what position they play,
They hold a special place in my heart.

Because they are the Redskins,
the first team that mattered to me,
braves on a warpath,
who fight for good old D.C.

I'm excited for the places they'll go,
And to see the team they can truly be,
Good luck to all the rookies,
and welcome RG3!
Because the Redskins make good choices and I vote they will win the super bowl next season.
I love the sport of football, played all four years in high school and haven't missed a Redskins game since I was old enough to know what football was. Been a redskins fan my whole life, as has my father and his father, never wavered, stood strong through all the ups and downs and have worn my jersey proudly every monday after a game win or lose. Go Skins. O yea, and I think RG3 is one of the best QB prospects ever and it would be an absolute dream to meet him.
While I'm a younger fan than some in the DC area, I've learned to love and cheer for this team since I was a little kid, going to game at RFK with my father. Both my enjoyment of the game and the special bond I share with my father as a result of our support of the 'Skins has been one of the most important things in my entire life! I would love to get a chance to meet the future QB of the Washington Redskins! HTTR!
As one of the only known HARDCORE Redskins fans located in South Eastern Pennsylvania, I would love an opportunity to FINALLY have bragging rights over Eagles fans.
Having moved from the hometown area about 6 years ago now, and growing up being a diehard Skins fan, I've had to beg, borrow and steal to insure I had the money for DirecTV's sunday ticket so I can watch my favorite team from our new home in South Carolina. RG3 is the best choice for this team and I think he's going to be the one to help lead the team back to glory. Plus, my 3 sons would think it was the coolest thing ever.
Im a true redskins fan! Always have been always will be. Grew up around it and always watched just about every single game with my dad. I always told my dad that one day i would meet a redskins player. Well me and my dad no longer talk because he hates me. What im trying to say is i think i deserve this to keep the promise to him even though he doesnt talk to me. Everything redskins!
I bleed Burgandy and Gold. It would be an honor to meet our soon to be franchise QB. I can't afford season tickets, but I watch every game. Meeting RGIII would be such an amazing moment. #HTTR 
I've been to 4 redskins games in the past 3 years. Every year is a great time for my father and I. We watch all the games together. I love my skins and I stand up for them everyday. People at my school are all fairwether and bandwagoners. This year we will see who hops on the Redskin Express. My favorite part of going to skins games is when every skins fan sings HTTR! My redskins are my life.
Because I have yet to be able to meet a player on the Redskins. I have plenty of time ahead of me but to be able to meet (presumably) RGIII would be amazing! Plus I already own a pair of the caped SuperMan socks her wore for the Heisman :)
My love for the Washington Redskins in unconditionally from watching all their games for the last 6 years religiously and being born and raised in the DC area never witnessing a super bowl win I was born after the 1991 (I was born in 1992). I would love this experience I have been following the draft talk from NFL network to the multiple redskins blogs when I heard of the prospect RG3 from Baylor I knew it was destiny for the redskins to go after and the destiny is about to be fulfilled tomorrow. When they made the trade with the rams I jumped for joy and knew our franchise guy is here. I have been hyping him up to my fellow redskins friends and peers to the point that they got annoyed with me haha. But please this would be a great honor and I would not take it for granted. Ever since his Heisman Award speech I have used his quotes as an inspiration "unbelievably believable" is the one that strikes out at me the most because it is unbelievable for me if hypothetically you guys pick me out the many great deserving skins fans here commenting but believable because God has seen my dedication to the skins pay off and you picking me would make my dreams come into fruition. So please pick me and I promise would not take this huge prestigious honor for granted! thank you very much -Samir Negash HTTR!
Been a Skins fan since I was 7 years old, I am old enough to remember the "Good ole' Days" and young enough to know the pain of the past 2 decades. Meeting The Redskins #1 draft pick any year would be an insane honor, meeting this year's #1 pick would be a honor that I would tell stories about for decades to come. I'd even wear my RG3 shirt I just pressed yesterday. #HTTR
I would give it to my dad because he has been a Redskins fan since he was young. He's been a season ticket holder for about 12 years, and I don't think I've ever seen him this excited about a draft pick in years. He is the hardest working man I know and never asks for anything in return. This would absolutely make him so happy and grateful after being such a dedicated fan for over 40 years! Go Skins!
