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Brace yourselves... here's the first photo from Red Dwarf X! Anyone as excited as we are right now?!
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+Andy Nicolaides I was at the filming of the first episode and, while I cant say what happened, it was definitely no Back To Earth, it was more like series 5/6
" Anyone as excited as we are right now?!" ... excited? it looks like you're all about to crap yourselves in fear ;)
Excited is something of an understatement!
The only one without wrinkles is Kryten…

…Thank God for prosthetic makeup :o)
Am loving the look of this. Reminds me of series 6!
Will laundry day rear its ugly head once more?
Yes, I'm excited: TransAm-wheel-arch-nostrils is back!
When is the Red Dwarf G+ trailer going to be shown?
Where is the desktop wallpaper of this photo when you need it?
Please tell me we have a reappearance of Dwain
OMG I still have some Red Dwarf series on VHS.
The brave team of Red Dwarf still flies in space, despite wrinkles, haggard faces, flab and a lot of flatulence, trying to be as fresh as they were a long time ago. Some good things should live according to the rules of nature and have a good life followed by a timely death. Even the android looks old!
Glad to see they have flat screens now. All Sci-Fi telly series eventually make the leap. You can actually tell how old a Sci-Fi series is, by whether they use CRT monitors or flat screens ... oh dear, I am such a geek :-/
if they are in space aircraft to yeh rascals hai
so long as it isn't back to earth terrible I'll be watching this
i have been eagerly awaiting to see these smegheads back on my tv :D
Ji Zang
i'm going to eat you little fishy :P
WOW. All i can say is wow. The last time i watched Red Dwarf i hadn't even taken my GCSE's! Now i'm 25 and married!
they all dont look like humans but like robots !!!!:)
Thats the extra make up ,theyr getting old heheheh
nowadays human are like this, its not their fault.
I wonder if +Robert Llewellyn enters smug mode knowing he's the only one who can't age =)

Joking aside, the guys are looking great. Any news on Bluray release? It's probably never going to get televised on my side of the planet
How did I not know this was in production?!? :-O
Holy crap, how is it that you are not in my circles yet! I love red dwarf.
My blog
what is that star trek?
yeah!!!!, My Hubby is a serious fan!!!
Yes it's about time some gd tv programs came back can't wait 
Make 40 episodes and call it anouther 40 more 
Hm? I am an old lady and I confess, I don't remember ever watching this "Red Dwarf" series. Maybe it's Alzheimer's? LOL!
How can a fan be serious...? Does it rotate the propeller in a disapproving fashion? Also, why would anyone marry a household electric device?
(...sorry, I HAD to ... :-) )

Also: Yay for Red Dwarf!
I would be... if I knew what was happening here.
Whoa whoa whoa. This is a thing?!

Cautiously optimistic. No Kochanski, plz.
Pls don't let this be as crap as the last one!
Mik M
Yay! Break out the fresh mango juice!! Brilliant news!
there constipated heros... what about um
Awesome!!!!! Can't wait to see how they completely toss the plot line and continuity to simply make incredibly funny jokes again this season!

This show is virtually ENTIRELY character driven. Nobody cares about Rimmer occasionally covering himself with a blanket or grabbing a door handle, or the fact that despite having a bazillion cubic feet of ship, they always stay in the same three rooms...
All of the cat's outfits require HD for viewing.
Best red dwarf quote ever.... Rimmer: kryton go to red alert! Kryton: are you sure sir? it does mean changing the light bulb!
Kryten trumps Snoop Dogg, and Tupac at coachella as best hologram!
that really does nothing for me seiously!
Oh my goodness, but when did the get so old? Oh, right, the same time I got so old. Hmmm, I'm depressed now.
They are older.
So are we.
They are still cool.
There is yet hope for us. 
It was one of the silliest shows that was actually fun to watch!
Looks like they made the consoles from old Epson printer parts.
Sadly the last new series was very MEH.
Oh, Cat. You amazingly wonderful creature you.
Still looking good, can't wait to see it!

Also, just realized: this show is as old as I am.... O.O
"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast"
Looks like they are about to face a purple alert. Not quite as bad as a red alert but more worrying than a blue alert 
dont forget the peach alert that is the worst!!! lolololol
you are a dwarf dishonor you stop i am a nine year old kid
<singing Theme happily> Thank You! Thank You so much for this Blast from the Past!!! OMG I miss this show! Yaay! :)
Nerds at work. They don't know what facial expressions are so they put this lousy excuse for either surprised or just plain stupid
I don't have a TV :( will watch it online when it becomes available
This was always hilarious! can't wait for the new series! I especially the ones with time distorsions!.....brilliant!
Lets hope they cancel this one too.
Woooo! But bring back the laugh track ;-)
will be a surprisingly & opportunity
"It's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer..."
What about Holly? What about Kochanski and the kids? Did Death have any revenge for being kicked in the ghoolies?
+Valkyrie Page
"And without him life would be much grimmer!"

saw the Christmas eve filming of Red Dwarf X, if what gets aired lives up to the total cool of the filming it will be back to it's original awesomeness!

spoilers? not from me buddy!.....
Do these guys never age? Guess has excess stock of Oil of Ulay...
Maybe old, but it's a good post though. Just look at Arnie's raised eyebrow - no one can raise eyebrow like that :D
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