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The PureMVC Framework
Code at the Speed of Thought
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Revamped the page. This might eventually replace the main page. Still need to get the forum template inline with this design.

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+Allan Dowdeswell has put PureMVC, and the Pipes and StateMachine utilities on Haxelib! Thanks, Allan.

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New Apple TV is an apps and gaming platform.
Better bone up on the #puremvc   #swift  and/or #objectivec  ports.

PureMVC MultiCore for Swift

PureMVC Standard for ObjectiveC

PureMVC + Node.js.
Fresh npm modules, mmm. Get 'em while they're hot.

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A big thanks to Zjnue Brzavi for updating the Haxe port and all its demos and utilities with Haxe 3 support. That's 13 repos updated!

I've just merged all the pull requests, updated VERSION and README, and tagged each repo with a new version. 

So, if you're playing around with Haxe 3, give it a whirl and see what you think.


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PureMVC, she's been saving herself for you!
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