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SkyDrive vs iCloud vs Dropbox: Which Is The Best Cloud Storage / Backup Service That You Should Use?
To the cloud, file storage service! That certainly seems to be the mantra as of late. And the competition amongst companies who provide such services is definitely heating up. Dropbox, a popular choic...
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I'd rather go for Google Drive... let's wait and see.
I signed up all of them, including 50 gig of . Assigned different files type to each service. waiting for google. All together free 100 gig.
icloud should not even be in this list it simply sucks and is not a backup system it`s a way for apple to reduce traffic on the main download servers
Another thing about dropbox is its badass local client. What i like about it is that when it discovers changes in a file it uploads a diff of that file rather than reuploading the file itself. Which saves alot of bandwidth, especially when your dealing with truecrypt containers
i will definitely go for dropbox. skydrive can be a pain in the ass when dragiing and dropping files(how many people need to store 25GB of cloud files anyway). iCloud is useful only if all your devices are iOS and Mac. Google is still cooking what they have in store for us to use later. so dropbox is the way to go.
With W7 PC and Android mobile DropBox is the best both-way (now that can make a nice name for a cloud storage!!). Skydrive should have a link to Android phones that canmake it good. Otherwise 25GB is pretty good.
Another great application is Evernote. I can store a lot on that and twitter a lot from that and its compatible with most of the fancy devices.
Personally do not like iPhone or no comments on their many shortcomings.
Peter A
Do dropbox links still die after a certain amount of downloads? This reason has forced me to use box, those links stay active forever until I delete or change the file
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