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There appears to be a login glitch with the web sync.

When I go and click on the login button - nothing happens the first time.

If I then click on the logo and refresh the page - the login works.

Also with firefox - why isn't the system remembering that I've given permission in Google to access info? Shouldn't have to do this every time?

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You’re sitting in front of a hot prospect. Everything appears to have gone swimmingly well. You’re counting your chickens thinking the money’s in the bank.
Then all of a sudden the prospect frowns and says, “I’m not sure about this!”

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As an expert in your field, why would you allow your clients to dictate how you deliver your solution?

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“I am the greatest.”  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the late Mohammed Ali comes to mind.
Known for his supreme self-confidence and self-belief backed up with superb fighting skills, there’s no arguing he was a champion.
But which came first?  The self-belief or the fighting skills?
In this TEDx talk Dr. Ivan Joseph defines self-confidence as the ability to believe in yourself to accomplish any task no matter the odds, difficulty or adversity.  Your self-belief that you can prevail.

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Our Nespresso coffee machine is well travelled. In the last couple of months it’s toured Canberra and Mudgee. Stayed in some pretty nice places and done its duty.
To some of you it probably sounds absurd that we’d take our coffee machine on holiday. But we love our coffee and frankly this machine does a far better job than 99.9% of the cafes we’ve come across.…/

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Sell higher value B2B products or services? Still think in the old paradigm of find a target, persuade with a promise and bank the money?
Well, times they are a changing and sophisticated prospects simply don’t buy that anymore.

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Interesting lesson from a Politician!  The Vomit Principle which applies to all marketing :)

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One of the greatest impediments to a sale is client inertia. 
“Yes, I can see the value, and I’ll get around to it… sometime.”

But unless you give your prospects a reason to buy, right now, that “sometime” may never happen.  Competing priorities or life just gets in the way.

Therefore the key to selling more is to...

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Organisations often spend huge amounts of money and effort making the initial sale.  Then neglect the one thing that significantly boosts
long term profitability.  Keeping clients coming back buying more.
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