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Everything you wanted to know about DARK and DEEP WEB. You'll find much useful.
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Learning while playing .. ?? Why not..?? Kids Educo MakeKIDS learn a lot of things in a fun way.
Download Kids Educo Android App

Kids Educo - educational application that helps children learn to alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, Hindi Alphabet(Vowels & Consonants), Table, fruits ,vegetables Names ,Rhymes, Drawing, MindGame and much more.This App supports the text to speech so that kids can learn the how to pronounce the words.This application is specially designed for children ages 2 s / d 6 years. Come on, we take the kid's learning ability to next level . With Kids Educo , children will be introduced to the world of learning more enjoyable.
*Human voice for Alphabets to teach how the letters are pronounced in English.
*learn alphabet from A to Z with pronunciation.
*learn shapes with pronunciation.
*learn table with pronunciation.
*learn Hindi Alphabet(Vowels & Consonants) with pronounciation.
*learn Colors with pronunciation.
Your Kids will watching Videos of Rhymes(It's really very chochowichi*).
*learn drawing using this app.
* Your kids can play game(it's really very simple puzzle game).
Picture and interesting animation.
Children not only get pleasure in playing, but also get useful knowledge.
Sharing & feedback will apreciated :)

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Yesterday hackers Den completed two years! Read this post to know what happened in 2 years

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'Everybody is a genius' - Albert Einstein


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