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Epic Summer FlashJam#1 - Jakie Woo -- Disc Dog Freestyle Sequence Building with Ron & Epic. #JamInaFlash #FlashJam

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A little bit of purpose driven disc dog freestyle training with Loot. #DiscDogsRule

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Disc Dog Leaping Drill - Mind the Gap
Ron & Epic work on some leaping and vaulting skills using Klimb tables by +Blue-9 Pet Products.

Blue-9 is sponsoring the +Updog Challenge 2017 UpDog International Finals: April 7-9 at +Purina Farms. We created this video and a few more for the upcoming livestream.

Hope you enjoy... If you dig it, share it.

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A Little Project
Working with +Updog Challenge and +Blue-9 Pet Products on a project. Pretty fun. Blue-9 is sponsoring #UpDIF2017 -- UpDog International Finals.

Here's one of the videos featuring Epic, Klimb tables, and discs.

Hope you enjoy.

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Disc Dog Leap Training
Here's some leaping stuff we're working on of late...

Epic & +Ron Watson do some Localized Trajectory and Landing using Klimb tables. If you dig it, share it.

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Disc Dog Flash Jam | Loot Sequence #3
Ron & Loot work on a new sequence:
Japan Vault
Dog Catch
Clockwise Spin

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2:05 - Epic Sequence #1 Warm Up
A quick flashjam simple enough to be considered a warmup.
Overhand Wrist Flip
Clockwise Spin

First Live Rep - 4:45

10:30 - Epic Sequence #6
Seated Over
Fakie Twist
Kneeling Over
Cross Body Back Vault
Backwards Thru n Flip

*16:40 -- First Live Rep *

21:35 -- Loot Sequence #9 WarmUp
Rear Cross
Counter Flank
Backwards Thru

26:04 -- Loot Sequence #4
Japan Vault
Thru n Flip
Dog Catch
Clockwise Spin

30:06 -- First Live Sequence

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Disc Dog Sequence Building
Ron & Epic work on a simple little sequence, #4 out of 10 random draw sequences for some Routine Building homework.
*1:24 -- Epic Sequence 4 *
Rear Cross
Around n Flip (Makai Woo)
Leg Over
Strong Flip

1st Live Speed Run -- 3:40

7:54 -- Loot Sequence ALPHA
Reverse Leg Vault
Screw Vault
Yachi Vault

11:30 -- First Live Speed

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Flatwork with Loot & Epic
0:20 -- Epic works on a Giz Gaz (anti-Zig Zag Flatwork Pattern) with some shoddy cued Drops and

6:45 -- Flatwork with Loot
Loot works on the Giz Gaz and flipping on the flank with Heli-In Heli Out Concept.

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Pink Poodle Jam
Jolene, the Pink Poodle and her little sister, Miss Kitty work some flatwork with Ron.

Both of these ladies worked on a new flatwork pattern we call the Giz Gaz -- a Zig Zag using rear crosses.

3:35 Miss Kitty Rocks the Giz Gaz
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