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Right out the gate the Skins coaching staff undermines the picking of RG3 and get Kirk Cousins, what a joke of an organization.
yeah, too bad the colts didn't have a plan b last year, maybe Polian would still have a job?.......
I guess the best way to give your future franchise QB a lot of confidence and let him know you're behind him is by drafting the all time winner out of Michigan State in the fourth round, you're our man RG but.....
if rg3 gets rattled by cousins (not happening) then maybe he isn't the superstar everyone thinks he is, he is the mj of footbal, did mj complain about competition? we needed depth at the most important position.....we don't anymore
just throwin it out there cousins is better than rg3 cuz he has more brains and can see the field better
are you serious? lol, rg3 got his bs in 3 years and will have his masters this year.....72% completion 67% career
Don't think mj would have wanted Chicago to draft a shooting guard when they needed help in other areas, just saying they seem to be going in a positive direction and they may have caused an unnecessary controversy instead of backing their QB 110% . Not a good start for a young QB off the bat.
hes got way more brains and the redskins dont have any weapons at reciever so theyre both gonna be screwed
if you say so, smart move as far as I'm concerned
Awesome Thanx for the Face time. It meant a lot to get some Redskin love
cousins sees the field rg3 just looks and if its not there he runs its not gonna work in the nfl
you don't know what you are talking about lol
a bunch of idiots on here crying about Cousins being drafted. every position in todays NFL needs a quality backup, its called depth. RGIII knows there is no threat by them drafting a QUALITY BACKUP at the most important position on the field. QBS do get hurt in this league so why not have a backup capable of winning also. They both have to prove they can play at the NFL level of which I dont have any doubt. I dont think Rex is our answer at backup long term and with the team getting younger this is a awesome move to build that position as solid as possible.
RG3 is the real deal. Picking up Cousins was completely unnecessary. Grossman is a solid backup, we didn't need to draft another QB. We could've probably gotten some better value O-lineman or DBs instead, which is what we REALLY need.
Nilanka, I totally agree that RG3 is the real deal but having two quality young QB's make more sense to me. Grossman is a quality backup. We still have undrafted free agents that will be brought to the team and there is always diamonds in the rough and the O-line has received attention even in this draft and they will be fine if they all stay healthy. O line showed improvement at the end of last season and at the start the original starters got us to 3-1. Cousins provides so many options be it trade bait in the future or content being RG3's backup It is a great position to be in...
paul edwards is an idiot because obviously we got him to back up RG3 as we dont have faith in QB who averaged 1 pick per game last season (Rex Grossman)
Yes, we did have some good O-line picks, but we could've made some better picks to help the secondary. Cousins is a good player and could potentially be some valuable trade bate, but we didn't need to waste a valuable 4th round draft pick on another QB when we had other positions we needed to address.
they went bpa, cousins was peojected 2nd to 3rd round
And Cousins, like anyone else of his caliber would, is not going to be content being a backup when he has the potential to possibly start on another team.
...there you go, thats exactly what I am saying, the options are just that trade bait and we recieve a high to mid round pick depending on his performance!
Yes, but drafting a better quality OL or DB with that pick was more important at that moment than picking up trade bait.
Alex Peros is an idiot if he thinks that this organization obviously drafted Cousins as a backup , it takes a lot of time to develop one QB let alone two, putting time into Cousins takes away time from RG3 .
And as a rookie QB backing up another rookie QB, what's the guarantee that he'll be a shining star if RG3 gets hurt and make teams want to trade for him?
it was really packed at the draft party and lots of fan and they were yelling rg3 name out when he arrived to D.C.
Paul Edwards, I don't think we drafted him to compete for the starting job, but I do agree that it takes time to develop one QB let alone two, and that putting more time into Cousins takes away time from RG3.
Is this going to be a "often" hangout? I hope a Diehard Skins fan, this is great. HTTR!
RG 3 is the man. As long as his knee holds up til the offseason the SKINS will do something in the playoffs.