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As you may have seen on our forums and elsewhere on the web, element14 customers have been getting delivery date emails today. Jenny has sent us this, to let you know what's going on if your email...
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Would have ordered one, but the site would not give me a shipping charge amount for the order.
hehe nice, happy for you cant wait to get one of these
sposed to be week beginning 07/05/2012. fingers crossed
7/30 is still a long way away :/ i just hope these farnell guys are as pessimistic as me so it comes much sooner
Week beginning 7/5 for me too.
Still August 16th for me.
I am still waiting to get my hands on this.
week commencing 07/05/2012 for me whoop whoop!!! (believe it when I see it)
I just got an email from Newark saying delivery the week of June 18th.
email this morning that mine has been dispatched ;)))
Yup, finally got my email from Newark and they are saying late June as well.
I haven't received an email yet. Guess it will be awhile before I get mine.
Any south africabs got the email from rs
I recently learned from coworkers that the Raspberry Pi will not run Window$. OMG!!! What a travesty!!! :)
With 256 MB of ram even some Linux distros will not be able to run on the Pi. I think KDE need at least 1 GB.
What will run will have to be a minimal distro with a minimal DE.
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