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PH-21 cosmetici naturali psoriasi
PH-21 cosmetici naturali psoriasi


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My African Grannies: “I made the DNA test and I’ve drawn my family tree from roots”

A journey of 70 thousand years from East Africa to Sardinia island Italy.
The extraordinary reportage that opens the new issue of SardiniaPost Magazine.
The author, Daniela Pani, joining the Genographic Project, through her DNA test has rebuilt her “remote family tree” starting from the African “paleo-grandmother” who lived at the foot of the Semien Mountains, the birthplace of the legendary Blue Nile.
A journey that tells us about the human colonisation of the World, and explains the story of all of us.
We all started from Africa and we lived there for tens of thousands of years up to when the climatic effects of the several Ice Ages opened green corridors in the desert – what we now call the Sahara desert – that allowed us to move to the North, reaching Asia and then continue our journey to every corner of planet Earth.
Daniela Pani tells us that her “paleo-grandmother”, a niece of the African one, 40 thousand years ago lived in the Middle East and there she met the Neanderthals. She explains that the meeting was very intense, to the point that in her DNA a certain percentage of the Neanderthal DNA is still detectable.
Many years later (about 20 thousands) the granddaughters of the Asian “paleo-grandmother” reached the South of France, the current French Riviera and finally, about 6 thousand years B.C., they decided to reach that Island some day later named Sardinia.
A scientific report likewise a novel. A complex yet very simple story that tells us about our common belonging to one race, the human race. To make a humorous tribute to her African grandmothers, with the help of a little ‘make-up and wearing a typical traditional Sardinian costume on dark skin, the author has symbolically taken the shape of her ancient Granny
Some other millennium later we learned how to organise life. We began to put huge stones one above the other, and we built the nuraghi. This is, however, almost nowaday history, as compared as to the journey we narrate. #familytree #DNAtest #GenographicProject #SardiniaislandItaly

ps. article from sardinia post magazine
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#Psoriasis, vitamin D reduces inflammation of lesions

it's was shown that the #vitaminD supplementation decreases the peeling of the skin and prevents the associated #metabolicdiseases.

It was found that people with #psoriasis have a deficiency of vitamin D in the blood; They have also a greater risk of contracting type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Researchers at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery Naples Italy, Federico II University, noted that, although the epidermis is the natural source of vitamin D synthesis under the action of the sun (UVB ultraviolet rays), the oral supplementation with vitamin D is able to significantly reduce the PASI (psoriasis severity index) and to prevent these #diseases.

The vitamin level in the body is the sum of that synthesized in the skin, after exposure to the sun, with that assumed by the power supply. The ergocalciferol (vit. D2) is located in minimum quantities in fruits and vegetables, such as mushrooms; cholecalciferol (vit.D3) is high in fatty fish (salmon, olive oil and fish liver oil, mackerel, perch, trout, herring) and egg yolk.

One of the most promising strategies to achieve optimal doses (30 ng / mL) is the consumption of foods fortified with vitamin D3 (milk, cheese, orange juice and cereals).

To maintain good bone and muscle function were issued guidelines, several control society: the Endocrine Society recommends a daily intake of vitamin D for adults between 19 and 50 years, from 1500 to 2000 IU; Osteoporis the International Foundation of 800-1000 IU for adults over the age of 60 years; EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority) recommends a maximum of 4000 IU per day, even in pregnant women and breast-feeding.

The dosages in the blood should be measured after 2 or 3 months of treatment, to check if the values ​​are normalized.

The work was published in February 2017 in the journal Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders.
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Cosa mangiare quando sei stressato - I 10 Super alimenti da prendere in considerazione - What to Eat When You’re Stressed

Alcuni alimenti hanno la capacità di alleviare lo stress e adottare il consumo di tali alimenti nella vostra #dieta può essere un modo naturale e sicuro per superare lo #stress, l’#ansia e la #depressione.

Questi sono 10 #alimenti dovrebbero essere consumati;

1. patate dolci
La patata dolce ha una buona quantità di magnesio, un minerale importante con proprietà anti-stress. La Patata dolce è anche ad alto contenuto di vitamina C, vitamina B6, vitamina D, potassio, ferro e altri minerali essenziali per sostenere un sistema immunitario sano e contro le malattie.

2. mandorle & noci
La Frutta a guscio come mandorle e noci sono ricche di vitamina E e zinco.Sono entrambi importanti per rafforzare il sistema immunitario. Le Vitamine del gruppo B aiutano a gestire l'ansia e lo stress. Assumere una piccola quantità di questa frutta secca ogni giorno aiuta a migliorare il vostro umore.

3.Spinacci e Cavolo
Le verdure a foglia verde come gli spinaci sono nutrienti e ricche di minerali e hanno proprietà anti-stress. Il cavolo è anche una buona opzione da aggiungere alla vostra dieta per regolare il vostro umore.

Alcuni semi hanno proprietà anti-stress, come semi di zucca, anacardi, e semi di girasole, sono tutti importanti per un sano sistema nervoso e hanno molte altre capacità di mantenimento della salute. Si possono consumare direttamente o cospargere un pò sulle tue insalate.

