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We make tiny computers from $5. We help people create things with digital tech. We're a non-profit.
We make tiny computers from $5. We help people create things with digital tech. We're a non-profit.

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London-based Solid State Group decided to combine Slack with a giant LED wall, and created a thing of beauty for their office.

Want to build your own? Check out today's blog for details.

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Have you ever fancied building a Raspberry Pi photo booth? How about one with Snapchat-esque overlay filters? What if it tweeted your images to its own Twitter account for all to see? Today on our blog, find out how to build THE ALL SEEING PI.

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We've seen our fair share of Harry Potter-inspired Raspberry Pi builds, but this one is definitely one of our favourites.

Using a TENS machine, IR LED's and correct pronunciation of some of the wizarding world's favourite spells, cast actual (albeit mild) pain upon your opponent with +Sufficiently Advanced's Real-Life Wizard Duel build.


Last year, we made this community request-to-join, because too much spam was making it through Google's filters and into the community. Approving join requests generates a lot of daily work for our team of staff and volunteers, and we always hoped it would be a temporary measure, so we're going to try allowing people to join without approval once more.

Please do not post "thank you for accepting me" posts or any other posts that are not related to Raspberry Pi.

If you see any inappropriate content here, please report it (click in the top right corner of the post > Report abuse). We'll keep an eye on how things go. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Pi Wars 2017 is edging ever closer, with special guest BBC Robot Wars judge Dr. Lucy Rogers confirmed as head judge.

For those unfamiliar with the setup, Pi Wars contestants use home-brew Raspberry Pi-powered robots to compete across seven challenge courses. There’s also a host of other categories, including prizes for Artistic and Technical Merit, as well as an award for ‘Funniest Robot’!

Spectator tickets for the weekend are still available for those able to attend. Check out the blog post for more details.

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Control Street Fighter using a piano.

Yup! Amazing, right?

We caught up with makers Eric Redon and Cyril Chapellier of foobarflies at World Maker Faire NYC, October 1st-2nd 2016 to discuss their musical build 'Pianette'.

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The winners of the European Astro Pi Challenge have been announced.

And as a special treat, French +ESA - European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet 'floats' in with a special message for all participants from the International Space Station

Check out today's blog post for details and links to the video in both English and French. Enjoy!

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Get creative with our word-themed free resources and expands upon your transferable skill set, regardless of your age and experience.

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The team at +Hacker House have taken inspiration from Roomba light art and build a Raspberry Pi-powered rover with LED matrix to create impressive light paintings.

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Allen +Sufficiently Advanced Pan uses an ocarina to control his home automation system in this awesome Zelda-inspired build.

And that got us thinking. What other ways could you control the devices in your house instead of simply talking aloud or using a phone app?
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