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Do you wish someone would just cut to the chase and hand you EVERYTHING you need to be successful? Time for HONESTY: 99.9% of all marketers online DO NOT make money or only little online.Lol a bit over the top, but it is true isn't it. Here is why and how You could change that today for yourself. Most are involved in MLM. MLM companies only pay you a very small percentage per client per month. The average is around $5 per client per month. It literally would take you talking 200 people into your pyramid just to make $1000 per month. Now? Most think that they will be on easy street just by getting 3 people talked into it and then they will get 3 and on and on. Here is the truth. It takes the average person in MLM without a list a whole year just to possibly get 1 or 2 talked into it. If you are a professional, then you will agree or you can continue to be blind with fake hype rah rah rah.. Heck, I wished it did work, but it doesn't and our team use to break records in 3 different companies over the past 5-6 years just to simply have our downlines eventually quit simply because they can't do what we use to do. So, how do you get what you want? Sell what people like,need and want. A change of wind what they used to say, but it works. You Rock Anyway! Ralf Dooley
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