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“My nipples don't matter how hard I twiddle I can't seem to pick up Jazz FM” – in honour of Robert Llewellyn’s birthday last Saturday, here’s a Krytie clip
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Classic. "Last chicken in the shop look"
Great episode among many. I think this was the only episode YTV in Canada would not play.
... But what is it!? Happy birthday Mr Llewellyn
Happy birthday dude!, the Ol' double polaroid was always one of my favorate gags lol
I'd forgotten all about this classic scene! Happy Birthday Bob :)
I quote this episode "Boiled chicken ovulations." all the time :) All my best friends get it, haha. Happy birthday Mr.Llewellyn
Dear United Kingdom: Despite all our differences ever since those first colonists of ours unloaded an expensive load of beverage leaves into the harbor of my hometown and started that little tussle of a revolution, I want to say thank you. Thank you for helping us remember to laugh, and not take ourselves so damn seriously. Thank you for giving us the joy of a former robot talking about his penis through the use of carefully positioned Polaroids so that we can laugh ourselves silly.
Ahh Kryten as a human. I wonder what would happen if he got a hold of a Dyson.
This is one scene that literally made me laugh until i cried. good memories.
This series had scenes that made me laugh so hard that I was literally paralyzed.  Only one episode from one other series has made me laugh as much.
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