I don't know? Just like all the people above and below this post I am a die hard Redskins fan. I have been since the day I was born. I've laughed, I've cried. I've endured the hard times. And I honestly can say that I feel an emotional attachment to this team. I rush home from church every Sunday to watch my Redskins. While they're playing I'm too nervous to eat. I can't laugh or joke because I'm just so in tune with the game. I'm only 17 years old. I haven't been at this for as long as millions of other people. I have only been experiencing the bad for 17 years. So many others have been going through this for so long. I don't think I can say that I deserve this. There are too many other people who do. But do I won't to hang out with Robert Griffin III? You have no idea. Ever since I saw that game against Oklahoma I wanted him to be the quarterback of the Redskins. I check,,,,,,,, and constantly for any sliver of information that I can find. Does that make me a freak? Maybe. But I am a football junkie. Scratch that. I'm a REDSKINS junkie. I wear a Redskins T-shirt under my clothes everyday. Different ones of course lol. I use a Redskins wallet. A Redskins lanyard hangs out of my pocket everywhere I go. I wear a Redskins watch. I own plenty of Redskins shorts. Some amazing Redskins PJ's haha. Redskins hats. And a Santana Moss jersey. And I'm still collecting. Will be for the rest of my life. I will be a Redskins fan for the rest of my life. No matter how great or terrible they are. My family will forever bleed Burgundy and Gold. I feel like they're a part of my family. I would LOVE this opportunity. You would make the happiest football in the world. But if I don't get it, I'll be happy for the five the do. Too excited that we'll have a QB like Robert Griffin III. Can't imagine a person who deserves it more. Hail to the Redskins! :)
I love the Redskins! I have been a Redskins fan my entire life even though I live 4000 miles away. My dad is from Virginia, and he turns 60 this summer. Seeing the Redskins competitive again would mean so much to him. RG3 has given us hope.
I would like to spend a day with the Redskins 1st round draft picks for more reasons than I could EVER mention. I'm an aspiring journalist. I would absolutely love to get to know any football player. The Redskins have been my passion. Through the tough times, even when the skins were bad, they gave me something else to focus on. They gave me all I wanted (other than a winning record throughout my life) haha. The Washington Redskins have meant a lot to me growing up. The years I really started maturing and growing up, the Skins were here. I don't know. I follow the draft so insanely close. Honestly. It would just sort of be a dream come true, I bleed burgundy and gold. Whether its Andrew, or Robert (I REALLY hope it is, back in highschool I wanted to coach Baylor exclusively to work with him. My buddy still quotes me on that) then I would be the happiest guy you would ever see in a Redskins jersey. Every Redskins fan deserves a day with a pick considering every single one of us have been dedicated through all of the tough times. If I am chosen, I will record a 50 inch vertical the instant I find out. My highest when I played was 24.
Anyways. Aside from all of the reasons. I would just like to be chosen because there is nothing more that I would love to do than spend a day with a Redskins draft pick. I would have loved this last year with Hank. Jarvis. Two years ago with Selvish. 3 years ago with Orakpo, who very much so like RG3, was my absolute favorite prospect ever to come out. Anyways. Sorry for the lengthy response. It would be an unforgettable moment for me for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for the opportunity, and good luck to all of Redskins nation!!
HTTR. Forever bleed burgundy and gold.
Zachary Miles
B/c I want to ask him how he'll fit into the DC community. He's going to be the second most popular person in DC and I'd love to get into his head how he's going to use his influence as a role model AND his physical skill for success on and off the field. Oh and I'm a die hard fan (like everyone else) that's been stuck living in Giants and Eagles country for the past 25 years of my life. It'd be nice to have a break. Just sayin'...
