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Raspberry Pi community weekly top 5

A bit later than usual this week, which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any sort of birthday, anniversary or pub trip: - +Paul Westbrook spotted this step-by-step video tutorial showing how to install and configure the SqueezePlug media server on your Raspberry Pi; it's the first in a series by Thomas Ruehl, SqueezePlug's founder - +Justin Shaw gives us his short and sweet guide to installing Numpy/Scipy/Matplotlib on the Raspberry Pi - Quite a few people have been talking about BerryBoot, a bootloader for Raspberry Pi allowing you to boot multiple Linux distributions from one SD card, or to boot from a USB drive. +Brett Cooper points us at a concise introduction - +Christian Haschek receives emails from his door after completing his first hardware project - +ChameleonPI has released v.03 of its Raspbian remix featuring a launcher and #emulators  for your favourite classic #games#consoles  and #arcades

- +Helen Lynn
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