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We make tiny computers from $5. We help people create things with digital tech. We're a non-profit.
We make tiny computers from $5. We help people create things with digital tech. We're a non-profit.

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Join our official Google+ community for projects, tutorials, troubleshooting, news and discussion. New posts from Raspberry Pi every week day, and much more from others in our community.
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This community will be read-only from Monday 24 December

Most people here will know that Google have said they are closing down Google+ in April. In the light of their announcement we've decided, with some regret, to retire the Raspberry Pi Google+ community. We're doing this so that we and our volunteer moderators can give more attention to our other platforms and communities, which will continue to be places to find news about Raspberry Pi, discussion of Pi projects and programmes, and people with shared interests.

We're sad to say goodbye to this community, and we're very grateful to everyone who has shared projects, help, and encouragement over the last few years. We hope we'll see you all again, somewhere like:

The Raspberry Pi discussion forums at you'll feel right at home with some familiar usernames!
The Raspberry Pi blog at daily updates from the Raspberry Pi team
Our Twitter account at Pi tidbits plus a generous helping of Pi Towers stream-of-consciousness
Raspberry Pi Weekly at all the important news in a handy weekly email

On Monday 24 December, we'll make this community read-only, though you will still be able to post comments here. Please do share your own favourite places to find Raspberry Pi fellowship on the internet.

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Build your own scaled-down version of the NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover using a Raspberry Pi and the complete guide from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Beguilingly strange Pi camera build that produces unreliable cartoons of what it thinks the camera can see, using a pre-trained machine-learning model and Google's massive "Quick, Draw!" database of doodles. Code, wiring diagrams, and advice are all available on GitHub.

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Grab a Raspberry Pi and take to the streets on this speed- and distance-tracking skateboard created by Howest student Pieter Thomas.

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Behind-the-scenes photo of Tom Hardy filming Venom, co-starring A LOT of Raspberry Pis.

(credit: JimJimmyJimJimJimJim on Reddit and Marc Scott on Raspberry Pi Foundation's Slack)

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This week, the ten winning Astro Pi Mission Space Lab teams got to take part in a video conference with ESA Astronaut Tim Peake!

Watch the call and see who won in today's blog post.

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Follow our simple guide for using a hot glue gun and ice cube moulds to create your own custom LEDs - the perfect addition to your next Raspberry Pi project.

(We take no responsibility for inevitable hot glue burns!)

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Use your maker skills to fill in the blanks and build your own motion-tracking eye in a jar like this freaky project from Lukas Stratmann.

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Here's issue 8 of HackSpace magazine. This month, there's a machine learning project with better habits than your family, glass-blowing, science busking, and why we less-than-three Arduino. As ever, it's available as a free PDF.
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