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Have you noticed a difference in todays children's dentists? A lot of things have changed since you were a kid. Today's children's dental offices are more kid friendly and spend considerable effort to avoid traumatizing kids. You are encouraged to bring your child for their first appointment by their first birthday.

Just like well-child visits with your pediatrician, early dental appointment are educational to prevent cavities and other problems later on. A trusting relationship between your child and their dentist can be created this way and will go a long way if your child requires treatment later on by reducing anxiety and fear. 

A cheerful environment is very helpful in putting your child at ease; TVs mounted to the walls and ceilings playing popular children's movie can be enjoyed while in the dental chair. Toys and a playhouse are icing on the cake!

There have also been changes in the actual practice of children's dentistry. You probably never got dental sealants as a child, or had topical fluoride treatments. If you had a cavity in a primary tooth and had it extracted, you may not have had a space maintainer placed. Without a space maintainer teeth crowd out the secondary teeth. There have also been advances in fillings and crowns; new materials are available which look natural and blend in for a beautiful smile.

Here's a sampling of what's new in pediatric dentistry:

Dental Sealants
Many teeth have rough surfaces that are hard to clean. When applied to these surfaces, a dental sealant makes the pitted and grooved area of a tooth smooth and easy to clean.

Back teeth have a biting surface and crevices that are hard to clean, and depending on the depth of the crevice, bacteria and food can get lodged in the tooth and cause cavities. If your child's teeth has shallow crevices, sealants probably aren't indicated, but if you've ever given your child a pretzel and later saw that the food was still stuck on the teeth, your child could benefit from sealants.

Sealants are easy to apply. They are brushed onto the teeth, and the sealant bonds with the tooth's enamel, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Sometimes a curing light is used to help the sealants dry faster.

Fluoride Treatments
Ingested fluoride works on teeth that haven't yet come into the mouth, those that haven't erupted yet, but it has no effect on the teeth already in the mouth. A fluoride treatment using a gel or varnish incorporates the fluoride into the surface outer layer of the tooth. It has to be repeated because it gets worn off.

Fluoride is applied using a cotton swab or brush, or it's placed in a tray that the child bites down on and then holds in the mouth for several minutes. Once a fluoride treatment is done, there should be no eating or drinking for 30 minutes to allow the fluoride to soak into the teeth, according to the ADA.

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We want to be your favorite superstar! We have taken care of many kids whose parents were apprehensive. Some of our patients can't even sit still for a haircut, yet with a gentle touch we are able to examine the child without trauma, sedation or holding the kid down. Parents are frequently amazed by this and the kids ask when they can come back. That's hard to believe but I'm not making it up! Of course sometimes patients require sedation or even general anesthesia which we offer if necessary. 

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“Awesome First Visit!!!” My son had a great first visit.  Dr. Brown explained what would happen and the beautiful, kid-friendly office environment put  him at ease.  The entire staff was friendly and encouraged him along the way.  I’m so happy to have found Sweet Tooth.
Janelle Wilson
“I finally found a good place!” I loved everything.  The receptionist is super polite and professional.  The dentist and assistant were awesome!  All questions answered, great with kids, made my daughter feel safe.  Very good customer service.  Highly recommended.
Melissa D.
“Great Experience” The visit was great.  The whole team made my daughter’s first trip to the dentist painless and fun.  She loved the kid friendly waiting room and I loved the professional and friendly staff.
“I like the dentist” The dentist is so cool.  She is nice and it never hurts.  I got a medal for being a good boy.
James Jensen     Age:8
“Sweet Tooth Dentistry” The staff is nice and I’m never afraid to go to the dentist.
John Prince Jensen     Age:  11
“First Visit” From the time I called for an appointment to exiting the clinic, I felt very welcome and very well served.  I also think my toddler had a great time!

