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Selling Textile Machines
Selling Textile Machines

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The younger two sons of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji we're bricked alive. They refused to be converted and remained true to their faith. They set the example for what a sacrifice means and due to them Sikhi is flourishing to this day.
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Complete Plant for the Blankets Production

18 x SOMET MASTER SM 92– Width 300cm – Year 1989 – 8colour– Staubli Mecanical Dobby 2232 S ,

1 x BENNINGER 100233 – Width 300cm – Year 1985 - Beam ‘s diameter : 800mm ,

4 x Raising Machine Franz Muller TRI 424 – Width 300cm – Year 1985 ,

2 x SHEARING Machines FRANZ MULLER PP 32 – Width 230cm – Year 1985 ,

1 x WELLER RING TWISTER MACHINE With 2 x 148 spindles YOC 1978 ,

1 x METTLER SP–E - Rewinding Machine with 15 Spindle – Year 1985 , 1 x Machine for cutting the belt , 1 x KNOTTING Machine .
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Picanol Omni Plus Dobby looms
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16 X 340 CM Picanol Omni Plus

Frame: 8
Feeder: 2
Beam and roll:1.5
STAUBLI dobby 2861
Dropping and wire is on the loom

Machine is in warehouse but can testing running after booking .
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Rieter Open End machines:

5 RIETER R923 OPEN END MACHINE year 2010-2012

360 rotors
33 rotor dia.

Open End Machines:

6 Schlafhorst–Saurer BD448 year 2012

384 Rotors each machine

Rotor dia 34mm

Combing Roller wire OK40

Corolab yarn clearer

Semi-automatic machines 

Without robot & piercer
Machines were running 100% cotton
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We can offer to sell Sulzer PP weaving looms 213" . Contact us at
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We can offer to sell Picanol Omni Plus 800 190 cm airjet weaving looms , Contact us at
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We are professionally managed company established in 1997 with a vision to create worldwide network of sellers and buyers in Textile Industry. We had been able to succeed to provide our esteem clients latest textile machinery.

We believe we could make a better future in this business with continuous efforts to provide best services to our buyers

We buy and sell all kinds of Textile machinery. Contact us at or visit us at
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We offer to sell Sulzer Weaving Looms Contact us at
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