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Consulting Entrepreneur and Game Designer


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I hit my first Patreon goal of $100 / game so I'll be doing regular livestreams where I talk about design progress and answer questions.

The first one was tonight and I gave an overview of the four games I'm currently working on:

And here is the Patreon:
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I love the #venning #vennRPG idea but mine mapped more cleaning to a graph (with color coded games):
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I just launched my game design Patreon – come join me as I make storytelling games!

I am to release a game every three months and, if there's enough money, I'll use the funds to commission art and pay collaborators.
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Dreamation is live!

I'll probably be running Behind the Magic at least once!
The DREAMATION 2018 Registration and Proposal pages have been posted.
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I’m thinking about launching a startup and am busy vetting the idea – I’d love your feedback!

The aim of the startup is to help businesses find amazing contractors through strong referrals.

Check out this doc for a quick overview:
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I had a phenomenal time at Metatopia this year! It was so great to catch up with old friends, meet internet friends in person, and discover great new designers.

I'm hoping to be back east for Dreamation but February feels so far away!

My own tests – for Behind the Magic – were extremely helpful and I'm very happy with how the rules are shaping up. I tested the game three times and all three yielded the silly fun I wanted! The games were full of bumbling wizards, jaded barbarians, amoral nobles and other inept adventurers – not once did our heroes save the day :)

I'll be revising the rules based on the feedback and hope to share a playable draft in the next few weeks!
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My business card for metatopia
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My Metatopia schedule:

10am Cruel to be Kind: Designing Games That Hurt
12pm Patreon: How Do I Use This?
1pm Golden Cobra Announcement
2pm Behind the Magic
4pm Mission Accomplished
8pm Behind the Magic

10am Writing Rulebooks: An Introduction and Workshop
11am Behind the Magic
2pm Demihumans
4pm EnTropey
6pm Game Evolution: The Process Of Design Iteration
8pm Pasions de las Pasiones

10am New Frontiers
1pm Crowdfunding Strategy On A Budget
3pm Behind the Magic

I might drop a panel or two if I need some downtime
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+Avital Ungar (now Avital Lubin!) is bringing her first larp to Metatopia – it involves food and feminism! Here's the pitch:

"American Housewives: Food and Feminism" presented by Avital Lubin. Play American housewives who have gathered together at a dinner party to confront issues relating to second wave feminism. This Larp takes place from 1961-1965 in suburban America. Characters will be wrestling with topics such as adultery, motherhood, women in the workforce, abuse, reproductive rights, and Civil Rights. So, the table is meticulously set and each course has been lovingly prepared by the guests - will you be there to join the conversation? High bleed.

Go check it out!

L498 - Saturday 11am-1pm
L877 - Sunday 3pm-5pm
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I'm bringing Behind the Magic to Metatopia:

Players create a fantasy mockumentary that is "Lord of the Rings" meets "This is Spinal Tap". They play a group of adventurers that range from incompetent to egotistical as they bumble their way along the quest. Players will take turns setting scenes for each other and also have "confessionals" with the bard that is documenting the journey.

Come playtest with me!

L210 Friday, 2:00PM - 4:00PM
L499 Saturday, 11:00AM - 1:00PM
L878 Sunday, 3:00PM - 5:00PM
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