Ya just have to ask Chris Hanburger's son. I've been through it all. Well, not Slingin' Sammy, but everything since then. Glad to see us finally turn the corner. Hiring Bruce Allen was like hiring George Allen. Full circle. Although I do remember the very short time Vince Lombardi spent with us. RIP Vince. There was a nice article where RGIII was asked about who he thought his fave Redskin of all time was. I'd love to spend a few moments to introduce RGIII to players like Sammy, Jurgensen, Mitchell, Haraway, Brown, Taylor, Jacoby, Green..........not to preach but to teach. Teach about what wearing the Burgundy and Gold means. HTTR!
Did I forget people like Huff, Butz, Mann and Gibbs? I don't think so. And.....I know who RGIII's favorite Redskin player of all time is, and why.
Robert Lee and I are fellow sock connoisseurs and high school class presidents. My grandparents were among the 25,000 in attendance on September 16, 1937 to watch the Washington Redskins defeat the New York Giants, 13-3, in their 1st game in Washington, D.C., at Griffith Stadium. The family has not missed a game since.
lol.....Granddad was the Ticket Manager for the Philadelphia Eagles. I tell know lies. But whoever you pick, he is a good pick for Kyle's offense. I hope the town doesn't put too much pressure on his shoulders. After all, he is a rookie. And no rookie quarterback has ever taken an NFL team to the Super Bowl. None. (Kurt Warner doesn't count because of his Arena and European career.) Did I mention Brig Ownens and Ron McDole? And who could forget Dexter? Sure do miss Joe Gibbs. Three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. Now there is a genius. But again, we have turned the corner. We have and I know why and how.
Because It would be an honor to meet Robert Griffin. He has inspired me and is probably my hero now. Once he gets drafted by the redskins, I am going to go crazy lol
because of my love for the sport, the team, and the spirit of the team. No matter what, i stick with my team and never back down from the skins through thick and thin and always will show my support for the team.
I'm a fan that works hard, enjoys the game and I'm 99.9% sure I want to meet RG3.
I deserve to hang out with RG3 because I am a DIE HARD REDSKINS FAN. Emphasis on the DIE HARD because I go to school in NY and I went to the Giants super bowl parade in my Clinton Portis jersey holding a sign that said "Redskins beat the Giants twice= Redskins > Giants" and I actually almost died. How many people here would DIE for the redskins, I came pretty close.
I have been a Skins fan since birth. I'm even breaking bank to attend the opening season game at NOLA cause I can't attend a game in my home state. It's even my first time attending a NFL game. :)
I should meet the Redskins first round pick because I'm a small town kid from Iowa that has been a life long Redskins fan and I've never seen the ocean or never met anyone famous.
it would probly keep me out of trouble we alredy know that the colts anounced they would pick luck, and rg3 is a vary good role model and a good inspiration on me to keep playing football and make it some were good in life
Because you only live once, and what better way to spend your time then hanging out with the savior of our franchise? Congrats to whoever gets to meet him! HTTR
I'm the biggest Redskins fan. I need to tell Robert we need some more Super Bowls ASAP! 
Because I am the biggest Redskins fan ever to roam the face of this EARTH!!!!
I grew up with a life size pic of Darrell Green on one side of my bedroom door and Art Monk on the other.My mom hand painted them.I have a softball size Redskins RIP 21 tattoo on my right arm in memory of the great legend sean taylor.I love watching the Washington Redskins play football.God bless
I am just a DC native and a DIE HARD Home team fan. It would be nice just to be able to rub elbows with players we celebrate Each and Every Week.
I would actually like to my father to go! He is a life long Redskins Fan through thick and thin and this is a once in a generation opportunity. I remember my first game at RFK in the very top row and it is still once of my favorite memories with my dad!
I'm a Redskins fan that has actually used Google Hangouts in the past.

Looking forward to RGIII's selection tonight and what it means for this city and its fanbase.
Because i am the most interesting man in the world
Because, as a 'Skins fan, I'd really appreciate it.
