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We make tiny computers from $5. We help people create things with digital tech. We're a non-profit.
We make tiny computers from $5. We help people create things with digital tech. We're a non-profit.

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After two years, it's goodbye to Jessie and hello to Raspbian Stretch, now available for the Raspberry Pi.

Check out today's blog post for features and upgrade information!

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From Raspberry Pi to a PhD - read about how one maker turned his passion into an education with The MagPi Magazine's Community Profile coverage of David Pride.

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Siri, Cortana, Alex and OK Google - you've no doubt tried at least one of the many virtual assistants available on smartphones and smart speakers. But how about making your own?

Discover this gorgeous Google Assistant build from Andrew Jones, plus information on how to build your own, in today's blog post.

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French @ESA Astronaut Thomas Pesquet and our own Astro Pi unit Ed just got a unique RealLifeDoodle upgrade.

Find out more in today's blog post along with a possible hint toward future Astro Pi adventures...

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Raspberry Pi Weekly Issue #216 - Darth - out now!

Make sure to subscribe to get our newsletter directly to your inbox!

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Picademy-trained Raspberry Pi Certified Educator Amanda Haughs created this LED-spangled tote bag for ISTE 2017.

Looking to build your own wearable tech with the Raspberry Pi? Check out today's blog for information on Amanda's project and our free wearables resource.

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What is this sorcery?! Blow peoples minds by playing video across multiple, wonky displays with info-beamer from Florian Wesch.

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Tucker Shannon's CNC Wood Burner utilises a Raspberry Pi and stepper motor to create beautiful pieces of art.

Have you created a stepper motor project with a Pi? Or maybe used one for an art project? Share your make below!

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We've just taken stock of these fancy Astro Pi pins. While SpaceDave, our resident cosmic expert figures out what to do with them, I thought I'd share a sneaky picture (or three) with you. Shhh!

Who took part in the Astro Pi challenges? And who can explain Astro Pi for the uninitiated? Comment below!
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Want some Pi? Today we introduce our new Approved Reseller Programme alongside six new Raspberry Pi Zero resellers.

If you live in Indian, Brazil, Mexico...well, wherever you live, check out today's blog post to find your new nearest Raspberry Pi reseller.
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