“Tooth-A-Rific!” A wonderful 1st experience at the dentist for a 2 year old.  Great decor/toys/prizes to keep kids entertained.  Thank you!
Evan Comeau
“Sweetest ladies in this office!” We loved this dentist office!  The gentle way they helped Ryder with his teeth is very appreciated!  Thank you ladies!!
“JJ Cavity Filled ” :) The visit was fantastic.  JJ wanted to get another cavity filled because she was having so much fun! :)
-Vanessa & JJ, The Samuelson Family
“Very Nice” Dr. Brown took out my tooth last week.  It didn’t hurt 1 bit.  She made me feel very comfortable.  Thanks Dr. Brown!
-Jake Jenson    Age:  10
“Exceeded Expectations” This was my child’s second visit with Dr. Brown and she always gives the best service and advice to assist in my child’s dental needs every time.
-D. Ayers
“The Dentist is an awesome place” I like Dr Brown. She has cool TVs. I like to play with the stuffed animals. Dr Brown is so nice and fun.
-James Jenson   Age 7
“Daughter’s 1st exam with you before her filling” Loved everything! Beautiful facility: Best experience overall! :)
-The Samuelson Family
“So relieved to find a dentist that fits our family” We love this office. Our kids feel so welcome here. My son who is afraid of doctors and dentists came out saying how fun it was. Never thought I would hear that! We love Sweet Tooth and the whole staff. They are warm and welcoming. My kids feel super comfortable at this office. I am SO relieved!  Thank you!
-The Nieves Family
“Loved it!” Great experience. Loved the facility. Everyone was so nice. I will recommend it to friends and family! :)
Yesica Lemus Emily, Dulce, Razo
“Children’s Dentistry” The office was wonderful. This was my daughter’s first visit to the dentist and they made her feel so comfortable and happy.
-Christine Rigby
“Happy Child” Friendly and welcoming staff and environment. Put my child at ease. She asked the next day if we could go back to the dentist! 
“Stress free, happy visit!” What an amazing visit. Dr Brown is so friendly and gentle with the kids. Her caring staff is the most courteous and friendly. Highly Recommended!
“Great experience!” Amazing Dentist, wonderful staff. This is the Disneyland of Dental clinics.
-Isabella L
“A must visit for the kids.” Both my girls (3 & 5) had a great time with Dr. Brown. Great entertainment for kids. Dr. Brown visited my girls school one day, and at the end of the day they were talking about the tooth fairy!
-Gomez family
“My first cavity” I really liked to watch the movie Frozen! And all the people were nice! I like the painting on the walls!
-Evelyn Simon
“Very happy girls” All of the staff is very kind and friendly. Dr. Brown made all 3 of my girls feel very comfortable. My six year old even asked if we could go back again the next day!
-Karen Simon
 ”Great first visit!” Extremely friendly and caring staff! My 8 year old daughter was quite pleased with everything. We will be back!
-Kim R. 
I love your services! Dr Brown is very patient and caring to her patients!
-Campos Fam
I like you guys a lot because you are patient and nice! :)
“Bike accident turned peaceful” I loved when we walked in, the receptionist stood and cheerfully greeted us. I knew right then we came to the right place. The waiting room was inviting and clean. My son was very difficult since he had a bike fall and was sore and had stitches. The last thing he wanted to do was open up but the team and dentist were so great and managed to get an exam and x ray done. I will be back for our routine work for sure!
-Emily Foster
Very friendly and good with kids. Nice clean place. No waiting and overall great :)
-Angela Mielke
I came to Dr Brown after feeling extremely uncomfortable with a filling procedure at another office. Dr Brown and her staff were very warm and welcoming and made my 5 year old comfortable from the beginning. I decided to let Dr Brown do my sons fillings. He was so comfortable the whole time. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you!
-Kari Camp

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We would love to have you in for a checkup before school starts :)  
(909) 989-7222
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The Tooth Fairy prefers clean, well-cared-for teeth. To learn more about Sweet Tooth Children’s Dentistry in Rancho Cucamonga, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Julia Brown, contact our office at (909) 989-7222.

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Check out our video and keep those teeth clean so at your checkup you can join our CAVITY FREE CLUB! #childrensdentist   #ranchocucamonga   #pediatricdentist

The video below shows parents and their children how to properly care for their teeth. We do this toothbrushing routine every night before bedtime. After your child's teeth are clean they should not have any food or sugary drinks (including milk) before bed. Once your child had teeth they shouldn't sleep with a bottle of milk or juice. Water and breast milk are ok for nighttime. The idea here is to not coat the teeth with sugar which feeds bacteria which form cavities. New recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists state that your child should have a tiny amount of toothpaste equal to the size of a grain of rice on the toothbrush. Since kids usually swallow toothpaste, larger doses of fluoride containing toothpaste cause tooth discoloration on permanent teeth which are still forming. Many times, kids in the 2 year old range will say "no" to everything you want to do and will decline your request to brush their teeth. The video created by Sweet Tooth Children's Dentistry shows you can position your child and safely and effectively brush your child's teeth, even if they don't want you to. #dentist   #toothbrush   #sweettooth  

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Watch what Whitney does when she learns what happens if you don't go to the dentist! #childrensdentist   #childrensdentistry   #pediatricdentist   #ranchocucamonga  

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We take your child's health very seriously here at Sweet Tooth Children's Dentistry, but we absolutely love corny jokes ! What is your favorite joke, the one that you keep in the back of your head, the joke you whip out when you need to make someone laugh? ;)

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Our community outreach project was able to collect some much needed items and donate them to THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out and helped! The thank you letters we received showed how grateful the kids were! #payitforward   #dentist   #childrensdentist   #childrensdentistry  
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