PICK ME, PICK ME. I am a Redskin fan from back in the early 70's. Every Sunday in the 70's and 80's were spent spent with my family and relatives watching the Redskins! In 1991 I moved to Atlanta to keep my job. Moving broke my game watching streak until Directv NFL Sunday ticket was created (the man upstairs answered my prayers). Since late 90's I have watched every game. Hangout is the perfect venue for a remote lifelong dedicated Redskin fan like me. I have like the building and glory years of the 70's and 80's. Felt the pain in the late 90's and early 2000's, and classify the last decade as the wondering years because we are seeking direction. and I have high hopes RG III is the key. Hangout should be used for lifelong dedicated remote fans like me. If I still lived in the DC area I would be at my local Redskin bar watching the draft!
I would love to see my son hangout with RG3! Although I grew up in Maryland, my son has basically grown up in Alabama. We take some joking when folks find out that we are Redskins fans since we are in an area that is basically Atlanta Falcons fans (we went to the Atlanta/Washington game 2 years ago in Atlanta for my son's birthday but watched the Redskins lose to Matt Ryan). My whole family pulls for the Redskins! My son has a personalized jersey, helmet, etc. as well as my wife and I both wear Redskins' gear. My son desires to be an NFL Quarterback (which he will not play for Dallas even if drafted by them) and I would love for him to have the opportunity to get to meet the newest QB of the Redskins (with his charisma, apparent love for life, and high character guy)! I hope that you will choose my 12 year old son for this wonderful opportunity!
Love the Skins, read about RG3. Looking forward to him being picked by the Skins and seeing play next year.
You should pick me because ive been a DIE HARD skins fan my entire life and this is the first time Ive ever had the chance to see us with a franchise quarterback! #HTTR
Please pick me, I have lived in New Mexico since I was young and have been surrounded by Cowboy fans my whole life. Going to school the next day after a Skins loss to Dallas was the worst, I think some making up is due to come my way. There are few Skins fans in NM but I feel I am one of the best fans in this area. Good luck to RGIII in the future and HTTR!!!
I am one of the few Redskins fans near Baltimore surrounded by Ravens fan. I want the chance to ask RGIII his plans for the future with the Skins and ask him if he is familiar with Redskins history. So please pick me so that I can talk with our soon to be All-pro QB!
I've been going to Redskins games since I was 5 years old. It would be a dream come true to hangout with RGIII!!!
I've been a redskins fan since my parents put me redskins onesies. But being selected isn't just about being a die hard fan, it's about the excitement that we are finally getting an explosive, exciting, smart QB for years to come. Whenever I read about Robert I can't help but to smile. Everyday leading up to the draft I have called my best friend and my cousin to say how excited I am that we are going to pick him. I think they have heard enough of me lol. The last time I met a Redskins Player was when I attended Art Monk Football Camp when I was 11 and 12 and now I'm 29. It would be a great honor to meet our next franchise player! HAIL!!!
Because I am a Redskins season ticket holder and have been for years. If RGIII or whomever is going to be the future, I want to welcome the future today.
10 reasons you should pick me to hang out with number 10;
10. My socks never match
9. I'm an eternal optimist about my Skins
8. I lose my voice attending every skins game
7. 'RG3' rhymes with 'ME'
6. Nobody has taught him the words to HTTR
5. I'm as excited as he is to come here.
4. My friends and I were hoping we'd get him with the 6th pick before the media let the cat out of the bag. (email dates to prove)
