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Can you give me the link of PCSX2 1.3.0 emulator plz??
+Azoz Ayad , i wanna play Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, and i Cant, i have a i7 3770 3,9GHz and a Radeon HD 7850, very low performance, and Call of Duty 3 I can get more performance in Dolphin Wii Emulator than the PCSX2, i hate this emulator
And with this, i will be able to play Battlefield 2 Modern Combat and Call of Duty 3 ?, i use PCSX2 1.0.0 and only update the plugin folder, i never used the newer version of PCSX2.
Wow what gs plugin are you using??? I've been searching the entire net about this and i cannot find a straight answer!
Everything is in the description.
What does
 Oh nevermind I'm new when it comes to builds sorry...what kinda monitor are you using?
A 39' TV, not that it makes any difference :P
How do you run dbz tenkaichi 3 fast
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