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Rahsheen Porter
Husband, father, and bodybuilding tech guy who often blogs, sings, and raps. Frequently appears shirtless.
Husband, father, and bodybuilding tech guy who often blogs, sings, and raps. Frequently appears shirtless.

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This is incredible. White people, you want to know what White Privilege is? The fact that they not only had this monumentally stupid idea, but walked away from this stunt alive is a prime example.

Remember Phillando Castille? Remember how he had a license for his firearm, informed the officer about it, and was still filled when reaching for requested documentation? Remember how y'all were out here defending the officer's actions?

Now Contrast that with this video. Imagine a pair of black people walking into a police station heavily armed, wearing body armor, and with their faces covered. Imagine that scene with some Hispanic people. Arabic people.

No one in those groups would even DREAM of doing that, because we wouldn't walk out alive. Period. The (correct) assumption that you could be this idiotic and walk out alive is the definition of White Privilege.

Jan 19, 2017 - Legs
"Almost dieded. There is no feeling like destroying a workout that looks impossible on paper. Hip still improving."

Barbell Squat
Set1. 135 lb x 8 Reps
Set2. 185 lb x 5 Reps
Set3. 225 lb x 3 Reps
Set4. 260 lb x 3 Reps
Set5. 305 lb x 10 Reps
Set6. 295 lb x 3 Reps
Set7. 295 lb x 3 Reps
Set8. 295 lb x 3 Reps
Set9. 295 lb x 3 Reps
Set10. 295 lb x 3 Reps
Set11. 295 lb x 3 Reps
Set12. 295 lb x 3 Reps
Set13. 295 lb x 3 Reps
Set14. 295 lb x 3 Reps
"It's still your motherfucking set!"
Set15. 295 lb x 3 Reps

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Go Nite Nite allows you to track your sleep sessions and sync this information with the Google Fit service. Sleep is a critical part of overall health and integration with Google Fit allows you to add another piece of the puzzle in becoming a stronger version of yourself.

You will finally be able to answer one basic and important question: Do you ever Go Nite Nite?!

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Latest release! Hit the link to the Play Store and opt-in to test Go Nite Nite. Your feedback is appreciated.

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Help me test my latest Android app. It's a simple app to track your sleep with Google Fit integration. Do You Ever Go Nite NIte?! 

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Initial Beta Release. Simple app to track if you ever Go Nite Nite. Do you ever Go Nite Nite?! 

I must assume this is not a bug, but I'm noticing that when I attempt to delete data, they delete request returns success, but the data is still there stored in Fit. It seems to usually occur for segments spanning multiple days. I've verified the time intervals and I'm using deleteAllSessions. I've tried specifying specific dataSources/Types and also deleteAllData. Any idea what is happening here?

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I got this beauty in the mail today! Can't wait to wear this! Thank you +Stephanie Leigh​!

So, I'm creating an app to investigate sleep sessions. What I'm noticing is that the sleep intervals are not matching the sleep durations. for example:

Data point:
sleep for 15.849969
Num Segments: 2
Start: Jan 6, 2017 12:33:00 AM
End: Jan 7, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Maybe I'm crazy, but the start and end times appear to be way more than a mere 15.85 hours duration. I thought it might have something to do with the number of segments within the data point, but I'm not sure how to break that down further. Any ideas?

Can a family live on a 6Mpbs pipe these days? I'm thinking about doing some serious downgrades this year...
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