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Ardian Timmisson
The most me any me could be
The most me any me could be

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Thank you for the invite... Looking forward to learning from and with this community...

I am like the ideal of being one.  We are all the world we live in.

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A good citizen would stand up against what's listed below.  Yes or No? Why or Why Not?

Why in a world of billions, does less than 10 percent of people on earth have all the riches and power?

What would it take for the masses to take claim on their rightful share?

Why has this way of living been allowed to go on for over 2000 years?

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Hey, if everyone can go and voice your opinion on this forum... I am sure they would love to hear about why they are so awesome... For those of you not able to tell, I'm totally using that Midwestern sarcasm right now...

But totally go and share your opinions and have everyone you know share their opinions too.

If anyone is leaving NY and going across seas, by plane, boat, or otherwise and need me to go along... I'm ready.
Otherwise, if you feel compelled to help me get there; I've got a friend in need and I am poor as dirt and am not able to be there for her... :(

Well anyhow... here is my paypal:

@ Richard Coleman (parents) if yall wanna help or anything... hint hint

OH and btw

feel free to share this post with any rich or charitable folks any of you might know as well.

Please yes and thank you

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Now there's really no more excuse... Everyone should be able to learn what they are able to do to help. This is awesome!!!

Share this with friends, family, neighbors, and especially the dumb. Please yall... make sure that the dumb get to see this. #imjussayintho
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