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[SOLVED] Global Menu is not available in Plasma in Ubuntu 16.04 (with Backports PPA).

Some days ago, I removed KDE 5 and then today installed again.

For some reason, the Global menu and menu button are not available (see below screenshot).

Any idea if my install is missing a package? Any idea of which package should be?


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So apparently Irish Rockabilly is a thing now?  What's next Scottish Heavy Metal, Japanese Polka?

(this is awesome btw)

via +Ron Fowler    #imeldamay  

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When my boss visited MIT some months ago, one of the things that impressed him most (apart from the people, of course), was the way they do teaching: According to him, every prof teaches one course, sometimes even joint with another prof, and the content of that course is discussed amongst the entire faculty (probably just faculty for an area, though).

Of course, some professors might use that as an excuse for spending little time on teaching, but it appears that at MIT, there are many excellent courses, where it is quite clear that only dedication to this particular effort could have resulted in such great ideas, novel approaches, books, tools, etc. The "elements of computing systems" course seems to be one such course which, to me (not having taken it, of course), just from the material looks truly inspiring. Contrasting this to the boring "technical compute science" course that I took...well.

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Nice article!
pushing out a blog entry that's been in the drafts bin, part of the "after convergence" thought meanderings. i'm trying to stick to talking about the issues rather than specific solutions at this point.

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Hacker parents...
I've concocted a new way to annoy my teenager out of bed in the morning. By remoting into his computer, turning the volume all the way up and using text-to-speech software.

#linux   #parenting   #kde   #ubuntu  

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PPA to get Snakefire (Campfire Desktop client for Linux) binary package for 14.04:

I tested on Unity and KDE.

Please, report bugs to Github repo:

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Unity thoughts from a KDE user

I'm a KDE user since the 2.x version, and I never used the default Ubuntu DE (Gnome in old days, or Unity).

But I can hear some of reliable friends talking good stuff about the Unity in the last releases.

As I have Kubuntu 12.04 (LTS) in one of the machines, I decide give a try to it.

So, here is my first thoughts after use Unity (in 12.04) after 1 month. Keep in mind these are just my initial thoughts and you can disagree (of course), and I can be wrong in a lot of the comments (so, take it easy).


- Beauty UI defaults: nice wallpaper, theme, login manager appeareance, fonts and default desktop setup (ok, this is very personal and basically can be ignored);

- I liked the left side position of the launchbar/taskbar (I use it hidden by default): nice for widescreen monitors;

- Multiple monitor support better then KDE by default: it remembered my last configuration for each monitor (in KDE, even using kscreen, I need to configure the second monitor, save it, and reset the config before unplug the second monitor), Unity taskbar and global-menu/systray by default displayed in both desktops with a visual sign to tell me which app is running in which monitor;

- Simple theme management: while I had to install a third part app to add themes (more about it in the Cons), a theme for all visual stuff can be downloaded as a single file, deflated and moved to ~/.theme folder. Then in Settings, you select a theme and apply. In KDE, we have a ton of different themes to customize, one by one, and grouped in 2 different groups inside System Settings: Style, colors, icons, fonts (under Application Appearance), Window Decorations, Cursor, Desktop (under Workspace Appearance);

- Fast login: KDE is still in old days here, the first login takes more than 40 seconds to get the desktop. I know there are experimental projects to improve this, but this is the situation today.

- Nice application grouping in launchbar/taskbar: I don't like to use grouped applications, but Unity group then in a nice way. When I click in an icon, the last used window is displayed by default. If I want to switch to other window from the same app, I click again and get the window list in zoom. Like exposé for one application. I mean, I like to have all windows for an application grouped, but get the last window in one click (usually 2 on KDE or Windows).


- A lot of stores installed by default and displayed in the launchbar: Amazon, Ubuntu One Music, etc. It reminds my Dell machines with the default Dell Windows which always requires a lot of programs to be uninstalled;

- Internet search by default in the launcher sending data to Amazon. I know Canonical needs to make money. But why not make this disabled by default, or at least, ask in the first login? If this was optional, I'll mark it for sure. But as it's checked by default, I felt bad. Why don't allow me to donate? I'm a KDE e.V. member (year subscription), and I prefer a donate/purchase model, not adware;

- Lack of customization by default: and I'm not talking about too hardcore customization as on KDE. I'm talking about changing the default font size, or select a different theme. Some of this is due the fact Ubuntu relies too much on Gnome: font size customization was in previous Gnome panels, and then they moved. But themes, I found that Canonical has hardcoded the 3 allowed themes. This is one of the most funny stuff about the Linux desktop distros: customize the desktop...;

- No ppa backports of Unity improvements made for 12.10, 13.04 or 13.10 (in KDE, I can stay in the reliable LTS and use the last stable KDE improvements and fixes);

- Some old bugs still present with no fix in Launchpad: KDE team is always gentle and fast to fix or provide feedback;

One additional thought: why rely soo much on Gnome install? Even Cinnamon built its 2.0 version without rely on this. In times where Gnome is changing everything in every release, maybe it'll be easy build some custom configuration panels.

In a general way, I liked the Unity UX. While this version (12.04) uses more resources than the new ones (1GB RAM here, 400MB in last versions), this is not a problem, because I have enough RAM (16GB) and the UI response is fast. But this adware behavior bothers me a lot (while I can disable it), same for the the lack of customization (I installed 2 or 3 utilities to configure it my way).
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