3. Because we didn't 'suck for Luck' we show glee for RG3
2. Because I never win anything.
1. PLEASE PICK ME! Hail to the Redskins!
I feel that I deserve to meet and hangout with the first round pick for a few reasons. I am a die hard skins fan and meeting Robert Griffin III would be the most incredible thing ever. as a youngster all I would ever hear about is the redskins having another disappointing season (that was when i was real young and dis not completely watch football like i do now)...I stayed true to my team though and kept on supporting. I was actually born in washington DC. Im still quite young (17) but I think i can relate to Robert. I am an athlete as well as a respectable guy and my life long dream is to be in the nfl. I feel that now is truly the time for change for the organization. A young and respectable guy like Griffin coming in to lead the team is just what we needed. And I can't think of anyone better for the job. The guy TRULY inspires me and makes me thrive to follow his path to the nfl one day. If I don't get to meet him, it will be a bummer for sure, but just being able to see him on tv whether hes throwing TD passes or speaking to the media, I am honored to have him representing my home town. I'm a fast guy who plays receiver and sometimes qb. Once I read that I had this opportunity I jumped right to it! So please consider me for this once in a lifetime chance. I would appreciate it more than anyone else ever could. From a forever skins fan- jake Anderson 
Because I am sooooo happy that he will be playing with Pierre Garcon!!!! PG rocks.
I am a huge RG3 fan followed him when he was in high school! HTTR!
hail to the redskins
hail victory
braves on the warpath
I just want whoever is picked to make sure that RG3 knows we are so excited for him to come here!! We've been waiting for a QB with his talent for 20+ years...

Everything I've read/heard about him makes me think this is the start of a great and exciting era for the #Redskins . Plus, I think it's awesome that he seems so genuine and caring off the field, but is a great leader on the field.

#RG3 !!!
I have been a die hard Redskins fan all my life. When I was born, I had a redskins football in my hands. My life has been always around the 'Skins and I plan for that to happen for the rest of my life. I knew the whole song of "Hail to the Redskins" when I was 2, I trash talk ALL THE TIME to my friend who is a dallas cowboys fan (Yes I know, I have an incompetent friend. I don't even capitalize that awful team's name.), and I always watch ALL of the Redskins Super Bowl championship games on Super Bowl Sunday. Unfortunately, the Redskins just haven't found the right quarterback for the long run. This year, it's all going to change. I know that may sound chezzy, but it's true. Since we're drafting Robert Griffin III (RG3), we hope to see much promise in our future. He is an amazing person on and off the field. He's one of those guys that you want on your team. He is confident, trustworthy, smart, and is definitely a character. I believe that RG3 will bring back the excitement that Washington has had with (just to name a few) John Riggins, The Over The Hill Gang, The Hogs, Joe Theismann, Doug Williams, and Mark Rypien had during those years.
RG3 WILL BE the face of DC, RG3 WILL BE an elite quarterback, RG3 WILL BE with those famous Redskins names someday, and RG3 WILL BE in the Hall of Fame. If I could talk to RG3 on the Google+ Hangout, it would be life changing. Knowing that I had a conversation with the franchise quarterback would be the greatest feeling in the world. I don't know if I deserve to talk with RG3, but it would be a great honor if I could.
Pick me cuz I could care less and if the winner is picked randomly it'll be hilarious to win.
My mother deserves to join the hangout because she's been a fan all her life! She's gone to games for 48 years at Griffith, RFK, and now Fed Ex. She would be so happy to meet the newest edition to the team she has loved all her life!!!!!!! Please pick her!
I would love to join the hangout because I am a Baylor grad and a life long Redskins fan! I lived amongst Cowboys fans for eight years before I made it back to DC. So excited to welcome RG3 to DC!
Season ticket holder. Love RG3. Love DC.
I've loved RG3 since he was a Freshman in college. I know everything currently about the redskins too!
been a redskin fan all my life and RGIII is the prefect fit for the redskins. good job front office for picking him. lets make that o-line, recievers and backs really strong so we can go far this year.
umm - because it would be really cool
We have been season ticket holders for 25+ years, and would love to have a chance to meet the next quarterback for our beloved Redskins.
I have never met a Redskin and want to sooo bad! I'm fun! I'm a college student! RG3 is going to take us all the way!
I want to win this because I have been a Redskins fan all my life and have waited for a franchise quarterback since forever so not only would i be in the grace of the best qb since Joe Thiesman but i have seen Robert play in college since his sophomore year and all i could say was i wanted him to be a skin but that was threatened when the browns tried to take the pick that secured him for us but now he is a skin and i would like nothing more than to meet one of the most influential players i have ever seen!
