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So  does it make any difference where he was born?
It is NOT single photo. It is a Video showing huge collection of Inspiring Photos of Barack Obama.  You need to click the play button to watch the video.
You never question the birth certificates of men like Mitt or Ronald or George do you...

Their legitimacy is more questionable than any man called Barack.
Not to jump on the "birther train", but if he IS a natural born citizen, then how come he claimed foreign student loans while attending college at Occidental and Columbia?
Yea were prejudice! Predujice against commies, those who promote the unjust murder of the weak and call it liberty.Those who rob the working class to support the lazy. Those who cram new laws down our throats constantly for " the common good ". Keep believing your lies, and worshipping your idols you fools. Keep listening to those talking heads in the media you zombies. Shame on us for thowing America in the trash! Bad sheep! Bad!
Jimmy, the Republicans did a fantastic job of trashing the USA for years, now it's time for the Democrats to claw back a tiny bit from that pile. Not all of us have short memory's.
I see the tinfoil hat, fucktard group is at it early this morning.
I met a guy tonight, originally from Sth America, in Sydney who could be Obama's love child... (not kidding either!)
I like the part of his bio where he is aka Barry and running around Colunbia university, where nobody in his class remembers him, as a foreign exchange student and party animal. That is about when he was going out with those fictional composite girlfriends that his ghostwriters thought would be good matches for him. 
+Margeaux Hunt The fact is that  none of his college records and transcripts have been released which I find rather odd. Given as many times as I have had to do that for jobs and things like security clearance, bonding, etc. And this guy gets to be POTUS and manage to avoid it. Total bullshit, which is what he is all about. 
Thanks so much for these pics. I'm not sure why this beautiful family wants another four years in our screwed up government, but I'm glad they do. 
Ryan Ng
I thought Obama never visited his dad. Oh well.
Please vote responsibly! Don't hand over what freedom we have left to a party that represents the interests of so few. I always thought it was so odd that the former President pretended to be a "Texan".
What is it with Obama haters from India? Stop being such a fake ass people 
Ryan Ng
Obama will help the US for 4 more years, hopefully.
This country is full of sick racial segregationists, who are as pathetic as their attitudes towards people of other races. That's why America is loosing grounds worldwide because of this kind of nonesense!!
sigh...You can't reason with a drunk...or an anti-Obama nut job!
Mary M
He isn't even helping the people of NY and NJ who are cold and hungry. And he didn't help our Americans in Libya on Sep 11 either so what makes you think he'll help anyone in this country in the future?
Ryan Ng
+Mary M Are you among those in NY and NJ? Because the majority of NY hasn't been displaced.
+Hugh Johnston If he was born in Kenya he had committed a crime of impersonating US President while being prohibited by Constitution to serve as president.

It caries long prison term.
+Tunde Ashafa All you have to do is Google "College Foreign Student Loans" and you see that yes, they do exist.  It doesn't take a genius to actually go looking for information instead of just calling bullshit.  Hell, if you like, I'll link you to no less than 10 college pages referencing International Student Loans.  Either that, your you could take 10 seconds and find it yourself.  doesn't matter to me either way.  
+Vash Crowley International Student Loans refers to foreign students seeking to study in the US - not American students...oh wait - you nut jobs think he was born in Kenya...jeesh! 
+Donna Houston  No one asked for your opinion, you goddamn blue-head.  If you can't take the time to upload a profile photo, then keep your crap-ass opinions to yourself.
+Donna Houston as of now Obama did not present any evidences of his birth in US. Computer generated forgeries are not evidences.

What makes you nut jobs think that he was born in US?
Whoa..lol! Struck a nerve did I?  You should scroll back and read my initial comment - I definitely had people like you in mind:)
Struck a nerve?  No.  I just don't like speaking to faceless douchebags who refuse to show themselves with such a strong opinion... like they're scared or something.  Blue-heads are the true definition of an internet gangster... or in your case, a wannabe internet gangster.
He provided the same type of birth certificate that I have for myself. I swear the next birther I meet in real life is getting knocked out.
Ha ha ha... Yeah, I bet, tough guy.
+Leonid Shleymovich you should see my first comment too.  This birther nonsense is boring now - it has been addressed...and shot down too many times - on to more topical concerns.  Speaking of which - I'll leave you guys to share your most favorite conspiracy theory's...I'm a little more focused on reality right now:)     
Just by being a "birther" you prove without a shadow of a doubt that you are an irrational and unintelligent person whose opinion is not worthy of any serious consideration.  You are a tired and hackneyed joke.
+Donna Houston by definition the Conspiracy Theory is believing in something without getting any proofs of it.

Your strong belief onto Obama's US birth without any evidence of him being born in US is a conspiracy theory.
Vash, Vash, Vash - it's really not that big of a deal - my not posting my picture does not have any deeper meaning other than I have not gotten around to it and it doesn't matter that much to me.  I promise I'll get around to it soon:)... seein as how it will make my opinions more valid and all...
It's all just a game & we are the viewers...
+Andrew Defibaugh Yes, it is u believable, but there were no investigation. It is a loophole in our government function - no law enforcement authority has a duty to check a background of their own future boss.
Try to find any reference to an official investigation of Obama.
Note, that McCain was investigated by Senate and there us a resolution stating that investigation proves McCain's eligibility.
+George Schubert I know where McCain was born. And you can state it for certain because there was investigation. I did not say that I agree with resolution all senators voters for as the result of that investigation.
But there never was an investigation on Obama.
Regarding Hillary - she was first to point to the potential problem, but stopped pressing itfor some reason. Problem did not go away because her dropping the issue agreeeing on Secretary of State position.
McCain? You had pointed yourself that McCain eligibility was questionable at best, regardless illogical and detached from the presented facts senatorial resolution. McCain did not want to touch the issue of anyone's eligibility.
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