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I hope so, it's the first mail order one that I have ordered
Would have ordered one, but the site would not give me a shipping charge amount for the order.
hehe nice, happy for you cant wait to get one of these
sposed to be week beginning 07/05/2012. fingers crossed
7/30 is still a long way away :/ i just hope these farnell guys are as pessimistic as me so it comes much sooner
Week beginning 7/5 for me too.
Still August 16th for me.
I am still waiting to get my hands on this.
Just to clarify my earlier statement, WC 28/05
week commencing 07/05/2012 for me whoop whoop!!! (believe it when I see it)
I just got an email from Newark saying delivery the week of June 18th.
email this morning that mine has been dispatched ;)))
Yup, finally got my email from Newark and they are saying late June as well.
I haven't received an email yet. Guess it will be awhile before I get mine.
Any south africabs got the email from rs
I recently learned from coworkers that the Raspberry Pi will not run Window$. OMG!!! What a travesty!!! :)
With 256 MB of ram even some Linux distros will not be able to run on the Pi. I think KDE need at least 1 GB.
What will run will have to be a minimal distro with a minimal DE.
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