My grandfather Kaz Shitama deserves to meet with the new pride of DC RG3. He is 93 years old and his kidneys are failing. The doctor told our family last May that he would have 3-9 months to live and miraculously he's made it almost a year. He has been a long time fan of the Redskins and has held season tickets since the 60's. If he could meet RG3 I think it would make him extremely happy and be a great reward for his loyalty over the past 50+ years. HTTR
There's probably a bunch of kids who are sick who deserve it more than me. But it would mean the world to me, If I could give my boyfriend the chance to meet the man who is going to bring our skins back to the glory days. My boyfriends father passed away a few years ago. Donn Sr and Jr are the biggest fans I've ever met. I got to go to my 1st Redskins game in 2010. When we beat Greenbay.. One of the greatest days of my life.. There are no words to explain to you what it would mean for the chance to meet RG3.. 
Our family are die hard redskins fans!! i would love for my son to meet rg3 , he has such a passion for football currently playing high school football but is straying away from school so i think this would be a great way of teaching him "look at where you can be if you stay in school"..
Because my family has had season tickets to the redskins for the past 20+ years and this past year we had to sell them do to financial issues, unfortunately it's the same year we get this fine player
I also love the fact that RGIII has a good upbringing and seems like a good guy instead of a punky guy
After watching the #Redskins win 3 Super Bowls, and then suffer since Joe Gibbs retired THE FIRST TIME (through NORV especially), we have finally got a QB prospect that gives Redskins Nation HOPE. I would LOVE to meet him and welcome him to his new home! #HTTR
Not only have I been a dedicated Skins fan since the early 80's but I have stood tall and committed even through the rough years. My entire family are football fanatics, even our four year old. I also feel that Griffin will not only bring talent and skill to the skins, but also a lot of personality and energy! I am excited for our team not only because of Griffin, but also because of the great coach we have. I can't say that I really deserve to hangout with Griffin anymore than anyone else, but I can say that it would make my year!!!
I was born in Washington, DC and I am a lifelong Redskins fan! When I was 6 years old, I skipped my friends birthday party so that I could watch the Skins play because they did not have a TV.. After I got married, I purposely bought my house five minutes away from FedEx Field. My facebook page is an RG3 shrine! I am currently recovering from Stage-3 colon cancer but all I can think about is seeing the Redskins return to glory. If given the opportunity, it would be an absolute honor and pleasure to hangout with RG3!
Today I became a Redskins fan. I've been a life long Steelers fan (and still am), but now I also love the Redskins. In my opinion, RGIII brings something to the NFL (and most sports) sorely lack - a true role model. I know the Redskins organization will appreciate this selection more and more every day. It would be an incredible honor to meet Robert and talk about shared common experiences and interests: He and I attended the same high school (CCHS), university (Baylor), and I was finishing up my Masters at the UW, when they played Baylor in the Alamo Bowl. Plus - we both like comics!
I've been a Redskins fan my whole life and I was around for the last Super Bowl win...but I was 1 year old. I'm so excited to see where RG3 takes the team, not only as a great player, but a great leader. His attitude and character are what make him a true star and I love that he always speaks his message of hard work and going for your dreams. I'm hoping to finally see a Redskins Super Bowl victory and actually remember it in, with RG3 at the helm.
Because tomorrow, April 28th is my birthday!! That would be an awesome present!!
Because I've been a Skins fan my entire life along with my family and I would love to run some routes with the greatest quarterback to put on the Burgundy and Gold since the great Joe Theismann. I'm looking forward to playing at the collegiate level and getting to meet one of the best in college history will be really special.
I just spent the last few weeks reading everything about RGIII. I feel like we're practically best friends now. Let us bond.
i should be picked because i would lie to let my grandfather meet a player on his favorite team which is my favorite team and i think that a man who majored in political science would enjoy to meet a veteran of the Vietnamese war. and vice-ver-sa