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Giveaway: Win One Of Five Copies Of OS X Mountain Lion
All the talk around the internet right now is about the latest version of OS X to grace our beloved Macs. OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, went live in the Mac App Store this morning and is already being wel...
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Whoop whoop!!! I qualify for free OS X upgrades on both my new iMac and MacBook Pro!!!!
Okay so I was waiting on the free upgrade for the 2 new Macs and just knew I had to purchase for the 2011 Mac. The 2 new Macs are queued for download. Forgot that if I purchase for one it updates all. Just wasted $19.99 but will have 2 OS X claim codes for sale.
Would love to win for my schools technology club!
So after 3 hours of downloading copied install folder to DVD and installed on remaining Macs. Mission complete
5 free copies. Why isnt it 50 :(
Then redmondpie have to pay around $1000 :P
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