On the way to pick up an EVO LTE! Who's ready for some videos??
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Be nice if you could review the Galaxy S 3 (UK version) .. this LTE device can't even use LTE because it's not working on sprint yet.. correct?
My friend got hers yesterday, and other than the shiny black back plate, it looks and feels great! The Sprint store put on a screen protector that really messes up her screen and makes it look really average and grainy. Smooth as butter, though!! Also, let us know how you feel about the kickstand. It was really hard to pull out, and it felt like it was bending in the middle when I tried to pull it out.
Sprint isn't gonna get me again like they did with Nexus S "4G" with service coming to my town "any day now". I'll buy an LTE device after they flip the switch.

Hope u enjoy it though, it still looks like an awesome phone..
Sounds cool! Im curious so see how it compares to the E4GT
Whats 4g? (current Sprint San Diego customer asks...)
my #evo4glte works great but I really would like to know whats 4G?
(sarcasm included at no additional fee.) #notholdingbreath for 4Glte
great, great phone though- it integrates ICS and the longer screen of the new EVO nicely IMHO. I'm almost used to it already. It took me alot longer to adjust to the E4GT rom'd with ICS a couple months ago. #GoodEVOGoodTimes
+Jared Quackenbush Since opening it I keep thinking the EVO just seems smaller than the #E4GT but I hold them up against each other and the EVO is damn near the same width. EVO has a longer screen but with my Bestbuy cheapass phone case the difference is hardly even noticeable.
Nice! I'm how the screen picture/ color quality compare the the Touch?
I like both- they are both superior, for myself the colors on the E4GT were a bit bright but a great display, the colors on the EVO seem a bit calmer (does that even make sense?)
so in the end it might be more of a personal preference. again BOTH screens are superior. Lets see what +Qbking77 adds to the discussion.
I'm with +Toby Johnson I'm sitting on the fence until they pull the trigger on LTE, no point buying an LTE device until you can use LTE. I need to see the devices using LTE not take a manufacturers promise that it should work.
(uh... I shirley didn't buy it for the LTE...)
(I know Sprint way too much for that!)
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