This week's top 5 from the Raspberry Pi community

One of the things that struck me when we began running this page as Raspberry Pi's official one was how incredibly active the community is. Plenty of the posts deserve more of an airing, so I've picked five of the best from the last seven days for your weekend browsing pleasure.
+Andreas Stock spotted this round-up of 40+ Cool Ideas for your Raspberry Pi project, including everything from a VPN server to a quadcopter to a home automation system.
Erin Asadourian (whose name Google+ won't make into a link for some reason) shared Nathan Morgan's video presenting his immensely appealing mobile Pi-to-Go, complete with LCD screen, battery pack, keyboard and trackpad, WiFi and more. Complete build instructions are available.
+Jeremy Morgan has an ongoing series of tutorials targeted at beginners; this one is a step-by-step guide to setting up an SVN server on your Raspberry Pi.
Jason Birch posted about his headless Pi project, a battery-powered Pi with LCD monitoring for running systems that don't require a connection to auxiliary devices such as a web or media servers. There's a link to a full write-up.
+Lukasz Skalski's Raspberry Control app for android devices appealed to a lot of people, and should soon be available for free from the Pi Store as well as from Google Play.

More next Saturday. Or thereabouts.
 - +Helen Lynn
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