Un bicchiere di latte caldo prima di coricarsi vi darà un sonno riposante, ricco di proteine, vitamina D, calcio e vitamine del gruppo B per alleviare la fatica.

I mirtilli sono ricchi di antiossidanti e sono benefici per alleviare lo stress e l'ansia. Questo frutto saporito è anche ricco di minerali e vitamine.

Camomilla è un buon rimedio per alleviare gli spasmi muscolari e rilassare i nervi, questo è grazie alla glicina , un amminoacido col potere di calmare crampi e spasmi muscolari

Pesce ricco di omega-3, come il salmone il tonno e le sardine possono moderare i livelli di adrenalina nel vostro corpo aiutando nel rilassamento.

9. Cioccolato fondente
I ricercatori hanno trovato che il cioccolato fondente aiuta a ridurre i livelli di ormoni dello stress.Il cioccolato rilascia anche la serotonina aiutando e migliorando l’umore. Quando ti senti giù, mangia del cioccolato fondente, basta tenere a mente che porzioni di circa 30g. sono sufficienti.

L'avocado è ricco di sostanze fitochimiche, quali carotenoidi e polifenoli, hanno proprietà antiossidanti e anti-infiammatori aiutano nel ridurre i rischi di malattie e danni da radicali liberi nel corpo. Questo super frutto riduce anche lo stress ossidativo e aiuta a mantenere la pressione bassa.


Certain foods have the ability to #relievestress, so reach for them next time when you’re feeling under pressure. Include such foods into your #diet makes a natural and safe way to overcome #stress, #anxiety, and #depression.

The top 10 #Foods You Should Eat When You’re #Stressed

1.Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potato has a good amount of magnesium, an important mineral with anti-stress properties. Sweet potato is also high in vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin D, potassium, iron and other essential minerals to support a healthy immune system and against the diseases.

2.Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts)
Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are high in vitamin E and zinc, both of which are important for strengthening your immune system. B-vitamins in them helps you manage anxiety and stress. Have a small handful of these healthy nuts every day to improve your mood and also keep your brain function well.

3.Spinach and Kale
Leafy greens such as spinach are high in vital nutrients and minerals that have anti-stress properties. Kale is also a good option to add into your diet to regulate your mood, improve your brain function and boost your energy levels.

Some seeds have anti-stress properties, such as pumpkin seeds, cashews, and sunflower seeds, they are all important for a healthy nervous system and have many other health promoting abilities. Eat them directly or sprinkle some on your salads to boost of nutrition.

A glass of warm milk before your bedtime will give you a restful sleep, as you will get enough protein, vitamin D, calcium and B-vitamins to relieve the fatigue.

Blueberries are rich in varieties of antioxidant that are beneficial for easing stress and anxiety. This tasty fruit is also loaded with minerals and vitamins that are considered extremely good for overall health.

Chamomile tea is a good remedy for relieving muscle spasms and relaxing nerves, this is thanks to the glycine in chamomile, an amino acid that helps reduce stress levels effectively.

Fish rich in omega-3 such as salmon, tuna, and sardines can moderate the adrenaline levels in your body to make you calm down.

9.Dark Chocolate
Researchers found that dark chocolate helps lower stress hormones levels, and chocolate also releases mood-improving serotonin. So next time when you’re feeling down, eat your dark chocolate, just keep in mind that one-ounce servings are enough.

10. Avocado
Avocado is rich in phytochemicals such as carotenoids and phenolics, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the risks of illnesses and the damages from free radicals in your body. This superfood also reduces oxidative stress and keep the blood pressure low.

Overcome your anxiety and stress by taking these anti-stress foods and making some lifestyle changes instead of taking medications. Also avoid the foods that may cause stress, such as fried foods, unrefined sugars, alcohol and high glycemic carbs.

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29 ottobre, giornata mondiale della Psoriasi

L’OMS (Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità) registra la Psoriasi come una malattia cronica e invalidante, per tale motivo dal 2004 ricorre ogni anno in tutto il mondo la Giornata Mondiale della Psoriasi che quest’anno si celebra il 29 ottobre.
Questa giornata è dedicata a tutte le persone che sono affette da psoriasi e da artropatia psoriasica. Obiettivo è sensibilizzare ed implementare i livelli di conoscenza su questa patologia, intorno alla quale non vi è una informazione adeguata.
In occasione dell’evento, a partire da sabato 26 e domenica 27, nelle piazze italiane si terranno numerose iniziative di sensibilizzazione. Molte anche le strutture ospedaliere che apriranno le loro porte per consulenze e visite gratuite.
fonte adipso.
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Kim Kardashian she is one of the 2 percent of the americans who suffering of psoriasis disease

Read her encouraging story on how she copes with the condition.
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Exercise Fuels the Brain's Stress Buffers

Exercise may improve mental health by helping the brain cope better with stress, according to research into the effect of exercise on neurochemicals involved in the body's stress response.

Preliminary evidence suggests that physically active people have lower rates of anxiety and depression than sedentary people. But little work has focused on why that should be. So to determine how exercise might bring about its mental health benefits, some researchers are looking at possible links between exercise and brain chemicals associated with stress, anxiety and depression. #BrainStressBuffers #bodystressresponse #mentalhealthbenefits
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