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[UPDATED] Top Must Have Tweaks For Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [5.1.1 Edition]
With the release of the shiny new untether for 5.1.1, there are now a lot more jailbroken iOS devices just waiting to be modified and enhanced through the installation of various Cydia packages. With ...
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Nice! I haven´t been jailbreaking since I had an iPhone 3GS, but as Apple won´t include Personal Hotspot on my iPad 2 3G, I have to do something about that, and I did! Now I need a recommendation on which one from Cydia is best/easiest: TetherMe, MyWi or PDAnet on my iPad 2?
Yeah, thanks :-)
Now that MyWi just updated, I guess they're a good choice!
I'll start the trial on it!
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