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Matthew Russell
Computer Scientist. Technologist. CrossFitter. Triathlete. Author.
Computer Scientist. Technologist. CrossFitter. Triathlete. Author.

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Plant Breeders Release First 'Open Source Seeds'? Hard to believe it's coming to this. Weren't all seeds once "open source"?

Hacker News Discussion:

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Slides from my talk at The Owen Graduate School of Management (Vanderbilt University) on Privacy, Ethics, and Futures Uses of the Social Web -

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It's amazing what we spend money on. A really interesting blog about all sorts of (surprising) things that cost more than space exploration...
Each post on this tumblr describes something that costs more than a space exploration mission.  For example, development of the Gilette Fusion safety razor ($750 million).  Or the cost of manufacturing pennies for a given year ($118 million: they cost more to make than they're worth).  Or tanks that the military didn't want, but Congress bought them anyway ($321 million). Or...  

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Google has really been on the up-and-up lately with a service called Google Takeout that allows you to export your data from its cloud. For the thoughtful cloud user who is becoming increasingly concerned about privacy, accidental data loss, or data…

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Since the release of Mining the Social Web, 2E in late October of last year, I have mostly focused on creating supplemental content that focused on Twitter data. This seemed like a natural starting point given that the first chapter of the book is a…

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Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook [Data Day Texas Workshop Slides] - - PS: The data really is bigger in TX

Thanks to everyone who attended the Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook workshop at Data Day Texas. I’m really glad that I made the trip down to Austin and could share some of my work with you. The data truly is bigger in Texas, Austin was a…

An amazing video about the typical person in this world of 7.2 billion people that we live in. Chances are good that if you are reading this, you're not typical. 7 Billion: Are You Typical? -- National Geographic Magazine

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You don't find a better deal than $8.49 on Mining the Social Web 2E. Not sure how long this promotion will last, but I'd recommend grabbing it if you're interested in learning to apply data mining techniques with Python to social media.
Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition is currently priced at only $8.49 on Kindle for a limited time. That's 81% off, and I'm not sure that you'll ever see it priced this inexpensively ever again. 

If you prefer collecting/reading books on the Kindle (or know someone who does), this is a great opportunity to pick up a copy.

See here for more details:

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For most of 2013, most of my nights and weekends have been consumed with a writing (and selling) a book entitled Mining the Social Web (2nd Edition). This makes the fifth tech book that I’ve written in approximately five years, and one thing I’ve come to…

Recommendations on the best functional programming language(s) for general purpose (non-domain-specific) data science? Currently considering the math and machine learning support offered by Clojure, OCaml, and Haskell...
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