Quantum Tape Libraries Place First in Show
by Ryan Duffy

Storage Magazine (+TechTarget) recently announced the results of its Quality Awards and Quantum tape libraries did well—very well.


In fact, Quantum libraries took first place in every category in both the midrange and enterprise categories. The Quality Awards are based on user ratings of the products and evaluate the products on six different attributes: Overall Quality, Initial Product Quality, Product Features, Product Reliability, Technical Support and Sales Force Competence.

These results validate much of the work Quantum has been doing on tape. Over the last year we’ve introduced many new features that offer customers significant value. We’ve added new high availability features like Dual Robots and Path Failover capabilities. We’ve enhanced data protection with EDLM, FIPS validation for our encryption key manager, and new reports like “Media Removal Notification.”

For archive and big data we’ve added an in-library vaulting feature called Active Vault. We’ve integrated the library and our StorNext software, releasing a new line of AEL appliances.


There are many more features and enhancements—I could go on for quite some time. Over the next few weeks I’ll cover some of these features in more detail.

But wait, there’s more! One of the things I believe Quantum customers get excited about is the future. We have a lot of things on our roadmap that will further improve our customers’ tape environment—save them time, improve their SLAs, improve data protection and reduce costs. Moreover, any customer who bought a Scalar i2000 in 2003 can upgrade to the new Scalar i6000 and have access to any feature we’ve released since then and any feature we currently have on our roadmap – that’s almost 10 years of investment protection.

The other key result of the Quality Awards is that the tape industry overall did well. Customers are very satisfied with tape. It’s funny, IDC predicted that 2011 would be a good year for tape, but it’s turned out to be a great year for Quantum tape and, more importantly, for Quantum tape customers.

- Ryan

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