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Мобильное приложение — это не статья расходов, а актуальный канал извлечения выгоды.
Мобильное приложение — это не статья расходов, а актуальный канал извлечения выгоды.


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REDMADROBOT Honored as a “Leading Wearable App Developer”

REDMADROBOT has been identified as one of the “Top Wearable App Developers” by Washington, D.C. based research firm, Clutch. Wearable apps have become an area of interest and innovation and wearable app developers are in high demand.  However, there have not been many thorough investigations of the agencies developing these cutting edge apps. 

Researchers spent a great deal of time analyzing data regarding an array of wearable app developers and, after reviewing their findings, created a shortlist of the most experienced companies. We are delighted to have been chosen for that list.

Clutch’s research involved a comprehensive evaluation of each of the app developers. The analysis was not just based on quantitative data but qualitative factors, as well. The app developers were asked to provide data and documentation regarding service focus, notable clients, pertinent case studies, portfolio pieces and references for interview. For REDMADROBOT, the interviews were the most rewarding part of the study.

See the list here:

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Обычно мы цитируем клиентов, но в этот раз будет цитата сотрудника:

"Крутые ребята. Крутые проекты. Нигде ранее не встречались настолько грамотные руководители и проактивные сотрудники! Работаю в удовольствие и это самое важное для меня в компании.

Отрицательных сторон реально нет. Меня все устраивает! Пишу свой отзыв для тех, кто как и я когда-то, будет искать инфу о Роботе."
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REDMADROBOT is #1 in Wearable Application Development!

Clutch Identifies Early Leaders in Wearable Application Development

This research identifies application development firms that have proven early success delivering applications for wearable devices.

Following the release of the Apple Watch and rising consumer interest in wearable devices, Clutch, the leader in online mobile app developer reviews, has identified firms that have taken an early lead in developing apps for wearable devices. 

The following companies were highlighted as early leaders in wearable application development:  

Lounge Lizard,
Softeq Development,
Digital Brand Group, 
Lemberg Solutions,
Plastic Mobile.

Clutch analysts conducted a thorough examination of app development firms that have already completed successful apps for wearable technologies. The firms in this research were evaluated on 
over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, including client references, case studies, and market presence. Clutch’s research leverages the proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology, mapping each firm's focus on wearable application design and development against the firm’s ability to deliver high-quality results to their clients. 

“Our wearable application development research will continue to grow and this is a category Clutch is excited to see expand.” stated Ryan Stevens, a Lead Analyst at Clutch. “The firms featured in this research are on the cutting edge of application development through their early completion of wearable apps. This experience will surely offer them a leg up against competitors as the wearable technology market continues to mature.”

Clutch’s effort to identify leading wearable application developers remains ongoing, and encourages firms with a proven track record of success to apply for inclusion in future updates.

See the full list her:

#wearable #application #development #wearableapplication
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REDMADROBOT-designed ABBYY Lingvo Live won the first prize in Education & Productivity category of GoldenApp 2015. Congrats!

#awards   #prize   #app   #appdesign  
Lingvo Live
Lingvo Live
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And the Bronze of European Design Awards 2015 goes to... wait for it... REDMADROBOT! Hell yeah!

See here:

#europeandesign #awards   #megafon  #смотри+
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"Making an Sailfish-based OS for local needs is the idea dubia. Porting of Android apps is the only way of Sailfish growth. Nobody will do app specifically for that OS. The market share of this OS is so small, that commercial interests can hardly be 
found in here.

I think the only segment for the new Sailfish-based OS is state-funded devices for state organizations & public servants who would have to use these devices on mandatory basis."
- Arthur Sakharov, CTO of Redmadrobot.

#mobile #mobileOS #sailfish   #Jolla  
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Redmadrobot Recognized as a Leading Russian App Developer

We are excited to announce that Clutch, a research firm in Washington, D.C., has recently named Redmadrobot as a leading Russian App Developer.

Analysts examined Russia-based firms, like Redmadrobot, who have proven their success through projects for domestic and international clients. The research focuses on firms with a strong focus on mobile app development. Redmadrobot was asked to offer information about the services that we offer, our key clients, case studies and portfolio items. 

Then, Clutch analysts conducted interviews with some of our esteemed clients and included their feedback into their research. It was very humbling to receive such positive feedback from our clients. 

Redmadrobot created a mobile app as well as ATM and payment terminal designs for Otkritie Bank. When asked about our partnership, they stated:

"They’re great to work with. Every interaction is just great, from the account management team [and] the developers to the management. As professionals [and] as individuals, these people are just pleasant to work with." 

Another of our valued clients, OnPoint Mobile, commented:

"I think the way [Redmadrobot] helped us analyze our goals was very effective. They really helped us understand what we were trying to do. They even helped us understand things we didn’t even know we needed." 

In addition to being represented in our regional developer category, we were also included in Clutch’s Top Wearable Application Developers research (see here: ). Thanks to a recently published Apple Watch app for the one of our clients as well as an ongoing project in the wearables sector, Redmadrobot was able to take the top spot in this category as well. 

We are honored to be included in Clutch’s research as it emphasizes the fact that technical excellence and client satisfaction are our top priorities. 

For the full list of companies considered Russian App Developers -

#rating   #wearables   #appdevelopers  
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